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Use this templates collection to format Hexadecimal Numerals [1] so they appear as Glyphs using NMS-Glyphs Font.

Usage[edit source]

Use Template:Gl for writing an address in a sentence.


  • {{Gl|1}}1
  • {{Gl|0123456789ABCDEF}} all glyphs0123456789ABCDEF all glyphs
  • {{Gl|104E039BAE4B}}, PS4 - 12-character portal address for Olympic base104E039BAE4B, PS4 - 12-character portal address for Olympic base

This idea was borrowed from a wikipedia template for formatting Roman numerals [2]

Additional formatting[edit source]

Subtemplates was created for additional formatting:

  • To show a portal address in a table cell, use {{Gl/InTable|<address>}} - Template:Gl/InTable
  • To show a single line, large portal address, use {{Gl/Large|<address>}}" - Template:Gl/Large
  • To show a single line, small portal address, use {{Gl/Small|<address>}}" - Template:Gl/Small


  • {| class="wikitable" |{{Gl/InTable|0123456789ab}} |}
  • {{Gl/Large|0123456789ab}}0123456789AB
  • {{Gl/Small|0123456789ab}}0123456789AB

Optional colour parameter[edit source]

  • You can change glyph colour from a preset palette using color parameter


  • {{Gl|0123456789ab|color=white}}0123456789AB
  • {{Gl/Large|0123456789ab|color=white}}0123456789AB

References[edit source]