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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Theta X1J
Theta X1J
Galaxy Euclid
Region Rahesdaingwut Terminus
Star system HUB6-12 Sixplant
Planet Ovdoron Afzelig
Builder seamonkey420
Game mode Normal
Platform PS4
Updated Pathfinder
Farm Geobay
Indoor Colossus
Landing pad Arena
Trade terminal Racetrack
Yes No

Summary & Map[edit | edit source]

Located on the rocky and withered planet of Ovdoron Afzelig in the HUB6-12 Sixplant system, nearly straight out from the local space station, interlopers will find a symmetrical designed farming base “Theta X1J” that is home to player seamonkey420 (PS4). This farming base is designed in a symmetrical fashion and utilizes bio domes to farm the popular NipNip plants. A Galactic trade terminal is located in the main area of the base, while two landing pads allow for one to park their own Starship while the other pad is free for other local traders to land.

Feel free to leave a message with a Comm station by the Emeril at the edge of the base.

This peaceful bio dome base houses 7 bio domes of NipNip and 1 bio dome with a mix of Candensium, Coryzagen and a Sac Venom plant and uses an open layout with large cuboid glass rooms to allow maximum visibility of the rocky landscapes and checking on status of NipNip plants.

A nearby system HUB7-V-175 Olar 110%Nip,95%AP,ImpaOmega has two Vy'keen traders that will buy NipNip for +110% and AP for +93%. They appear in the space station quite frequently and are friendly to trade with.

Video tour of base here: Theta X1J Tour (youtube)

Gallery contains prices for items to purchase within the base's Galactic Trade Terminal.

Base Map[edit | edit source]

Theta X1J Map.jpg

1 = bio domes of NipNip.

2 = bio dome of Candensium, Coryzagen and a Sac Venom.

3 = Colossus Exocraft Pad

4 = Signal Booster

Farmable Resources[edit | edit source]

Primary crop is NipNip. The highest bio dome contains 6 Candensium plants, 6 Coryzagen plants and a lone Sac Venom plant.

NipNip 91 Biodomes (1)
Coryzagen 6 Biodome (2)
Candensium 6 Biodome (2)
Sac Venom 1 Biodome (2)

Racetrack[edit | edit source]


Lore[edit | edit source]


"This base was established by I, seamonkey420, after a very long and challenging journey to the Galactic Hub regions in Euclid. The goal of this base is to create a peaceful area for new travelers to the Hub to rest and rebuild resources. With NipNip nearing legalization within the Hub, this base has decided to try to get a head-start on the possible new and upcoming market. After finding a lucrative trading group in HUB7-V-175 Olar 110%Nip,95%AP,ImpaOmega only 1 jump away from the current system, this solidified the decision. I have saved the coordinates in my teleporter to allow easy access to it. Meanwhile on this planet, the local traders are willing to trade me rarer Calium at a reasonable price while they in turn offer modest, average prices for my NipNip and AP other resources."

"The area around the base does include a few predator fauna but most creatures appear to be docile and tame if fed the proper resources. All species of fauna on this planet have been documented and uploaded to the United Federation of Travelers. The geography around the base really reminds me of the land in Arizona back on Earth. ...Earth.... almost seems like a dream.... Over 350 hyper drive jumps ago, I was eating sushi at bar in Minneapolis, MN... Seems like an eternity... The things I've seen since then..."

"Temperatures outside the base normally are in the 20-30C ranges. Regular storms will bring the temperatures up to 80-90C ranges and in the extreme hazard ranges. Shelter is definitely recommended during storms. Also some ponds seem to contain naturally occurring AquaSpheres if one scans for them."

"For now, I will call this home. Just calling it that brings a rush of comfort to me. For as much as we love the journey, it's the sense and ease of having a home at times that makes it all worth it. The journey hardens and tests us but home is where the soul can reflect and rebuild... and rest..."

"that is until the next journey begins "

"Interloper seamonkey420, signing off..."


Gallery[edit | edit source]