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This template is used to define the resources and time needed to refine an item using a Refiner and results in formatted text and a list.

Usage[edit source]

18px-Attention niels epting.svg.png Warning:: To avoid page errors: Please purge the cache for the pages of all input and output materials, and the Refiner page after adding or editing this tag!


Where <inputoption> =

  • <resourcetype>,<in>,<out>,<time_per_unit>(,<operation_name>)
  • <resourcetype(1)>,<in(1)>,<resourcetype(2)>,<in(2)>,<out>,<time_per_unit>(,<operation_name>)
  • or <resourcetype(1)>,<in(1)>,<resourcetype(2)>,<in(2)>,<resourcetype(3)>,<in(3)>,<out>,<time_per_unit>(,<operation_name>)

Parameters[edit source]

List the resource needed with the amount separated by a comma
List the output amount per input given
List time the Refiner takes per *output* unit produced
'Requested Operation Mode' of the Refiner (will work if omitted, but please try adding for completeness)

Separate multiple possible resources with a pips. E.g. Sodium,2,1,1|Destabilised Sodium,1,150,2

Examples[edit source]

{{Refine|Sodium,2,1,1,Process Sodium|Destabilised Sodium,1,150,2}}

{{Refine|Salt,2,Fungal Mould,2,1,3|Ferrite Dust,2,Paraffinium,2,1,3}}

Built in semicolon check (old syntax): {{Refine|Sodium,2,1,1;Destabilised Sodium,1,150,2}}

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