Unearthed Treasure

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Crate of Scientific Spirit bottles
Crate of Scientific Spirit bottles
Category Artifact
Type Unearthed Treasure
Total Value 2,297,526.0 Units.png
Used for Trading, Trading (High Value)
Updated Origins

Unearthed Treasure is a type of Artifact.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Unearthed Treasure is one of several types of Artifacts and it is a reward for opening Large Artifact Crates found in Ancient Ruins, completing missions or completing exploration type expeditions with frigates.

Game description[edit | edit source]

These are the possible game descriptions for Unearthed Treasure. One of the following is randomly chosen when an artifact is procedurally generated.

The sequence is taken from the game file.

Common[edit | edit source]

  1. Approximately XXX years old.
    Dusty and mudstained, this treasure is nonetheless an important historical artifact.
  2. Approximately XXX years old.
    This treasure clearly meant a lot to the people who buried it. Its value in the present day is perhaps more questionable.
  3. Approximately XXX years old.
    Damaged by the damp and difficult conditions it was kept in for so long, this treasures shows few signs of its former splendor.
  4. Approximately XXX years old.
    This artifact appears to have suffered little from its years underground. Unfortunately, it does not appear to have been in very good condition before it was entombed.
  5. Approximately XXX years old.
    Was this artifact part of a horde buried with its owner? The remains of a secret cache? Or just forgotten rubbish? Time has rendered it impossible to tell.

Uncommon[edit | edit source]

  1. Approximately XXXX years old.
    Valuable in and of itself, this artifact is made by priceless the glimpse it gives into the society that once ruled this planet.
  2. Approximately XXXX years old.
    What caused this artifact's owner to bury it underground? Did they hope to return to claim it one day? Such questions may now never be answered.
  3. Approximately XXXX years old.
    Crawling with insects and haunted by a musty aroma, this treasure is nonetheless an artifact of great worth.

Rare[edit | edit source]

  1. Approximately XXXX years old.
    This rare treasure is covered in strange markings, as if the contents were used in some sort of rite or ritual.
  2. Approximately XXXX years old.
    There is an otherworldliness about this treasure, something strange in the way it catches the light. Almost as if it were haunted by its previous owner...
  3. Approximately XXXX years old.
    This treasure bears the faint outline of a family crest. Perhaps its owner's descendants are out there somewhere, looking for this last trace of their ancestor...

Modifier and value ranges[edit | edit source]

The table shows the modifier and value ranges. There is no correlation between the modifier and the value, both are randomly chosen within their ranges.

Rarity Modifier Modifier with text Base value Total value
Common 200-500 200-500 years 100,000 - 200,000 Units.png 115,000 - 230,000 Units.png
Uncommon 600-1100 600-1100 years 400,000 - 700,000 Units.png 460,000 - 805,000 Units.png
Rare 1400-3000 1400-3000 years 800,000 - 2,000,000 Units.png 920,000 - 2,300,000 Units.png

Top 5 List[edit | edit source]

The following items are the most valuable Unearthed Treasure discovered. If your artifact doesn't qualify for this list, it still should be added to the Artifact Research page for additional scientific study.

To qualify for this list, the following items apply:
  * The value of the artifact must be greater than the 5th item on the list.
  * A screenshot of the information panel need to be added. (Use the Upload file page to upload a screenshot)
  * If you are unsure how to properly edit this page, please add your discovery to the Artifact Research page.

Top 5 - Rare[edit | edit source]

Top 5 - Uncommon[edit | edit source]

Top 5 - Common[edit | edit source]

Name generation[edit | edit source]

The names are procedurally generated with certain terms using one of the following options: 1. Container + "of" + Adjective + Noun; 2. Adjective + Noun.

The sequence is taken from the game file.

Container[edit | edit source]

  1. Crate
  2. Box
  3. Jumble
  4. Sarcophagus
  5. Chest
  6. Barrel
  7. Case
  8. Package
  9. Bushel
  10. Trunk
  11. Bundle
  12. Assortment
  13. Pallet
  14. Crate
  15. Chest
  16. Trunk
  17. Case
  18. Packet
  19. Collection
  20. Trove
  21. Pile
  22. Parcel
  23. Hoard
  24. Crate
  25. Box
  26. Crate
  27. Chest

Adjective[edit | edit source]

  1. Shiny
  2. Glowing
  3. Humming
  4. Lustrous
  5. Rare
  6. Desirable
  7. Ancient
  8. Polished
  9. Tarnished
  10. Gleaming
  11. Valuable
  12. Splendid
  13. Long-Lost
  14. Stolen
  15. Abandoned
  16. Cursed
  17. Vibrating
  18. Radioactive
  19. Precious
  20. Strange
  21. Mysterious
  22. Anomalous
  23. Exceptional
  24. Gek
  25. Vy'keen
  26. Korvax
  27. Magnetic
  28. Sparkling
  29. Electrified
  30. Luxurious
  31. Ornate
  32. Conductive
  33. Synthetic
  34. Pleasing
  35. Irresistible
  36. Multicoloured
  37. Legendary
  38. Timeless
  39. Hypnotic
  40. Preserved
  41. Starry
  42. Celestial
  43. Translucent
  44. Contaminated
  45. Musical
  46. Ill-gotten
  47. Scientific
  48. Ancestral

Noun[edit | edit source]

  1. Moonstones
  2. Treasures
  3. Jewels
  4. Trinkets
  5. Bullion
  6. Gemstones
  7. Skulls
  8. Stones
  9. Loot
  10. Gems
  11. Riches
  12. Pearls
  13. Orbs
  14. Beads
  15. Ornaments
  16. Baubles
  17. Artworks
  18. Statuettes
  19. Pelts
  20. Robes
  21. Crowns
  22. Metalwork
  23. Relics
  24. Swords
  25. Diamonds
  26. Eggs
  27. Rings
  28. Bangles
  29. Sunstones
  30. Coins
  31. Weaponry
  32. Goblets
  33. Trophies
  34. Teeth
  35. Silk
  36. Cloth
  37. Potions
  38. Curios
  39. Antiques
  40. Material
  41. Remains
  42. Bones
  43. Armour
  44. Runes
  45. Wine
  46. Spirit Bottles

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • The game descriptions and the name generation are extracted from the 1.77 version of NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH.MBIN game file, while the modifier and value ranges are extracted from the 1.77 version of PROCEDURALPRODUCTTABLE.MBIN game file.

Release history[edit | edit source]

  • NEXT - Added as an Artifact.
  • Abyss - Hidden changes: Names were regenerated by either adding or taking away prefixes, but other data were unchanged.
  • Visions - Hidden changes: The specified base value ranges of all types are multiplied by 1.15, this total value is indicated on the information panel of each artifact. The information panels are colour coded by rarity and an additional icon indicates its purpose.