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The subject of this article is from the Living Ship update.
The information from this article is is up-to-date as of 6 April, 2020.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

The Indominus Legion
The Indominus Legion
Galaxy Euclid
Capital system The Indominus Legion: Royal Quarter I
Capital planet Indominus Prime I
Founded by Indominus Infernal
Platform PC, PS4, Xbox
Release Living Ship

The Indominus Legion is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

And thus the Lord, the Commander, the Achiever, the Galaxy Slayer, the Indominus Infernal appears before the eyes of the Universe. Harbouring his eternal force, The Indominus Legion scorches its way through the Cosmos... May darkness never relent under the guide of our immortality.

The Indominus Legion, also known as The Legion, is a player-made faction located in the STVANCUL region of the Euclid galaxy. Created to add to the NMS multiplayer community, either for those wanting to explore, play, or just mess around within the game; The Legion offers an RP progression system within the Faction, in which you can attain rank, grow throughout the Legion, start your own story and even command your own Armadas.

"Take note of our specializations, grow within your regiment, command your sphere of power. Have your suggestions? Want to create your specialization? Contact us about it and we can create your arc!"

Mission[edit | edit source]

Our mission is to bring and expand upon the NMS community, both online and in-game, to enhance your own and the multiplayer experience across ALL PLATFORMS. Be it RP, PvP or PvE, you should be able to have fun with the Legion!

Background[edit | edit source]

For a background of the Indominus Legion, refer to this history page.

Naming Guidelines[edit | edit source]

For Systems[edit | edit source]

Members of the Legion are encouraged to name their systems using the prefix "The Indominus Legion: Terra Quarter" followed by a Roman numeral.

The Legion uses Roman numerals up to 13 (XIII). Once the number 13 is reached, the following system will have the main number and a secondary number. The secondary numbers also go up to 13.

So, per example:

"The Indominus Legion: Terra Quarter I" to "The Indominus Legion: Terra Quarter XIII", and then "The Indominus Legion: Terra Quarter I.I" to "The Indominus Legion: Terra Quarter I.XIII".

and then, "The Indominus Legion: Terra Quarter II.I" to "The Indominus Legion: Terra Quarter II.XIII" etc.

(Custom named Quarters are possible but have to go through the Primus Cartogriphan).

For Planets/Moons[edit | edit source]

For planets and/or moons, members of the legion should just add the prefix "Indominus" before the planet's or moon's name. Roman numerals may also be used, if needed.

Per example: "Indominus Prime I", "Indominus Prime II", "Indominus Kallus".

Ranks and Specializations[edit | edit source]

The Indominus Legion offers a wide collection of ranks and also specializations, that the player may choose once they reach a certain rank.

Base Ranks[edit | edit source]

These ranks, except "The Primus" and "The Lord Emperor" ranks, may be attained by completing the Legion's missions, given in the Discord server.

Legionary, Immune, Centurion, Praetorian, Commodore, Tribune, General, Commissant, Legate, Lord Commander, Lord Marshall, Lord Imperator, Grand Patriarch, Primus Patriarch, The Primus, The Lord Emperor

Specializations[edit | edit source]

The ranked specializations are areas/regiments/specializations you may go into once reaching the rank of Centurion. They allow you to advance in your own specified arc, and choose a sphere to focus on, for example, we have law and policing bodies, special forces, engineers, traders... Etc.

These specializations have their own rank trees, being Primus (specialization) the leader of your regiment/specialization, the High, Grand or Captain ranks, the second in commands, usually up to two or three, then you have your ranks ranging from I - V or 1 - 5. I or 1 is the first rank and V or 5 is the highest without being a second or Primus. You can advance in these trees by doing specialization specific missions to advance, whilst still advancing your Core or Base rank throughout the Legion. Entry and rank increase for within your specialization is up to the Primus of that specialization themselves.

These regiments allow you to further grow your character, enhance your multiplayer experience and role with us, specialize in areas of your own expertise and immerse your adventure throughout No Man's Sky... It is not compulsory, and yes, there is nothing wrong with waiting to find the specialization you like, but we recommend diving into them once you reach the rank where you are able to!

Icon Name Description Primus Base Planet
Architectslogo.png The Architects The Architects can consist of Centurions, however often fall under the command of their Grand Architects which take the command of Generals or above in common circumstances. These beings are charged with the designs and crafting of the Legion's structures, from the smallest to the most towering; as well as their starcraft to the largest freighter... Meet with an Architect and your day shall be blessed for their design and artistic skill diminishes all others. Keen with the hand? Got a great vision and built structures of immense beauty? Then the Architects shall be the regiment for you. Box Unknown
Artisanslogo.png The Artisans For our wealth sits upon the Artisan, their charisma is undeniable, from the relations of a Gek worker to seducing the Vy'keen Empire's most renowned Princess, the Artisans shall cut deals like no other. Resources, wealth, diplomacy, and the ability to expand shall be at the hands of our traders of the Legion! The Artisans play one of the most vital roles within the Legion, they are the traders of the crimson hand! Deploying their skills in keen trade they offer the Legion billions upon billions of units, nanites pour from their finger tips and the relations of quicksilver are favorable, to say the least. Able to negotiate ships to shipyards, enemies to beneficial assets. Planets, to Galaxies, we rely on the Artisans for all our available trade and thus is why the Legion militarise and guard its convoys with such eager intent! The domination of the cosmos shall not start through the fire, but through the markets, control the markets, cut the supply lines, and you shall either gain the servitude or the dust of your competition. We shall starve the markets, and enrich those who support us. Their goal is to ensure the collection and domination of all economies and wealth. Roosevelt Unknown
Cartogriphanlogo.png The Cartogriphan Thus our way is paved by the Cartogriphan, may his Primus' bare the banners of the Cosmos and carve a path into the unknown void to what lays beyond that! No abyss is too deep, nor heavens too high, the Cartogriphans shall explore the entirety of time and space through their everlasting and infinite conquest. The Cartogriphan is our exploration rank! They are charged with the responsibility of claiming Systems from near to the endless; working closely with the Speculatorus, they may visit worlds of great threat, to ones of such fortune and comfort, our Legion would be the first to snuff or fame its claim! Taking our most advanced ships to the limits of space-time, they venture as the first contact, being your peaceful and wealth offering diplomat, or the first sign of your own Armageddon. Their lightweight needs to maximize their speed and sacrifice storage for speed enhancing abilities make them little for combat usage, many being more the peace heads of the Legion, choosing the life of adventure and exploration, with the reward of documenting and claiming their fame from their reports back to the Legion to only witness their glory being recognized by the reclamation of the Legion upon the System. They find and claim our rarest of treasures and resources, to new civilizations that may swear their allegiance to the Legion's constant aim of reform! CMDR Unknown
The Ecclesia Thus through the blight of our infinity fire, the inferno casts a picture for us to follow throughout the Cosmos; let our Ecclesia guide us through this plain of eternal damnation to the Crimson Scar and beyond that which we herald. May The Apostle himself speak with the weight of our great God Lord Indomican, as our Lord Emperor carries with the weight of the Father of Gods, Lord Infernatus! Lead by The Apostle, they will dictate where they send their Chapter who shall be organized by the Lord Archbishop, upon their pilgrimage, the Apostle will have again two to three to command in the name of their faith. Repeating again, the Ecclesia shall be focused on all things lore! Both throughout the entirety of the No Man's Sky Universe, working closely with the Cartogriphans as they discover new grounds for the holiness' of the Legion to visit. Not to mention their close working with the Inquisitorius itself, prepared to purge any heresy as a joint brotherly & sisterly effort of the Legion's close unity! Do not mistake these followers of faith for mere disciples of the book & quill, for they pertain their own stature throughout the Legion and shall command truly devastating Armadas, or at least the means to organize them in the name of their Gods. One should never confront the Cardinal of their parish bar they wish a hail of Holy Inferno upon their heretical souls. Hawks the Apostle Unknown
Dimenstratuslogo.png The Dimenstratus The Dimenstratus are a large elite unit, often found to be those deployed to the deadliest of warzones. Every convoy of Legionary ship will have a minimum of two squads aboard. Despite their elite skill within the Legion, their key differences from the rest are their appearance and fighter types. They fly supremely advanced craft called the Dimensional ships, capable of advanced space flight that normal Legionaries cannot withstand. To be capable of such technology, they are equipped with a notable helmet, that signifies terror among the populace of the Cosmos. This helmet is specifically designed for Dimensional craft flight. The ship itself is designed to take after the squid-like appearance, red in color and tiger emblem design on its rear. The craft has supreme weapon systems making it a greatly feared starship which determines your inevitable end should you be a victim to it latching onto your ship. Boll the Extinguished Unknown
Engineerslogo.png The Engineers The Architects, our designers... But without their assurers, the bulk of our created craft, the Legion would have not assumed its control. The Engineers spark that crimson light. With their skills attuned impressively in the arts of creation, they build and give life to what the Architects dream for our Lord Emperor. Their duty is to ensure efficiency, advancement and to create whatever the Legion requires to hold the highest and upmost technologies of the Cosmos... Face the Engineers and their Korvax and Gek ranks shall outnumber the remainder, led by the Primus Engineer, he shall oversee all our constructs and rest with a smile as every warship to bolt rifle is commissioned with an immortal efficiency to take to the Galaxy. Become an Engineer to be at the heart of construction and responsibility for all the innards and power generation to our builds. Jodami Unknown
Inquisitoriuslogo.png The Inquisitorius This specialization is the policing embodiment of the Legion, often considered the most feared and well respected of the Legion, they are in charge of ensuring all Legionaries are following the correct laws and orders of the Indominus Legion, that the Legion's doctrine is absolute and so is thought by those under its banners! Failure to attune yourself to the Legion's goals, and the Inquisitorius shall be dispatched to change your direction, or rid your journey completely... Feared for their sudden and punctual appearances, to be followed by their just as fast exits once their duties are done. Lead by the Primus Inquisitorius, the Inquisitorius handle all of the delicate and vital matters of the Legion, alas are often seen as the religious keepers to the Infernatus due to their keen devotion and assured loyalty to the doctrine of the Indominus Legion and the belief of the Infernatus' conquest to the Great Swallow. Built-up of the elite, and able to take command of those more so deemed elite, these shadowed mysteries of Legionaries shall stop at nothing to preserve the Legion as envisioned by the Lord Emperor, Indominus Infernal himself. Their tactics efficient, their methods unorthodox, their results assured; do not suspect the Inquisitorius lest you be guilty of their calling... Severus Septimus Unknown
Royalestateguardlogo.png The Royal Estate Guard Visiting our elder brethren, these are troopers tasked with the sole duties and responsibilities of the continuation, defense, and maintenance of all of the Royal Quarters within the Legion, as well as supplying the companies that stay close to guarding The Primus' and The Lord Emperor. While they may be ordered by those superior to them, the order cannot take them away from their assigned locations or conflict with their ability to protect the Royal Quarters or high profile Legionaries; only allowing The Royal Estate Primus, and the Lord Emperor to order them differently. The Royal Estate Guard are empowered veterans of the Legion, branching from all and any military regiment we dare muster. Their experience can range from your expected Centurion to the deathly capabilities of the Speculatorus! None the less, they tend to be those of more aged criteria where their skill is unquestionable, but their prime has started its trail towards the end, and their energy is not as sprite as the younger generations. Indominus Infernal Unknown
Speculatoruslogo1.png The Speculatorus The Lord Emperor's unfamed dread elite, fear their call... The Speculatorus Peculiari Impetu, (or the SPI)- Scout Special Force), is the spearhead to the Legion. Hand-picked from the Dimenstratus by the Primus Speculatorus and Emperor himself, they provide the role of scouts, exploration specialists, first contacts, insertion missions, and assassinations. They are the emperor's personal special forces. Very few make the cut for the Speculatorus, only four out of every regimental candidate (Anywhere up to 1,000,000) pass selection, this is due to the grueling section process. As “Spores”, (the name for a recruit due to them still being relatively clumsy and easy to track), are expected to perform the roles of assassins, snipers, scouts, exploration teams, first contact teams, insertion and extraction specialists, and this alone can be an arduous task. The World Eater Unknown

Joining[edit | edit source]

We accept any and all who may want to join! We are a project to bring the communities of NMS together, to expand the community and to help you not only share, but make your story as well!

Play on PC, PS4 or XBOX? We are welcoming to any and all platforms! Find friends among our Legionary brothers and sisters, play and build together, bring your own glory to the Legion!

Want to make a suggestion to your role with us? We shall find a way to accommodate you! Want to be apart of the RP or not and just chill with the community? We shall give you a home!

Achieve our rank roster and join us officially by attaining the Discord link below!

Discord: Discord Here!

Amino Chat Link: Here!

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