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Suggestion to change placement of Catalogue infobox line[edit source]

Concerning the new catalogue parm, as it is a reference to a player creation rather than in-game information, might it look better if its infobox line is placed after the "Discovered by" and "Discovered on" output lines? That would keep it from interrupting the in-game information block as well as keep the user information closer together. Another option that would look clean would be to move it to the first line of the infobox just under the creature image, but would place more emphasis on the catalogues when actual in-game information should stay of primary importance. Thoughts? Ertosiangel (talk) 12:43, 29 March 2020 (UTC)

Requesting new Variant, Rarity, and Terrain parms to be added[edit source]

Could we have a few additional params added?

variant would allow us to add various genus subtypes to the infobox and could be placed in front of the current Genus parm output for a clean look, for example

| genus = Ictaloris
| variant = Jellyfish-like

would output as the following on the current Genus line: Jellyfish-like Ictaloris

| genus = Ungulatis
| variant = Biped

would output as the following: Biped Ungulatis

Additionally could we have rarity and terrain parms added? They're the last bit of Discoveries tab information not already recorded in creature infoboxes. Rarity would be limited to Common, Uncommon, and Rare, while Terrain would be limited to Ground, Flying, Underwater, and Underground. They would be formatted together to give the same appearance as the Discoveries tab info and would probably look best placed first before Bait or between the Notes and Galaxy lines. Their formatting would appear as follows:

| rarity = Common
| terrain = Ground

would output as the following on a new infobox line: Common, Ground

Ertosiangel (talk) 12:24, 29 March 2020 (UTC)

It might also be useful to add an attacks_players or player_aggressive parm that only accepts "Yes" or "No" as not every carnivorous creature will attack players and it would be nice to have that in the infobox. Ertosiangel (talk) 13:38, 29 March 2020 (UTC)