Tradiouvan Obekin

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Tradiouvan Obekin
Tradiouvan Obekin
Star system ESS-G-79 Mashebeytz
Region Abikov Anomaly
Galaxy Euclid
Atmosphere Clear
Terrain Sandy
Biome Airless Planet
Weather Airless
Resources Au, Ir, Hr
Sentinels Regular
Flora Absent
Fauna Barren
Discovered by ESS Edgarsoft
Game Mode normal
Platform PC
Release Atlas Rises

Tradiouvan Obekin is a planet in No Man's Sky..

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tradiouvan Obekin is a planet in the ESS-G-79 Mashebeytz system of the Abikov Anomaly on No Man's Sky.

It possesses two moons: (ESS) Liziesb Prime and (ESS) Zeauma Oakehara.

It is a planet with very low atmosphere, meaning that some resources can be found in abundance, but that condition put an elevated strain on the support systems which will be depleted at an accelerated pace.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

PC Original: Tradiouvan Obekin
PC Current: Tradiouvan Obekin

Discovered Date[edit | edit source]

01, 24, 2018, 21:39 on PC by ESS's scholar Edgarsoft.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Tradiouvan's resources scan info

The resources on Tradiouvan Obekin are Ordinary. Some of the minerals that can be found are:

Image Resource Form Rarity
Tradiouvan - Gold - Shot.jpg Gold Mound / Rocks Uncommon
Tradiouvan - Iridium - Shot.jpg Iridium Square mound Common
Tradiouvan - Heridium - Shot.jpg Heridium Vertical Pillars / Rocks Common
Substance.commodity.uncommon1.png Zinc Rocks Uncommon Platinum Rocks Uncommon
Tradiouvan - Plutonium - Shot.jpg Plutonium Crystals / Rocks Common
Tradiouvan - Osorica Kagilia - (Th) - Shot.jpg Thamium9 Flower Uncommon
Tradiouvan - Chrysonite - Shot.jpg Chrysonite Crystals Rare
Tradiouvan - Titanium - Shot.jpg Titanium Crystals Rare
Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron Rocks Common
Tradiouvan - Yeglomii Uxerae - (Mb) - Shot.jpg Marrow Bulb Flower Common (In caves)
Substance.neutral.uncommon1.png Aluminium Rocks Uncommon
NmsResource Detritum Icon.png Detritum Rocks Common
Note: For more details see Flora and Geology sections.

As a low atmosphere planet, big piles of valuable resources can be found.

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

The thin atmosphere at Tradiouvan Obekin make animal life development impossible, so it is devoid of any fauna.

Zoology Scan Completion[edit | edit source]


Flora[edit | edit source]

Flora inside the caves of Tradiouvan Obekin

The ground flora at Tradiouvan Obekin is limited to some sporadic mushroom-like plants and the Thamium9 and Marrow Bulb yielding plants.

Inside its caves and at the canyons, the flora is a little more developed, featuring some grass and bushes.

The discovered flora species are:

Name Root Structure Nutrient Source Primary Resource
Tradiouvan - Netusnum Ciynocarpae - (Mb) - Shot.jpg Netusnum Ciynocarpae Symbiotic Buried Carbon Marrow Bulb
Notes: Drought Resistant. Secondary Resource: None
Tradiouvan - Osorica Kagilia - (Th) - Shot.jpg Osorica Kagilia Obtuse Membrane Compression Thamium9
Notes: Mono-Seasonal. Secondary Resource: None
Tradiouvan - Yeglomii Uxerae - (Mb) - Shot.jpg Yeglomii Uxerae Conventional Free Radicals Marrow Bulb
Notes: Combustible Fruit. Secondary Resource: None

Geology[edit | edit source]

Typical terrain at Tradiouvan Obekin

Tradiouvan Obekin is a sandy planet marked by its desolate dunes, canyons, mountains, and pits.

This planet also has long cave systems that can protect the travellers from the high pressure that affects the support systems.

The discovered rocks formations are:

Name Metal Content Formation Process Primary Element
Tradiouvan - Diamoite - Shot.jpg Diamoite 54% Lithification Iron
Notes: Inert. Secondary Resource: Plutonium
Tradiouvan - Emmleigite - Shot.jpg Emmleigite 45% Metal Vapour Iron
Notes: Vacuum Core. Secondary Resource: Platinum
Tradiouvan - Hukaruite - Shot.jpg Hukaruite 67% Soil Amalgamation Detritum
Notes: Faint Life Signs. Secondary Resource: None
Tradiouvan - Ishneite - Shot.jpg Ishneite 69% Photonic Iron
Notes: Geode Rich. Secondary Resource: Aluminium
Tradiouvan - Kotoensite - Shot.jpg Kotoensite 49% Celestial Iron
Notes: Vacuum Core. Secondary Resource: Zinc
Tradiouvan - Maberzite - Shot.jpg Maberzite N/A N/A N/A
Notes: N/A. Secondary Resource: N/A
Tradiouvan - Mahnseite - Shot.jpg Mahnseite 76% Coalescence Iron
Notes: Inedible. Secondary Resource: None
Tradiouvan - Noysenite - Shot.jpg Noysenite 42% Lithification Iron
Notes: Hydrophobic. Secondary Resource: Heridium
Tradiouvan - Rewiserite - Shot.jpg Rewiserite 71% Sublimation Iron
Notes: Slow-Forming. Secondary Resource: Gold
Tradiouvan - Skebuite - Shot.jpg Skebuite 73% Meteorite Impact Iron
Notes: Extreme Salt Content. Secondary Resource: Gold

Atmosphere & Climate[edit | edit source]

Atmosphere at Tradiouvan Obekin is very clear

Because of the low atmosphere condition of Tradiouvan Obekin, the environment is very clear to the sight.

The skies have a blue hue, as the atmosphere offer a clean view to outer space and its nebulas. And at night, even the ground is affected by that blue hue.

  • Maximum Temperature (ºC): 40.0
  • Minimum Temperature (ºC): 12.9 (Inside caves)
  • Storm Temperature: N/A
  • Radioactivity (Rads): 0.7
  • Toxicity (Tox): 0.2

Notable Locations & Waypoints[edit | edit source]

The low atmosphere of this planet makes the life conditions hard to sustain, so it is barren of any kind of life forms or civilizations.

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