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Usage[edit source]

| name =
| temperament = 
| gender = 
| gender2 =
| diet =
| genus =
| height =
| height2 =
| image =

For a complete fauna table, include the faunaheader template at the top of the fauna table, add faunarows below it, and wrap the whole table in wikitable brackets, like so:

{| class="wikitable"

Parameters[edit source]

name of the species.
the species' temperament.
the species' gender.
if the species has a second gender, list it here. It will be included in the gender column.
the species' diet.
the species' genus.
the species' height. If the species has two genders, each with their own height, list the first gender's height here.
if the species has a second gender list its height here.
name of the image file, with no prefix or brackets. It will be formatted to 125px.

All parameters may be omitted.

Examples[edit source]

Example with complete and partial entries:

{| class=wikitable
{{faunarow | name=Pygmy Sailcrest | temperament=Fearful | gender=Prime (pictured) | gender2=Non-uniform | diet=Herbivore | genus=Rangifae | height=1.64m | height2=1.54m | image=nms_20170318041312.jpg}}
{{faunarow | name=Golden Toucan | temperament=Passive | gender=Vectorized | diet=Herbivore | height=0.89m | genus=Agnelis | image=nms_20170319072605.jpg}}
{{faunarow | name=Shoveljaw Stiltstrider | genus=Anastomus | image=nms_20170318224701.jpg}}


Fauna Temperament Gender Diet Height Genus
Pygmy Sailcrest Fearful Prime (pictured)/Non-uniform Herbivore 1.64m/1.54m Rangifae Nms 20170318041312.jpg
Golden Toucan Passive Vectorized Herbivore 0.89m Agnelis Nms 20170319072605.jpg
Shoveljaw Stiltstrider Anastomus Nms 20170318224701.jpg

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