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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Construction terminal

Terminals are electronic work stations.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Terminals in No Man's Sky are electronic work stations that allow specific game functions to be completed. There are a variety of terminals, resulting in a variety of possible uses.

List of Terminals[edit | edit source]

Agricultural terminal[edit | edit source]

The Agricultural Terminal is used for farming of various resources such as Sac Venom and Gravitino Ball. It is used by a hired NPC known as a Farmer. These NPCs can be recruited in Space stations or Trading Posts within Gek controlled systems.

Communications Station[edit | edit source]

The Communications Station provides the ability to compose and transmit short messages to other travellers who may pass by the station. They are often abbreviated as Comm Stations.

Construction Terminal[edit | edit source]

The Construction Terminal is used for basebuilding-related items. It is used by a hired NPC known as an Overseer. These NPCs can be recruited in space stations within Gek controlled systems.

Exocraft Terminal[edit | edit source]

The Exocraft Terminal is used for creating and upgrading Exocraft. It is used by a hired NPC known as a Technician, who may refer to themselves as a Mech-Priest. These NPCs can be recruited in space stations within Vy'keen controlled systems.

Fleet Command Room[edit | edit source]

The Fleet Command Room is used to direct the frigate fleets of the player.

Frigate Terminal[edit | edit source]

The Frigate Terminal is used to determine which components of a frigate have been damaged, and the requirements needed to repair it.

Galactic Trade Terminal[edit | edit source]

Terminals of this type are scattered across planets, space stations, and trading posts. They provide quick electronic access to galactic markets where items of various types may be bought or sold on the open market.

Remembrance Terminal[edit | edit source]

The Remembrance Terminal are a type of terminal that can only be unlocked if the Remembrance upgrade has been installed. They may be found on space stations behind AtlasPass v3 doors, or on planets behind AtlasPass v2 doors.

Science Terminal[edit | edit source]

The Science Terminal is used for specialized research, and for the creation of science-related blueprints. It is used by a hired NPC known as a Scientist. These NPCs can be recruited in space stations within Korvax controlled systems.

Transmission Tower terminal[edit | edit source]

The Transmission Tower terminal is used to provide various rewards, assuming the player can solve the presented mathematical puzzle.

Weapons Terminal[edit | edit source]

The Weapons Terminal is used for weaponry and explosives. It is used by a hired NPC known as an Armourer. These NPCs can be recruited in Space Stations within Vy'keen controlled systems.

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • Release - Introduced to the game.
  • Foundation - Galactic Trade Terminal now can be built on a player's base or freighter.
  • NEXT - Added Fleet Command Room and Frigate Terminal.