The Arm of Vezitinen

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The subject of this article is from the Desolation update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 22 September, 2020.

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The Arm of Vezitinen
The Arm of Vezitinen
Galaxy Euclid
Civilized space Galactic Hub Project
Release Desolation

The Arm of Vezitinen is a region.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Arm of Vezitinen is a region in the Euclid galaxy of No Man's Sky. It is currently designated HUB1 of the Galactic Hub Project, the third region of the Euclid galaxy to bear the designation.

The eleven regions including Vezitinen, the eight regions surrounding it on the galactic plane, and the two regions above and below it comprise the whole of the Galactic Hub. As was the case with the "core" regions of the first two Galactic Hubs, the lower part of Vezitinen bears the shape of a conical tree, and is sometimes referred to in an abbreviated form as the "Vezi Tree." Viewed along with the mass of stars above the Tree, the entire region resembles a mushroom. (The upper mass of Vezitinen is notably less dense than the core regions of the last two Hubs.)

The Tree is divided into eleven distinct layers of stars parallel to the galactic plane, with a few scattered stars between the levels and an extremely well-defined vertical line of stars running through its center (a sort of trunk or "spine" formation). Some ### light years below the level of the tree, this line of stars loosens, breaks up, and joins the upper vortex of stars that forms the central body of the Nonlopsi Instability—HUB11, the region directly below Vezitinen.

It has been claimed that the Arm of Vezitinen has 562 solar systems, but the largest system ID listed is 549 (HEX 225).[citation needed]

Region Stats[edit | edit source]

Item PC PS4 Xbox Unspecified Totals
Star systems 20 3 0 0 23
Planets 17 12 0 0 29
Fauna 7 10 0 1 18
Starships 23 1 0 0 25
Multitools 0 12 0 0 12
Bases 4 7 1 0 12

Documented systems[edit | edit source]

System Color Distance Faction Planets Moons Platform
HUB1-1 Tepper Yellow 671423 Gek 4 PC
HUB1-104 Gygax System Green 671601 Uncharted 4 0 PC
HUB1-105 Meritys Lapi Yellow 674176 Vy'keen 3 0 PC
HUB1-123 Chronology Star System Red 671,576 Uncharted 2 0 PC
HUB1-12A Storm Sphere System Yellow 671536 Korvax 2 0 PC
HUB1-151 Hoder (Visions) Yellow 671565 Gek 2 0 PS4
HUB1-151 Hoder Yellow 671,600 Gek 2 0 PS4
HUB1-154 Lady of the Loch Green 671,571 Gek 1 1 PC
HUB1-163 Glory of Atom 671,531 Vy'keen 1 0 PC
HUB1-18 Dionysus System Yellow 671,554 Korvax 2 2 PC
HUB1-19 Athena Yellow 671,540 Gek 4 0 PC
HUB1-1F5 Mila System Red 671,586 Uncharted 4 0 PC
HUB1-203 Gigantic Yellow 671425 Korvax 4 2 PC
HUB1-21 TopOfTheTree3 Yellow 671552 Korvax 3 0 PS4
HUB1-225 Musashi Red 671394 Uncharted 2 1 PC
HUB1-45 Bigby's Hand Yellow Gek 6 0 PC
HUB1-4E Jasmine's Star System Yellow 671531 Korvax 2 1 PC
HUB1-61 Nal's Ascent Yellow 671536 Korvax 6 0 PC
HUB1-7 Euler's Constant Yellow 671544 Korvax 5 1 PC
HUB1-96 Hoth Mu Yellow 671,560 Korvax 2 0 PC
HUB1-C7 MGMT Yellow Vy'keen 3 2 PC
HUB1-D1 Yggdrasil Alpha Korvax 4 2 PC
HUB1-E1 Devaron Vy'keen 4 PC

Other systems - Detailed[edit | edit source]

System name Spectral
Faction Platform Economy Conflict Planets Moons Discovered by
HUB1-XXXX Yellow/Green/Red/Blue Gek/Vy'keen/Korvax PS4/Xbox/PC Economy // Wealth Conflict Lvl Planets Moons Discoverer
HUB1-181 Deepholm Yellow Gek PS4 Scientific // Promising Relaxed 5 0 Morphieus312
HUB1-16B Tereshkova Vy'keen Yellow Xbox Trading // Promising At War 5 1 HitThatBruh
HUB1- Korvax Yellow Xbox Alchemical // Advanced At War 3 ?
HUB1-14D Vegeta II Korvax Blue PC Mass Production // Adequate Destructive 5 0 RayStormX
HUB1-117 Duossagag Uncharted Red PC 1 1 RayStormX

Other systems[edit | edit source]

  • Not all systems in this region are listed here
  • HUB1-124 Chaos Bolt
  • HUB1-15A Rhinestone Eyes
  • HUB1-175 The Journey
  • HUB1-178 Vektor
  • HUB1-1AA Temeria
  • HUB1-1D Plutus
  • HUB1-1F3 Lachaise
  • HUB1-203 Gigantic (PS4)
  • HUB1-204 Cerberus
  • HUB1-23 Summer Star
  • HUB1-28 Equinox
  • HUB1-40 Freeza
  • HUB1-50 Champa
  • HUB1-59 Shallow Sky
  • HUB1-74 The Crystal Ship
  • HUB1-76 Hyperdrive Burning
  • HUB1-6E Intrepid Traveler
  • HUB1-6F Harvest Star
  • HUB1-9 Shoulder of Orion
  • HUB1-9A Atlantis
  • HUB1-A Jewel of Vezitinen
  • HUB1-DB Gandalf
  • HUB1-E0 Ixtlat

Missing HUB Tag[edit | edit source]

  • Stowaway Star (Expected Tag: HUB1-68+1)

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

The Arm of Vezitinen is the home of the Galactic Hub Project.

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