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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

The subject of this article is from a previous version of No Man's Sky and is now considered obsolete.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorised.
The Budullangr Hub Trail
The Budullangr Hub Trail
Galaxy Budullangr
Start of route Arjaus
End of route Valhalla
Owned by GenBra Space Corp
Platform PS4
Release Atlas Rises

The Budullangr Hub Trail is a space route.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Budullangr Hub Trail is an Interstellar Space Route which lead Players from the Arjaus System to the Core of the Budullangr Galaxy. Arjaus is a target system for using the first glyph only to jump to the Center quickly.

Developed by GenBra Space Corp, 2017.

Budullangr Hub Trail System[edit | edit source]

Arjaus a First Glyph System
Lush planet

Navigating the Trail[edit | edit source]

  • The Trail begins with the Port of entry, the Arjaus System. The 70 numbered star systems (ie GB5-8 or GB01) count down from GB09 to GB00 and bring you to the Center of the Galaxy. Several numbering missteps may cause confusion, so this list of systems is in the order you will see them out on the Trail. Also note the wiki page infobox of each system, it will lead you to the next trail system. All Trail Systems are very close, most are less than 100LY from one another.

Portal to The Arjaus System[edit | edit source]

  • This system is one of several systems you can be randomly sent too when using the first Glyph ONLY to travel to the center of the Budullangr Galaxy quickly. If you land in a different system/planet, go back thru the Portal and re-enter the first glyph sequence in its entirety. Repeat until you are here; it can take a couple tries but it will be worth it.
  • If you are unfamiliar with portal jumping in this manner please refer to this guide on Jumping to the Core Quickly.
System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20180108024822.png Arjaus 1 Moon; Redacted Bubble Moon
4 Planets; Lush, Fungal, Fungal, Dead
Notes: This is the Target Port System which we are aiming for. This is the seed of the Trail, the beginning. Portal in, claim a base, and get started. System Finds: Alien Multi Tool found in this System.

The Official Budullangr Hub Trail[edit | edit source]

  • All directions will be from the vantage point of looking at the Green Core.
  • If you are going toward the Core start at Section 1; if you are at the Core and are travelling up the Trail, start at Section 10 and work your way up the list.
  • All Trail systems are open to the public, you can live in any one of these systems.
  • There are several Vy'keen Campground Systems on this trail that are quite amazing and Exotic
  • Much of the trail is within systems that are low conflict, however, there are some hot spots that had to be forged through.
  • This Trail will bring you to these Atlas Tourist Attractions:

Galactic Map[edit | edit source]

This is an imperfect interruption of the map. It is a collage of actual images and the lines in these picts represent the path you take.

NMS BudTrail GalacticMap ver1.png

Section 1: Down and Over -The Asmeyta Instability[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20180130005609.png

  • When leaving the Arjaus system you will need to face the core, from there turn right, and you will be looking into the Asmeyta Instability. You will be traveling downward about 40 degrees. Depending on your warp capability you can hit various points of the trail. Over-all these systems are all very close in distance (10-200Ly) and aim to help point you in the right direction. Remember to use your L3 'contacts' feature on your PS4 controller.
Section 1 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180130002841.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB-1 Yellow 2 Moons; Dead, Anomaly
4 Planets; LUSH, Hot, Frozen, Forsaken
Notes: 48LY away from the Arjaus System, looking at the Core go Left and Above your position. Fuel up on Antimatter at the Station; if you want large amounts of Thamium9 go toward the Budullangr Hub Trail GB4-3 system. Here's a list of all local Fuel Systems: NHO Fuel Guide.
No Man's Sky 20180129235333.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB09 Yellow 3 Planets; LUSH, Dead, Hot
Notes: Traveller in Space station also Vy'keen Effigys sold here; This is 58LY in from the Arjaus portal system, and 39Ly in front of BHTrail GB8-9. Cyclotron Ballista Damage Theta
No Man's Sky 20180129231216.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB8-9 Yellow 1 planet, Hot
Notes: Grenade Intensity Tau & Sigma. Only 45Ly away from Arjau in the direction the Trail travels (to the Right of the Core)
White Gull Wing Bud JeffD76.jpg New Hub Order - Awajim-Smine X Outpost Red, K1 4 Planets
Notes: White Gull Wing S-Class found here on PC Reddit Post, on PS4 I picked up an A-Class. Coordinates: 0807:0077:0806:01AC Region: Asmeyta Instability.
This system spawns several high-quality starships, including a Bottom Long-Wing Exotic, and the mentioned Gull-Wing Hauler very regularly.
No Man's Sky 20180129224221.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB8-5 yellow 3 Planets; Frost, Fungus, Desolate
Notes: 155Ly away from BHTrail GB8-9, 44Ly away from BHTrail GB8-4. Pulse Spitter Accuracy Theta, Blaze Javelin Drill Array Theta, Pulse Spitter Reload Theta
No Man's Sky 20180129221253.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB8-4 Green 2 moons; Gamma, Erased
2 planets; Gamma, LUSH
Notes: Green Beauty Vy'keen Campground System. Thermic Layer Theta, Vortex Cubes found on Moon. 44Ly away from BHTrail GB8-5, and 11Ly away from BHTrail GB7-8. Numbering failure.
No Man's Sky 20180129182013.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-8 Blue 5 Planets; Gamma, Hot, Fungal, Breached, Glassy
Notes: 11Ly below BHTrail GB8-4. Crashed Explorer Ship (A-Class, 19 slot) found on Yeggdahlberenet.
No Man's Sky 20180129172502.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB-77M Yellow 2 Moons; Fungal, Cactus
1 Planet; Dead
Notes: Korvax, Dangerous Conflict level. 55Ly away from BHTrail GB7-8.
No Man's Sky 20180129043043.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB08 Blue 1 Moon; Cactus
4 Planets; Lifeless, Cactus, Glassy, Desolate
Notes: OPULENT SYSTEM. This system is the lowest part of the Trail. 63Ly below BHTrail GB-77M
No Man's Sky 20180129033620.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-7 Yellow 6 Planets; Fungal, Fungal, Crimson, Crimson, Fungal, Cactus
Notes: Cannon Damage Theta, Freighter Warp Reactor Tau. 70Ly away from BHTrail GB-77M; 110Ly away from BHTrail GB08; 50Ly away from BHTrail GB7-7C.

Section 2: Upward We Go[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123010635.png

  • Facing toward the Core and traveling Upward at about a 45 degree angle. You begin in the Asmeyta Instability go thru The Ijunlo Expanse and ending at the far edge of The Zugeickm Void. This Area of Space has many empty expanses so the trail systems seem to be in clumps. Some of these systems climb directly on top of the other.
Section 2 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180129025218.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-7C Yellow 1 Moon; Dead
2 Planets; Frozen, Terra Forming Catastrophe
Notes: Vortex Cubes are found in this system. located in the Asmeyta Instability Region, only 27Ly away from BHTrail GB7-6.
No Man's Sky 20180128042635.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-6 Green 2 Moons; Fungal, Dead
3 Planets; LUSH, Fungal, Hot
Notes: Located in the Asmeyta Instability Region. Traveller in Station, Exotic Orange Tiger Striped Squid Ship!, Red S-Class 48/8 slot Hauler landed at Trade Outpost
No Man's Sky 20180128033940.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB-7EM Blue 6 Planets; Gamma, Cactus, Dead, LUSH, Frozen, Frozen
Notes: Beam Coolant System Theta, Vortex Cubes are found in this system. Located in the Ijunlo Expanse. BHTrail GB7E2 is 24LY below this System.
No Man's Sky 20180128025914.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7E2 Green 3 Moons; Hot, Fungal, Dead
3 Planets; Gamma, Frozen, Frozen
Notes: Dimensional Matrix for sale in station, System has all gases available. This is very close to the the BHTrail GB-7EM System (24Ly below) on the edge of the Ijunlo Expanse looking into the Zugeickm Void. BHTrail GB7B is 226Ly across the void on the lower portion of the Finger Nebula, BHTrail GB7C is on top.
No Man's Sky 20180128015513.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7B Green 1 planet, Redacted (Floating Light Pillars)
Notes: Traveller in station, Aeration Membrane Theta, Coolant Network Theta, Vy'keen Campground system. This system is below BHTrail GB7A, and is the lower trail system on the finger nebula that you see, on the edge of the Zugeickm Void Region.
No Man's Sky 20180127201352.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7A Green 1 Moon; Gamma
3 Planets; Hot, Fungal, Terra Forming Catastrophe
Notes: Traveller in station. This system is Directly below BHTrail GB7-5 (56Ly away) and above BHTrail GB7B (54Ly away).
No Man's Sky 20180126032442.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-5 Blue 1 Moon; Forsaken
3 Planets; Gamma, Dry, Frozen
Notes: Radnox marked on planet found at an outpost for sale. Trail Systems BHTrail GB7-4 and GB7-5 and sister Systems that are nearly touching.
No Man's Sky 20180126014830.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-4 Blue 5 Planets; Hot, Cactus, LUSH(tropical), Frozen, Redacted(Floating Pillars)
Notes: Cannon Accelerated Fire Theta (Starship Tech), All gases available in this system, Vy'keen Campground System. Trail Systems BHTrail GB7-4 and GB7-5 and sister Systems that are nearly touching. Crashed Hauler (A-Class 31 Slot) - in this system.
No Man's Sky 20180125235234.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7C Green 2 Planets, Hot, n/a
Notes: This is the Last system in the Zugeickm Void . Only 147Ly away from BHTrail GB7-3 and real close to BHTrail GB7-4 (only 39Ly to slightly below). Boltcaster Clip Theta,

Terrain Manipulator Tech. Operations Centre Marked on planet Webenthipaez.

Section 3: Upward in The Arm of Enbert[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20180124024926.png

  • This Corner of the Trail had some number missteps; however, it still leads to Valhalla. This section begins after leaving the Zugeickm Void and entering the The Arm of Enbert Region. The Trail stumbles its way Upward into the Udenete Cloud Region. Once you get to the top of this corner, head Right and parallel to the Core.
Section 3 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180124041601.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-3 Blue 2 planets, LUSH (Over-grown), Forsaken
Notes: This system is on the edge of the The Arm of Enbert and Zugeickm Void Regions. Vortex Cubes are found in this system, Vy'keen Campground system.
No Man's Sky 20180124025404.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-1 Green Star Green 1 Corrupted Moon
4 Planets; Fungal, Gamma, Gamma, Terra-forming Catastrophe
No Man's Sky 20180124044717.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB8-2 Yellow 4 Planets; Hot, Dead, Terra-Forming Catastrophe, Breached (Hexy Glass)
Notes: The Star-Wars System - Awesome 'Star Destroyer style Capital Freighter spawns here, Night Crystals sold at Station.
No Man's Sky 20180124013955.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB8-1 Blue 1 Moon, Dead
1 Planet, Gamma
Notes: System Numbering Error - Found 54ly directly above BHTrail GB7-1 and 131Ly away from BHTrail GB07. This system is danging on the edge of The Arm of Enbert Region.
No Man's Sky 20180123041131.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB71 Yellow 2 planets, Fungal, Life-Incompatible
Notes: This system is located to high on the trail, however the Theta tech was welcomed. Aim for BHTrail GB6-9. Deflection Enhancement Theta High Supply System. Last two systems in The Udenete Cloud Region.
No Man's Sky 20180123033455.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB07 Red 4 Planets; Hot, Cactus, LUSH, Exotic
Notes: OPULENT SYSTEM - Traveller marked on planet Outpost, Coolant Network Theta tech available. This system was originally placed too high on the trail, the Theta tech was a nice touch. Aim for BHTrail GB6-9. Last two systems in The Udenete Cloud Region.

Section 4: the Udenete Cloud to The Ulstis Instability[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123012551.png

  • Parallel to the Core and Up, This Trail is more slowly ascending upward in the Ulstis Instability, only a couple light turns.
Section 4 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180123022046.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-9 Blue 2 Planets; Frozen, Erased(Bubble)
Notes: Live on a Bubble Planet Vy'keen Campground system
No Man's Sky 20180123014247.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-8 Yellow 2 Planets; Fungal, Lifeless
Notes: Infra-Knife Accelerator Coolant Theta, Economy Scanner tech available at Station. Planet Rolloo Gedenens has a great spot marked for a game of Rolling Barrels!
No Man's Sky 20180122041041v2.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB7-1 Traveler Yellow 2 Moons; Gamma, Empty
4 Planets; Frozen, LUSH, Fungal, Dead
Notes: Traveller in Station, (GB7-1 NUMBER 1) 2 Systems with same surname, will have to Add full Name (reconfirm 11-10-2017)
No Man's Sky 20180122033823.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB06 Yellow 1 planet, Gamma
Notes: 27Ly below System BHTrail GB06 Blaze Javelin Drill Array Theta, beautiful Blue Cloud system.
No Man's Sky 20180122025800.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-6 Yellow 2 Planets; Gamma, Terra-Forming
Notes: 27Ly above System BHTrail GB06. OPULENT System, Phase Coolant Theta, Vortex Cubes and Gek Relics for sale at Station.
No Man's Sky 20180122022935.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-5 Yellow One Planet Anomaly (Mysterious Light Fountain)
Notes: Pink Cloud System, AquaSpheres for sale in Station, Vy'keen Campground system
No Man's Sky 20180121034045.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-4 Blue 2 Moons; Gamma, Thirsty
4 Planets; Hot, Hot, Dead, Anomaly
Notes: Live on a Exotic Gear Planet, in this Vy'keen Campground system. Manufacturing Facility and Operations Centre marked on separate planets.
No Man's Sky 20180121031601.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-7 Yellow 3 Planets; Dead, Life Incompatible, Corrupted (Hexy Glass)
Notes:Beautiful Orange System. Grenade Intensity Tau, System numbers were messed up, only 83Ly away from BH Trail GB6-1, and 60Ly away from BH Trail GB6-4.
No Man's Sky 20180121022903.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-1 Yellow 1 planet, Forsaken
Notes: Phase Coolant Theta
No Man's Sky 20180121013402.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB61A Blue 2 Moons, LUSH (Amazing), Hexy Glass
4 Planets; Fungal, LUSH, Airless, Corrupted
Notes: Beautiful System! Freighter Warp Reactor Sigma and Freighter Warp Reactor Tau, Neutrino Modules and Korvax Convergence Cubes for sale in the Space station. Manufacturing Facility marked on planet.
No Man's Sky 20180121000006.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB6-0 Green 3 Planets; Gamma, Gamma, Hot

Section 5: The Sea of Cavardhi then The Zeyenk Sector[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123014041.png

  • Leaving the Ulstis Instability and going into The Sea of Cavardhi; then Upward onto The Zeyenk Sector.
  • Traveling Upward, itching closer to the center. You're moving into The Laciani Shallows next.
Section 5 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180120033910.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB05 Blue 1 Moon; Fungal
5 Planets; Cactus, Hot, Gamma
Notes: Red Cloud System
No Man's Sky 20180120024917.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB5-9 Red 3 Planets; Frozen, Cactus, Hexy Glass
Notes: Affluent System. The NHO Holy Triangle Systems are 49Ly above this system.
No Man's Sky 20180120021021.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB5-6 Blue 3 Planets; Paradise Planet, Hot, Frozen
Notes: Fauna Analyzer Theta, Coolant Network Theta, Thermic Layer Theta, All gases available in this system.
No Man's Sky 20180120013952.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB5-3 Yellow 3 Planets; Redacted, Dead, Frozen
Notes: Shield Boost Theta, Live on a Gears of Death Planet in this Vy'keen Campground system, Beautiful Orange Crush Cloud System. Trail GB5-4 is 51 Ly above this system.
No Man's Sky 20180120010743.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB5-4 Yellow Single Frozen Planet
Notes: Trail GB5-3 is 51 Ly below this system Health Module Theta
No Man's Sky 20180120004017.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB5-2 Red 3 Planets; Airless, Erased, Fungal
Notes: Korvax Casings for sale in Station.
No Man's Sky 20180119233540.png New Hub Order - Guhuize II Outpost Yellow 3 Planets, Frozen, Forsaken, Overgrown
Notes: Last System in the Zeyenk Sector Region.

Section 6: You got the direction now[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123022951.png

Section 6 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180119230914.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB04 Yellow 1 planet
Notes: Stamina Enhancement Theta, Flora Analyzer Tau, Murrine available on planet outpost.
No Man's Sky 20180119044317.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB4-7 Blue 2 Moons; Cactus, Redacted(Floating Jacks)
3 Planets; Fungus, Fungus, Dead
Notes:This system is 37Ly directly below System GB4-8, an inspired Vy'keen Campground system. Fauna Analyzer Theta
No Man's Sky 20180119035549.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB4-8 Yellow 3 Planets; Frozen, Gamma, LUSH
Notes: This system is 37Ly directly above System GB4-7. There is a Traveller in the Space station, Flora Analyzer Theta, Traveller also mark on planet Ubble, Gravitino Balls for sale in Space Station.
No Man's Sky 20180118231824.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB4-6 Yellow 1 Moon; Crimson
5 Planets; Hot, Fungal, Gamma, Frost, Dead
Notes: From here the trail runs fairly flat toward Valhalla. a Traveller at Station, System has all gases, great for Harvesting, Vortex Cubes are found on (marked) planet. Boltcaster Clip Theta
No Man's Sky 20180118033834.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB4-5 Yellow 2 Planets; Forsaken, Cactus
Notes: Life Support Module Tau
No Man's Sky 20180118031349.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB4-4 Yellow 4 Planets; Frozen, Crimson, Dead, LUSH
Notes: Grah! Grah!
No Man's Sky 20180118023112.png New Hub Order - Hodutong Outpost Yellow 2 Planets, Frozen, Gamma
Notes: Region: Aphnemb Cluster, GB4-4 is above, GB4-3 is below, - like a tower. Conflict: Rowdy
No Man's Sky 20180118013417.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB4-3 Yellow 2 Moons; Fungal, Dead
4 Planets; Frost, LUSH(Over-grown), Dead
Notes: Traveler marked at Trade Outpost on Lush Planet, Super-High Output Thamium9 at Trade Outpost and landing NPC ships. Murrine at Trade Station. Boltcaster Homingbolt Adaptor Tech

Section 7: Nepalalis Fringe to Eyhamsin Cloud[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123023154.png

Section 7 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180117231017.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB03 Yellow 3 Planets; Frozen, Fungal, LUSH
Notes: Freighter Warp Reactor Tau, Green Cloud System, AquaSpheres for sale at Station.
No Man's Sky 20180117044246.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB3-9 Yellow 1 Moon Dead with Vortex Cubes
5 Planets; LUSH, LUSH(water), Cactus, Fungal, Dead
Notes: Antimatter for sale at station. Manufacturing Facility marked on planet Lavyazarii UB209.
No Man's Sky 20180117004518.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB3-6 Yellow 2 Moons, LUSH, Gamma
2 planets, Hot, Dead
No Man's Sky 20180117000340.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB3-7 Yellow 2 Moons, LUSH(Paradise Moon), Airless
4 Planets; Gamma (water?), Gamma (pink), Dead, Hot
Notes: WARNING 'System Threat' is Lawless, Fauna & Flora Upgrades, Gravitino Balls at Station
No Man's Sky 20180116224846.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB3-5 Yellow 1 Moon, Hot
4 Planets; Fungal, Cactus, Frost, Dead
Notes: Blaze Javelin Damage Theta, All gases are available in this system
No Man's Sky 20180116202845.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB3-3 Yellow 2 Moons; Forsaken, Airless
3 Planets; Frozen, Gamma, Dead
Notes: Grenade Intensity Theta, Vy'keen Campground system
No Man's Sky 20180116021402.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB3-2 Green 2 Planets; Fungal, Gamma
Notes: Traveller located in Space Station. Warp Reactor Tau Gek, dangerous conflict

Section 8: The Sloping Plains[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123023505.png

Section 8 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180116014156.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB02 Yellow 2 Planets; Airless, Gamma
Notes: Boltcaster Rapidfire Theta Tech
No Man's Sky 20180116011032.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB2-9 Yellow Single Planet
Notes: infra-Knife Accelerator Damage Theta, Cyclotron Ballista Coolant Theta and Positron Ejector Damage Theta.
No Man's Sky 20180116004957.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB2-7 Yellow EXTREME
Single Planet
Notes: Positron Ejector Fire Rate Theta
No Man's Sky 20180116001453.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB2-6 Yellow 3 Planets; Hot, Corrupted, Dead
Notes: Pea Green Cloud System, Aeration Membrane Tau, Night Crystals for sale in Station, Trade Stations have high output Thamium9, Exotic Found: Gold Dual Tall-Wing, S-Class Hauler Found, planet has nice veins of Marrow Bulb
High Population Planet Drugo
No Man's Sky 20180115235144.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB2-4 Green One Hot Planet
Notes: ShieldBoost Theta, Flora and Fauna Upgrades, Jetpack Booster Tau and Sigma.
No Man's Sky 20180115221729.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB2-3 Yellow 2 Planets; Fungal, Airless
Notes: Location with Two Trade Platforms, bring a Nomad for extra exploring.

Scatter Blaster Tech in Station.

No Man's Sky 20180113043951.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB2-2 Green 1 planet, cactus
Notes: Boltcaster Ricochet Theta, Traveller marked at planet Trade Platform.

Section 9: You are Here[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123024115.png

Section 9 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180113030133.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB01 Yellow 1 Moon; Doomed
4 planets; Tropical, Fungal, Cactus, Gamma
Notes: Antimatter at Station, Traveler marked at Trade Platform, Crashed Ship Marked (Junk Fighter), All gases in system, LUSH Planet with green grass.
No Man's Sky 20180113020320.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB1-8 Yellow 4 Planets; Fungal, LUSH, Dead, Infected
Notes: Thermic Layer Theta, ShieldBoost Theta. Planet Epon, has a decent chance of having a water base (I have not had time to go back yet to investigate).
No Man's Sky 20180113014125.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB1-5 Green 4 Planets; Fungal, Frozen, Gamma, Dead
No Man's Sky 20180113002204.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB1-4 Yellow 1 Moon; Terra Forming Catastrophe
5 Planets; Hot, Frozen, Hexy Glass, Dead, Dead
No Man's Sky 20180112232430.png WELCOME TO THE HUB
Unofficially GB1-3
Red 3 Planets; Gamma, Breached, Dead
Notes: Welcome to the The New Hub Orders Budullangr Hub.

Section 10: The Mazahusb Cloud to the Xukarsav Boundary[edit | edit source]

No Man's Sky 20171123024856.png

  • The Weylanhal Expanse ends into The Mazahusb Cloud
  • To your right and across the expanse is Valhalla and The Xukarsav Boundary.
  • Next to Valhalla is the GenBra Cluster of Systems, mostly within The Xukarsav Boundary.
Section 10 System Name Star Color System Brief
No Man's Sky 20180112143107.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB1-2 Green 2 Moons; Frost, Lifeless
3 Planets; Gamma, Fungal, Infected
Notes: Traveller in Space Station
No Man's Sky 20180112141859.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB1-1 Red 1 Moon; Cactus
3 Planets; Fungal, Hexy Glass, LUSH
Notes: This system is in the Xukarsav Boundary.
No Man's Sky 20180112042328.png Budullangr Hub Trail GB-00 Yellow 3 Planets; Fungal, Frozen, Cactus
Notes: Directly next to Valhalla, Beam Impact Theta, Warp Reactor Theta, Economy Scanner. This system is in the Xukarsav Boundary.

GenBra Budullangr Core Headquarters[edit | edit source]

GenBra Core Headquarters is located on the lush Lasin Rouge Moon

GenBra Core Headquarters is located in the NHO-GenBra Masa System, only a few LY away from Valhalla.

0804:0079:07FC:0081 PS4


Organization[edit source]

This page provides documentation for GenBra Space Corp., an exploration entity.

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