The Builder's Empire

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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

The Builders' Empire
The Builders' Empire
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Alpha Quadrant
Region Wiletsa Instability
Capital system Stellaris Prime
Capital planet Snowdrift
Coordinates 0272:0087:0425:006C
Portal Glyphs 406C08C26A73
Government Democracy
Size Small
Type Construction, Exploration
Founded by Awsomekeldeo
Federation member No
Platform PC
Release Living Ship

The Builder's Empire is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Builders' Empire is a community of builders and explorers.

Our hub is located on Snowdrift in the Stellaris Prime system. You can get there by finding your nearest portal and entering the portal glyphs.

Mission[edit | edit source]

We are a group whose goal is to explore within 200ly of the Stellaris Prime system and establish bases in every system within that range.

Naming Guidelines[edit | edit source]

There aren't really any naming guidelines, just keep the names appropriate.

Joining[edit | edit source]

If you want to join, you should ask on our official Discord.

We are currently looking for members, so you will most likely get accepted into the empire.

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Hub Project - Establish a hub on Snowdrift

Members[edit | edit source]

Member name PC/PS4/Xbox Homeplanet
Awsomekeldeo PC Snowdrift

Systems Discovered[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered and are part of the empire:

Gallery[edit | edit source]