The Endless War

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

The Endless War is a historical document.


Summary[edit | edit source]

The fall of Vestroga caused a knock on effect that reverberated throughout the Nebula. The treaty agreed (from the Empire of Jatriwil perspective) was too harsh on all that remained and resentment built. The ball had begun rolling and it was on a collision course for the biggest war the Euclid Galaxy has seen!

The Endless War is the most devastating war the Euclid galaxy has seen with three civilisations in Civilized space being involved. The roots of the war began after the fall of the Vestroga Hub.

The war was initially between the Galactic Empire of HOVA and the Empire of Jatriwil. However, the agreed treaty of the Solaris Pact brought the Solarion Imperium into the war to fight along side their ally the Galactic Empire of HOVA.

The Endless War Officially began on Tuesday 19/12/2017, just over two weeks since the end of the Vestroga Hub War, and all sides declared victory against one another! Unification day ultimately brought the Euclid Galaxy back into peace after the obliteration of a Nebula.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

The prelude to this war can be read on the Vestroga Hub War page. This details the Vestroga hub war and what ultimately caused the Endless War. The lore for the Empire of Jatriwil’s inevitable involvement in the Endless war can be found on this user page user page.

The Endless War[edit | edit source]

19/12/2017[edit | edit source]

22:25 GMT - Update from The Empire of Jatriwil[edit | edit source]

The statement read as: “Today, 10 Phoenix legions of the Empire of Jatriwil have liberated 10 systems in the Vestroga Nebula. The mission was successful and these systems are for the refugees who lost everything during the Vestroga war. The systems will be protected by the Empire of Jatriwil and I have left 6 Phoenix legions in tactical outposts to ensure peace and prosperity in the region. Safe travels interlopers”.

21/12/2017[edit | edit source]

05:58 GMT - The Empire of HOVA has Declared War on the Rebel Regime known as the Empire of Jatriwil.[edit | edit source]

“Yesterday, a former Board Member (u/WAAM86) of the now defunct criminal organization known as the Vestroga Hub Foundation announced unauthorized claims over 10 systems in the Vestroga Nebula. In accordance with the peace treaty signed after the demise of Vestroga and the Wanderer's Association, the entire Vestroga Nebula and surrounding regions were given to the sole control of the Empire of HOVA. As I previously announced, the region has been restricted to Hovan Access-Only, aside from u/Oh_Captain-Lion - though I will now be asking the Ambassador to cease further exploration of the area until this new conflict has been resolved. WAAM86 claimed he was securing systems for refugee's of the warzone, however we have determined the intentions of the former VHF member to be criminal and hostile in nature. In 6/10 systems recently claimed by the Empire of Jatriwil, a "tactical" military outpost has been discovered. Some of these outposts are given the codename "Phoenix;" an obvious reference to TEJ rising from the ashes of Vestroga. It shouldn't need saying, but if WAAM86 had good intentions and meant to harbor refugees he would not have established these military outposts. None of his systems make references or claims to hosting survivors. In recent comments, ColorThrowers and the MightyFox have been inciting further conflict and division among the Federation; even in encouraging WAAM86's rebellion in his recent announcement. TheMightyFox also recently attempted to frame the Bez-Harr Concern in an attack in Vestroga. WAAM86's rebellion in the Vestroga Nebula is just the latest slap in the face of the Federation. Because of their consistent and deliberate actions against the Federation both ColorThrowers and TheMightyFox have been temporarily banned from this sub. I personally believe WAAM86 should be included on the censor/ban list with his fellow criminals, however, that is an issue the Federation will have to decide on together. For now the Empire has launched a new campaign against hostile forces in the Vestroga Nebula flying the Empire of Jatriwil's (feeble) banner. We will wage a vicious and unrelenting war against TEJ until they have followed in the VHF and Wanderer's Association's footsteps. WAAM86 knew exactly what he was doing when he claimed new systems in the Nebula and established military outpost within them. In his own words he knew the risks of what he was doing. Now he will pay the price. We Hovans had hoped to enjoy the Holiday season amongst family, now we must deck the Halls with the blood of the Jatriwil. Glory to HOVA!”

18:03 GMT – The Rebel Incursion of Vestroga GNN Report[edit | edit source]

22:17 GMT – The Jatriwil/Hova War and the Blockade of the [HOVA] Odin System[edit | edit source]

(Lore) “War was not what The Empire of Jatriwil wished to pursue, however, war was declared on us and we were left no choice but to begin an offensive. The Empire of Jatriwil truly believed that providing systems for the refugees of the Vestroga Nebula was the right thing to do and stands by this decision. Tonight, a hard fought battle between The Empire of Jatriwil Phoenix Legions and the HOVAN Elite Knights took place in the [HOVA] Odin system. The battle lasted many hours and the HOVAN knights showed bravery and skill that The Empire of Jatriwil was highly impressed with. However, the Phoenix legions managed to break through their impressive defences and take control of King Hova's Capital system. (The Pillar of Hova is a really impressive base, off of the war record of course ;) We have now placed the system under blockade and will continue to do so until we have come to acceptable ceasefire terms. Safe travels interlopers”.

22/12/2017[edit | edit source]

19:11 GMT - Rebel "Blockade" defeated. Proof of no base on Pillar of Hova. Monument shows approximate date of use.[edit | edit source]

23/12/2017[edit | edit source]

00:42 GMT – Jatriwil/Hova War Update from TEJ[edit | edit source]

“Tonight, seven more systems have been taken by the Empire of Jatriwil in the Vestroga Nebula. We have again had to defeat the noble Elite Knights and their bravery has not gone unnoticed by the Empire of Jatriwil. It is ashame that the Elite Knights are fighting for a lost cause and if they wish to defect, the Empire of Jatriwil will accept their honour and skill into our ranks. More phoenix legions have been mobilised to the Vestroga Nebula. Safe travels interlopers”.

22:51 GMT – The Empire of Jatriwil has destroyed a HOVAN WMD Test range[edit | edit source]

(Lore) “As the War continues between our two Empires, another successful mission has taken place by The Empire of Jatriwil. During the blockade of The Pillar of Hova, we pulled the wool over the eyes of King Hova. The Hovan King was allowed access to his system [HOVA] Odin because we needed King Hova to believe that the control was back in his grasp. However, this was not the case! One of our R.I.S.E units (Recon, Investigate, Search & Eliminate) were in an area that belonged to the Hovan Empire. [HOVA] Gohan was a particularly good find for us. The research going on here was fascinating to say the least. An apparent fusion igniter-nanite hybrid fuel was being developed and made in this system. This was unlike any fuel the Empire of Jatriwil had come across before. Our respected Professors studied samples of this fuel and believed it was being developed for weapons of mass destruction. Our R.I.S.E commanders said no evidence of this was present in the systems observed so far. Today, a R.I.S.E unit was observing the Vestroga Nebula as part of ongoing offensives. They had a great find in the Nebula; the system [HOVA] Sword of Hova. A planet named WMD test range was discovered. An evident link with the fuel found in [HOVA] Gohan. Our council decided that no Empire should have this technology and carried out a large offensive in the [HOVA] Sword of Hova system. The WMD test range was destroyed by a large scale Phoenix legion attack, with the help of the specialist R.I.S.E units. Any further HOVAN WMD test ranges will be destroyed by The Empire of Jatriwil if found! Safe travels interlopers”.

24/12/2017[edit | edit source]

03:02 GMT – Here’s one of the Weapons you were looking for (u/WAAM86). GNN reports attached[edit | edit source]

“Empire of Hova drops devastating Prototype weapon on Rebel Scum. Rebels understandably devastated”.

22:31 GMT – The “World-Ender” attack propaganda![edit | edit source]

(Lore) “Last night, the Hovan Empire did deploy their "World-Ender" Neutrino bomb. However, the propaganda machine of the Hovan Empire would have you believe it has had a devastating affect on the Empire of Jatriwil. This is not the case! It was deployed in a system that was purely a mining colony of the Empire of Jatriwil. The Hovan Empire has successfully annihilated a system full of miners. The actual toll of losses is less than 10,000 citizens of the Empire of Jatriwil. No where near the 1,250,000 the Hovan Empire would have you believe! The Hovan Empire has shown no apparent gain from this offensive other than strengthening the resolve of the Empire of Jatriwil. Safe travels interlopers”.

25/12/2017[edit | edit source]

22:47 GMT – Wishing the Jatriwil Rebels Happy Holidays! Second Neutrino X Detonation Confirmed[edit | edit source]

“GNN has confirmed the deployment of a second tactical Neutrino X Warhead. This particular armament was unleashed in a destitute system, aimed at a large Rebel Fleet stationed over a desert moon. The Warhead was detonated several miles above the surface of the moon and claimed an estimated 55,000 Rebel souls”.

26/12/2017[edit | edit source]

05:41 GMT – The ASHES offensive has begun![edit | edit source]

(Lore) “A second Neutrino bomb has been detected by our R.I.S.E units. However, as before, the number of losses has been exaggerated by Hovan propaganda. In response to another WMD going off, we have started the A.S.H.E.S (Advanced Strikes on Hovan Enemy of State) offensive. The missions have been successful so far and Hovan Manufacturing Facilities, supply factories, key operation centres, freighters and ships have been destroyed in this offensive so far. Images of the destruction to follow. The Empire of Jatriwil now controls 32 Systems in Hovan Space and further Phoenix legions have been deployed to the region to bring stability to the Vestroga Nebula. Safe travels and Happy Holidays Interlopers”.

13:03 GMT – Confirmed GRBO Detonation in Jatriwil Space by the Solarion Imperium[edit | edit source]

18:37 GMT – The Solarion Imperium declares War on the Jatriwil Rebels[edit | edit source]

“Early this morning, the Solarion Imperium detonated its first G.R.B O or Gamma Ray-Burst Ornament against the Jatriwil Rebels. The weapon was a Hovan/Solarion coordinated strike on a Rebel Base in a classified star system in Vestroga Space. The Weapon was launched 836 light years and released 100 trillion times more radiation in one sec then the most radioactive planets produce in a year. The aftermath created a black hole with the full scope of the destruction has yet to be seen given the amount of radiation was given off at the time of the explosion. Any life in that star system is very likely dead. Hovan and Imperium Scouts are on there way to survey the site. A second G.R.B.O was detonated shorty after. To u/WAAM86 and his Jatriwil Rebels, this is a war you can not win. To avoid any further catastrophic destruction, surrender and leave Vestroga Space”.

21:45 GMT – War declared on the Solarion Imperium![edit | edit source]

(Lore) “The Empire of Jatriwil has declared war on the Solarion Imperium. The Empire of Jatriwil is pleased to see that The Empire of Hova has had to call in allies. An indication that the Empire of Hova is struggling in this war. This has made the Empire of Jatriwil very pleased. Safe travels Interlopers”.

27/12/2017[edit | edit source]

01:25 GMT – Neutrino Bomb attacks on Hovan Target Systems[edit | edit source]

(Lore) “The Endless War in the Vestroga Nebula continues. King Hova has run to his allies to help his Empire in their hour of need. Afterall, this is a war that they are losing! The Solarion Imperium have come running to the Empire of Hova's side, as expected. In light of these recent events, The Empire of Jatriwil has sent Phoenix legions to carry out a specific operation in the Vestroga Nebula tonight. During the attack on [HOVA] Sword of Hova (The WMD Test Range Attack), The Empire of Jatriwil liberated 30 Neutrino bombs from the Empire of Hova. We never wanted to have to use these weapons, unfortunately, today we had to use five of these WMDs. Before their use, our top scientists tweaked the formula inside the Neutrino bombs and managed to make these weapons 5% more destructive on impact. As citizens of the Hovan Empire found out tonight! Five strategic systems were targeted by our R.I.S.E units and the Phoenix Legions carried out the targeted attack on these systems tonight. The locations were as follows:- [HOVA] Black Site 009 - Neutrino Test Range [HOVA] Infinite Hov - Military Station XC [HOVA] Deathstar System - S.T Dark Flower Facility [HOVA] Immortal Hova System - S.T Launch Site II [HOVA] Blade of Hova - Royal Military Station All five Neutrino bombs detonated successfully and the mission objective was a resounding success. The Empire of Jatriwil commends the bravery of all of our units and their successes in this war so far. Safe travels interlopers”.

03:03 GMT – Second detonation of a GRBO in the Airman Instability against the Jatriwil Rebels[edit | edit source]

“The second G.R.B.O that was detonated this morning. The explosion was located in the Airman Instability and targeted key strategic Jatwiril Weapon Bases. Imperium forces confirmed all life was exterminated within the system along with the rebel bases”.

17:11 GMT - Third and Final G.R.B.O against the Jawtiril Rebels.. Empire of Hova and Solarion Imperium claim victory![edit | edit source]

23:31 GMT - False Victory Claimed by The Empire of Hova & Solarion Imperium![edit | edit source]

(Lore) “The Empire of Jatriwil is still standing strong. We anticipated an attack of this magnitude and we have recently placed Neutrino Bomb defence turrets within some captured systems. This has helped in regards to the Solarion Imperium attack. The explosion did occur, however, not to the destructive level that their Empire's would have you believe. The defence turrets did their job but have failed us in one dynamic. The radiation from the explosion seeped through and innocent Vestrogan refugees are beginning to show signs of radiation poisoning. The Empire of Hova and the Solarion Imperium have doomed these innocents to a slow end! The War is not's just beginning to get warm. Safe travels Interlopers”.

28/12/2017[edit | edit source]

06:27 GMT - GRBO explosion observed from Nibiran space[edit | edit source]

06:30 GMT - GRBO explosion observed from the Nibiran Homeworld 717,124 LY from the Vestrogan warzone[edit | edit source]

12:51 GMT - Jatriwil Rebels refuse to surrender.. The Solarion Imperium detonates 3 more GRBO[edit | edit source]

15:10 GMT - Vestroga is a Wasteland. The Rebels are scattered. The Empire of Hova classifies the Rebellion as Terrorists[edit | edit source]

23:24 GMT - The Empire of Jatriwil claims Victory over The Empire of Hova and the Solarion Imperium![edit | edit source]

(Lore) “The R.I.S.E units have successfully won the Empire of Jatriwil the war against The Empire of Hova and the Solarion Imperium. An audacious mission occurred and the two enemies of Jatriwil fell into the trap! Below is a statement from a R.I.S.E unit Field Marshall. "The harsh terrain of this exotic planet took it's toll on us. We landed approximately 40 clicks away from target site Alpha. The dropzone was further away than originally calculated. The defence systems to protect this installation were unlike anything we had taken on before. The A.I was spared no expense. However, our EMP guns disabled these after days of fighting. Fellow colleagues of mine were lost during the assault, but their loss will never be forgotten. They have won us the War! Our next challenge was the humanoids. We waited until darkness for our approach. To our surprise, their ill discipline showed. They were all asleep. We put them to an end quickly and infiltrated the base. Their defences were down and we were in the building. Part one of the mission was successful. This was the easy bit, part two was the difficulty. When the path had been confirmed as clear, we sent down Dr Von Gevykor from one of our stealth ships to the planet surface. He is the best known hacker and malware creator in the whole of the universe. It took Dr Von Gevykor a whole month to break the computer systems. However, he did break their firewalls and broke into the mainframe. This mainframe contained all Hovan weapon & technological blueprints, all Solarium weapon & technological blueprints, a project codenamed ARCHIMEDES and much much more (it even contained information on future Hovan targets). Dr Von Gevykor planted many deeply coded viruses, trojans, rootkits etc. It has given the Empire of Jatriwil full control of every weapon that these two Empires own, including ARCHIMEDES. The best part is that Dr Von Gevykor's work is irreversable and final. A great success for the Empire of Jatriwil". The War is now over. The Empire of Jatriwil has won. Any use of your weapons will malfunction and aim towards your civilisations. You fought a good fight, however, it just wasn't enough!! Safe travels interlopers”.

29/12/2017[edit | edit source]

03:07 GMT - "The Great Grave of the Euclid", the Solarion Imperium sterilizes the Vestroga Nebula with Six GRBO's[edit | edit source]

“Tonight it is with a sadden heart that the Vestroga Nebula took her last breath.. The Jatwiril Rebels managed to survive the initial onslaught from the Empires of Hova and Solarion bombardments. Unclaimed reports state that the rebels took Hova's and the Imperium's WMD and threatened to unleash them across the Galaxy. To avoid the calamity and death that was to follow, the Imperium painfully decided to detonate the six G.R.B.O's that were deployed across the 11 Regions of the Vestroga Nebula after being captured by the Rebels. The explosions sent cataclysmic waves of radiation throughout the nebula across a distance of 100,000 LY. No form of life had any chance of survival, leading to a mass extinction the likes of which Euclid has never seen before. The blasts were observed as far away as the Eissentam Galaxy. The death toll is incalculable..possibly in the tens to hundreds of billions of life forms have perished. The Solarion Imperium will draw the dissent of the Galaxy as the Butcher of Delta. I, the Eternal Emperor will take that punishment. Had these weapons been used across Euclid, countless civilizations would of been lost..the Galaxy would have perished as a result. The future looks bleak and dark for the Delta Quadrant, the future has been lost..”

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Galaxy has forever changed..

The Vestroga Nebula has become a toxic wasteland. Once the beauty of Euclid, it is now a sad reminder of a destructive, unforgiving intergalactic war.

Combatants[edit | edit source]

The Solaris Pact

Empire of Jatriwil

End Results[edit | edit source]

  • The ultimate destruction of a Nebula.
  • All three civilisations had to rebuild and had a mutual respect for one another, continuing to work together on future projects as allies.

Casualties[edit | edit source]

  • The Vestroga Nebula and it’s inhabitants.

United Federation of Travelers