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This subtemplate of {{Coords}} was created to display coordinates as one string (instead of formatting as separate table cells previously).

Output result imitates table cells, but can be highlighted and copied as one string (while copying table cells extra tabulation symbols are adding).

Use this to format coordinates as provided by comm stations.

Usage[edit source]

{{Coords/InOneString|<x>|<y>|<z>|<star id>|alpha=|platform=}}

Examples[edit source]

Star coordinates: {{Coords/InOneString|0469|0081|0D6D|00A4|alpha=YUGI|platform=PC}}

Star coordinates: YUGI:0469:0081:0D6D:00A4 PC

Parameters[edit source]

The x coordinate.
The y coordinate.
The z coordinate.
The Solar System Index.
Optional - The four character alpha that identifies the comm station.
Optional - The platform the coordinates are from.

References[edit source]

This template works in conjunction with the following templates:

  • {{Concat}}: concatenates its arguments
  • {{Colorbox}}: adds a rectangular color box

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