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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Church of The Dying Sun (Firegnomes)
Church of The Dying Sun (Firegnomes)
Galaxy Eissentam
Quadrant Beta
Region Kerlewa Nebula
Capital system FG-HUB-4 Science Division Homeland System
Capital planet The First World Colony
Coordinates BOHL:0A0E:0078:0181:0003
Size Standard
Type Fanfiction, Militant
Founded by God-Lord Audenis
Federation member Never (No)
Platform PC
Release Atlas Rises

The Firegnomes are a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Firegnomes are a civilized space community in the Eissentam galaxy, PC. Church of The Dying Sun is the most active, religious faction of The Firegnomes, responsible for building worship temples, warring nearby civilizations, and converting travelers to their religion.

Latest news[edit | edit source]

The Firengomes recently disclosed their capital system location, and are preparing for converting travelers. They also have been building a new fleet and preparing new neophytes for war with the unholy ones.

Race[edit | edit source]

Firegnome aka Dryadalis qui coruscare (evolved version).

The Firegnomes, also known as Dryadalis qui coruscare, are interdimensional species created by the Atlas, for the purpose of being the "villain" for travelers to defeat, and one of the oldest civilizations in No Man's Sky. They are carnivorous in nature and 1.5 the height of a traveler. Firegnome Stomach gas allows them to breathe fire, that making them the dominant species of their homeworlds. When they entered the simulation, their height before evolving was very short, gaining their name of 'Gnomes' and 'Fire'breathing. Firegnome brains have a Uerbis region, allowing them to think alike and communicate through distance, and because of this, their species weren't in-fighting between themselves (at least until their space age).

They have an orange shell to protect them from heat, cold, and projectile weaponry. Most vulnerable part of their bodies is their arms, legs, and acidic tentacles, since they are not protected by the orange shell. Their tail is made of a more elastic shell, and is mostly used in combat. Firegnome heads have a "crown" part aka Uerbis, that varies person to person, and because of their religious beliefs: the bigger the "crown", the more influence a Firegnome has on their society. Uerbis is limited to 30²Km communication, thus the more Firegnomes spread to other planets: the more divisive they become.

History[edit | edit source]

Making their first appearance in the simulation 1.04, pre foundation era, euclid galaxy, they we're *redacted* by *redacted*, for *redacted*. Manifesting from the fourth dimension, using the Grand Portal, Firegnomes instantly became dominant species on their *redacted* home planet. Tribes began to from, extraction of rare radioactive minerals made way for their evolution to manifest. They became bigger, stronger, smarter. With the help of *redacted*, Firegnomes made their first satellite in a 1000 years, and made way for space. Finding a suitable planet very near their system not so long after, they began colonization. Because of their evolutionary changes, their homeworld was no longer suitable, thus they explored nearby systems and found the perfect habitable planet for them named 'Ferwood', in Gnomes Toe system. Killing and enslaving all native tribes of that planet, Firegnomes built their castles and fortresses on their graves, making this a big part of their culture.

Then *redacted* happened. Firegnomes turned hostile to every lifeform that opposed them, the most hated lifeform being the travelers. Militarization began, with many technologically advanced spacecraft and energetic weaponry. After some time in the Foundation era, a satellite constructed by The Overlord Audenis, the leader of The Firegnomes of that time, picked up a signal from GNN, finding out about an ongoing Hova-BHC war very near their system. Making themselves known to travelers in the Foundation era by a communication message to 'Reddit', Firegnomes "allied" with some nearby civilizations and deceived them to further influence their development and prepare them to be slaves for The Firegnomes.

Because of this, a civil war occurred between The Purity Empire and The Diplomatic Firegnome Empire, to decide whether or not to truly be friends with these aliens. As time passed a new paradise world was discovered by The Diplomatic Firegnome faction. Enraged by immorality, Audenis and The Purity Empire destroyed the paradise world and won the civil war. Firegnome *redacted* picked up an incoming universe reset, and Firegnomes had to flee from Euclid galaxy. Some of them fled to Eissentam, and a few of them fled to the Calypso galaxy and became the Icegnomes (a race that loves the travelers and seeks to repair the damage done by The Purity Empire) just before Atlas Rises. After the reset, Audenis became the most psychically advanced Firegnome, gaining the name of the God-Lord. Arriving at Eissentam, he and his brethren defeated the Atlas in an eternal battle, making themselves the most technologically advanced empire in this galaxy. What seemed like a peaceful side of the universe is yet to turn into a war-raged galaxy, as the current religious Firegnome empire named 'Church Of The Dying Sun' rises to power.

Church Of The Dying Sun and Religion[edit | edit source]

Church of The Dying sun is a major Firegnome civilization ruled by the one and only God-Lord Audenis. The Firegnome religion is based on a hivemind-like attitude, where a figure of great wisdom and strength (in this case the God-Lord) rules an entire species, and they have to accept all orders from the figure without doubt and put unquestionable faith in it. The God-Lord is viewed as the father of Firegnomes, key to traveler salvation, and destroyer of Atlas. The way Firegnomes recruit travelers to join their empire is by offering a trip to their homeworld via portal, and then getting technologically blessed by the God-Lord in The Cathederal of The Dying Sun, thus getting rid of their individuality and preparing them for the servitude ahead.

Recruiting[edit | edit source]

The Firegnomes are open to converts: all unholy travelers willing to turn to the true light of God-Lord Audenis and conquer the galaxy and free *redacted* from *redacted* will be turned to Firegnome neophytes with a certain technology. Their minds purified and free from sin, will be taken as warriors of The Church to prove their holiness.

Everyone wanting to join is advised to use Twitter satellite and message @MatasVasylius (the God-Lord).

Additional information[edit | edit source]

Full history and ongoing events are found here:

Our capital region is protected: all unauthorized ships will be shot down on sight.

The Firegnomes are a Standard (6 people currently, founded by 2) militant (not griefing, pvp'ing only with people agreeing to war) civilization on PC.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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