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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

This page fills the role of Embassy for the United Federation of Travelers.
The information found here represents a user-created alliance of Civilized space zones that is a creative addition to the game.

There are multiple game-release versions of the United Federation of Travelers embassy page.

Emblem for the United Federation of Travelers.

The United Federation of Travelers is an alliance of civilized space zones.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The United Federation of Travelers, more often just called the Federation, is an alliance of Civilized space zones. It was formed on April 15, 2017, and went public on April 25, 2017. The Federation's purpose is to unite civilizations behind universally beneficial goals without hindering any sovereign civilization's customs or practices, and to assist in the founding of new civilizations. While fan-fiction/roleplay elements can be involved, the Federation places no official restrictions on, and makes no specific endorsements of, any fan-fiction. Federation Civilizations are left to manage their own fan-fiction/roleplaying/lore.

The Federation's main website is the Federation Subreddit.

Universally Beneficial Goals[edit | edit source]

To Document, Aid, Create, and Communicate. These are the Federation's primary goals. All Federation civilizations are expected to follow them and encourage their citizens to follow them.

Fedpur.png Centralization of Information[edit | edit source]

To document all No Man's Sky-related information on a single Wiki (this Wiki). Additionally seeks to have a centralized database linking to various Reddit-based NMS info (Coordinate thread from r/NoMansHigh, bug thread from r/NoMansSkyTheGame, Fauna Guide from r/NMS_Zoology, etc). This (still incomplete) centralized information source can be found here: Interloper's Guide to the Galaxy - Complete Guide to NMS.

Fedpur.png Civilization Establishment[edit | edit source]

To aid groups with the establishments of new civilizations in the five most populous galaxies (Euclid, Hilbert, Calypso, Budullangr, and Eissentam), and to aid any existing civilizations.

Fedpur.png Communication with Civilization Leaders[edit | edit source]

To create an environment where those with experience establishing and managing NMS civilizations can give tips to those wishing to establish new civilizations (such as placing new civilizations in the "Goldilocks zone," the easiest location for most players to travel to).

Fedpur.png Visibility & Inter-Civilization Communication[edit | edit source]

To communicate with known Civilized Space zones. To provide a place for new communities to announce their plans and news without being buried by other NMS threads. To clearly list contact info for Ambassadors/Representatives of civilizations, and provide a place for civilization Ambassadors/Representatives to communicate with each other.

Map[edit | edit source]

Image Map of the Federation as of August 14, 2019.
Clicking on a civilization in the picture causes the browser to load the appropriate article / Mouseover = Coordinates.

0431 : 0077 : 0D4F : 018F0188 : 0083 : 056C : 017C01BB : 007D : 05AB : 00B60928 : 0083 : 06FC : 0173Hubble ZoneUnknown0EE9 : 0084 : 087C : 00480CB4 : 007B : 032B : 0010035D : 007E : 0CAF : 01F90EB0 : 007F : 088B : 015A07FA : 0081 : 07F9 : 0036Galactic Hub Star Leagu08C5 : 0077 : 014A : 00270CE8 : 007A : 031D : 002F063D : 0081 : 0133 : 0037Unknown / Euclid: 0FE2 : 0004 : 0FFB : 000B0405 : 0085 : 0DA20A78 : 0082 : 02C8 : 00EA0804 : 007B : 0804 : 008B0EBD : 0080 : 065A : 008A0DF2 : 0080 : 055C : 012F07EB : 007D : 0E88 : 00AB043D : 0072 : 0D44 : 001C0426 : 0078 : 0D59 : 0096Unknown024F : 0081 : 0C17 : 001C01A3 : 00AF : 0544 : 00AE0800 : 0078 : 0803 : 01EAUnknown0804 : 0079 : 07Fd : 00000E40 : 0083 : 04E8 : 001C042F : 0078 : 0D55 : 01940430 : 0078 : 0D56 : 011C044C : 0082 : 0D55 : 001D0204 : 0078 : 0B3E : 00B1042F : 0079 : 0D55 : 006A064A : 0082 : 01B9 : 009ACasual - A gathering of players without any particularly specific goals or guidelines, generally oriented just towards having fun.Construction - A civilization of any size with a specific focus on player base-related gameplay elements.Fanfiction - A civilization with a particular focus on creative writing elements.Documentation - A civilization with a particular focus on the default in-game elements like starships, multitools, fauna, freighters, etc.Militant - A civilization with militant tendencies.Profit - A civilization focused on economically profitable practices.Modded - A civilization that uses mods and / or creates them.Solo - 1 playerRural - 2-5 playersStandard - 6-14 playersHub - 15+ playersNon-localized - A group of players which coordinates their efforts strictly out-of-game.CompaniesUFT Visions.png
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Federation Civilizations[edit | edit source]

The "Classification" section refers to Civilization Categories, which are further divided into two sub-categories: size (Hub/Standard/Rural/Solo/Abandoned) and type (Documentation, Militant, etc). Size categories are further specified as Estimated (E), meaning the tag is essentially a guess based on varying amounts of evidence, or Registered (R), meaning the tag is based on an actual civilization census.

Euclid[edit | edit source]

Emblem Civilization  Quadrant  Capital System Ambassadors Coordinates Main Website Platform Classification
Alliance of Galactic Travellers Gamma AGT Firstfall zazariins, Bufalo04, Halogengirlie 043D:0072:0D44:001C Alliance of Galactic Travellers PC / PS4 / Xbox HUB (E)
Construction, Documentation & Profit
Antaurean Imperium Gamma Antaurus Xi antdgaf421 0431:0077:0D4F:018F N/A PS4 Solo (R)
Militant, Profit & Documentation
Arcadian Republic Gamma Zevangi-Omemo Axiom1380 0204:0078:0B3E:00B1 N/A PS4 Rural (E)
Casual & Documentation
180819 ArC logo.png
Artifices Caeli Beta Aiqing WinderTP 0EBD:0080:065A:008A No Mans Sky Mods PC Standard (R)
World Modification & Creation
Celestial Kingdoms of Irling Delta Celestial Kingdoms ItzRazorFang 0EB0:007F:088B:015A Celestial Kingdoms PS4 Rural (R)
Fanfiction & Military
Colonial Fleet Logo Decal Mod.png
The Colonial Fleet Gamma Caprica of Athena jordymendoza, Choopsha 07EB:007D:0E88:00AB The Colonial Fleet PC / PS4 / Xbox Standard (E)
Cosmic Cooperative Alpha Ankara (CC) M00N-C00K1ES 0188:0083:056C:017C Cosmic Cooperative PC / PS4 / Xbox Hub (R)
Casual & Documentation
Domus Stellaris Emblem.png
Domus Stellaris Confederation Delta Gujole XIII RandomStrangr73 0EE9:0084:087C:0048 N/A Xbox Solo (R)
Construction & Militant
Dopelor Confederacy Emblem.png
Dopelord Confederacy Delta Avalon! Ubiquibot 0804:007B:0804:008B N/A PS4 Standard (E)
Profit & Militant
Empire of Achenar Gamma Achenar AveryDion, Ultra456 0405:0085:0DA2:008F Empire of Achenar PC Rural (E)
Documentation & Militant
Empire of Jatriwil Logo.png
Empire of Jatriwil Gamma Jatriwil WAAM86 Unknown N/A PS4 Solo (E)
Casual, Fanfiction & Militant
Empire of Phantomium Marxium Beta Revoltwo-Kepler I Jikomiko1 08C5:0077:014A:0027 EPM Reddit
EPM Discord
Xbox Standard (R)
Fanfiction, Documentation & Military
EPIC Logo2018a copy.png
EPIC Delta EPIC Capital DeepSikz 0FE2:0004:0FFB:017F EPIC Armada Reddit
PC / PS4 Standard (R)
Casual, Fanfiction & Gameplay
Enigma Logo new.png
Enigma Alliance Beta Negasonic Override System Override5 0CB4:007B:032B:0010 N/A PC Rural (R)
Exploration, Profit & Integration
Logo Euclidean Scholar's Society.png
Euclidean Scholar's Society Beta Ubaksaro IV edgarsoft 0CE8:007A:031D:002F N/A PC Rural (R)
Documentation & Exploration
Explorers Alliance Logo 01.png
Explorers Alliance Gamma Fields of Ichor Parallax_11, DiggestOfBicks 035D:007E:0CAF:01F9 N/A PC / PS4 Standard (R)
Galactic Hub Emblem 2.png
Galactic Hub Project Gamma HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun 7101334, AndyKrycek6, MrJordanMurphy 042F:0079:0D55:006A NMS Galactic Hub PC / PS4 / Xbox Hub (R)
Construction, Documentation & Profit
Geknip Gang Transparent Logo.png
Geknip Gang Hub Beta Savjazz21 mistermichaelk 0E40:0083:04E8:001C Geknip Gang Community Channel
Discord Group
PC / PS4 Standard (E)
Casual & Construction
GenBra Space Corp Delta Pirate Paradise intothedoor, Astromons 0FE2:0004:0FFB:000B NMS OtherGalaxies PS4 Solo (R)
Documentation & Company
Helios Confederation of Independent Systems Alpha Kaisium optimus3097 01BB:007D:05AB:00B6 NMSHelios Xbox Rural (R)
Documentation & Fanfiction
Korvax Ascendancy Alpha KAscendancy Sol InsertFurmanism 063D:0081:0133:0037 [1] PC Rural (R)
Oxalis Beta Jurtfal-Shu Acolatio 0804:0079:07FD Oxalis PC Solo (R)
Documentation & Modded
Photostudio 1553282434832.jpg
The Qitanian Empire Alpha Qitand-Tus EdVintage 07FA:0081:07F9:0036 NMS QitanianEmpire PS4 Rural (R)
Documentation & Fanfiction
CAI logo.png
RAIN Beta Arashi StormchaserCAI 0928:0083:06FC:0173 N/A PS4 Rural (R)
Company & Creation
Stream of P0ne-logo.png
Stream of P0ne N/A N/A p0nestream N/A N/A PC Solo (R)
Casual, Documentation & Non-localized
Wastelanders Beta Festaoiri Deadspacetrooper 0DF2:0080:055C:012F N/A PS4 Rural (R)
Documentation & Fanfiction

Calypso[edit | edit source]

Emblem Civilization  Quadrant  Capital System Ambassadors Coordinates Main Website Platform Classification
Galactic Hub Calypso.png Galactic Hub Calypso Gamma HUB1-194 Popingo-Efuk CommanderGan0n 042F:0078:0D55:0194 Main GHub Page PC / PS4 / Xbox Standard (R)
Documentation, Construction & Profit

Budullangr[edit | edit source]

Emblem Civilization  Quadrant  Capital System Ambassadors Coordinates Main Website Platform Classification
Galactic Hub Budullangr.png Galactic Hub Budullangr Gamma HUB1-E4 Proximus I IlContePier 042F:0078:0D55:00E4 Main GHub Page
NMS Budullangr
PC / PS4 / Xbox Standard (R)
Documentation, Construction & Profit

Eissentam[edit | edit source]

Emblem Civilization  Quadrant  Capital System Ambassadors Coordinates Main Website Platform Classification
Bella Star Empire Emblem.png Bella Star Empire Center Cerbere Bella Mantyger Unknown N/A PS4 Rural (E)
Construction, Exploration & Profit
FF0F9741-4457-4922-AC0E-934899A37F54.png Eissentam Travellers Foundation Gamma Eissentam Travellers Foundation Star Bufalo04 07FC:0078:0802:013C Alliance of Galactic Travellers PC / PS4 Standard (R)
Construction, Documentation & Profit
Galactic Hub Eissentam Emblem.png Galactic Hub Eissentam Gamma HUB5-11C Hesperides jmillgraphics 0430:0078:0D56:011C NMS Galactic Hub PC / PS4 Hub (R)
Construction, Documentation & Profit

Rerasmutul[edit | edit source]

Emblem Civilization  Quadrant  Capital System Ambassadors Coordinates Main Website Platform Classification
IxuoJoj0ffQ8AuW8IvmAd9tOUbuM6IMpE-z9Zzt-hhU.png Eyfert Khannate Alpha Egionetsk g5457s 01A3:00AF:0544:00AE N/A PC Solo (R)

External Departments[edit | edit source]

Galactic Hub Star League[edit | edit source]

Emblem Department Platform Description
Galactic Hub Star League.png Galactic Hub Star League PC / PS4 / Xbox The Galactic Hub Star League is the competitive simulation sports organization sponsored by the Galactic Hub.

Federation Vexillology Department[edit | edit source]

Emblem Department Description
FVD.png Federation Vexillology Department The FVD is created for the purpose of recording which color and pattern combinations of in-game flags and banners correspond with certain civilizations.

Joining the Federation[edit | edit source]

As the Federation is not a civilization, but rather an alliance of multiple civilizations, individual travelers cannot apply to join the Federation. Individual travelers may, however, apply on behalf of the civilization which they represent.

Fedpur.png Criteria[edit | edit source]

Any civilizations seeking Federation membership status must meet the following criteria:

These pages are required:

  • 1 main "embassy" page (Info box / capital system and planet / short description / coordinates / type / size / platform / list of documented star systems / emblem)
  • 4 star systems + 1 capital system (Info box / number and names of planets and moons)
  • 1 page for the region (Info box / list of documented star systems)
  • 1 capital planet (Info box)
  • 1 census page or for solo or small civilizations, a census section on the main "embassy" page.

Fedpur.png Process[edit | edit source]

If your civilization meets those criteria, you can then follow the steps below to apply for Federation membership:

  • Your civilization must agree to encourage the use of the NMS Gamepedia Wiki over other documentation tools, and ideally (but optionally) contribute to the Wiki in other ways as well. This is part of the Centralization of Information pillar.
  • Your civilization must provide coordinates for a capital system, unless you are a non-localized community. Capitals may be changed at any time, and are primarily used for mapping and navigation purposes.
  • Contact any Federation Ambassador to apply for membership. It is recommended that you use the "Message the Moderators" feature of the subreddit, as we will be able to most quickly update your information. However, any Federation Ambassador may accept your application.

After your civilization is accepted,

  • Your civilization's name (and emblem, if applicable) will show on the 3rd tab of Pilgrim Star Path.
  • Your civilization will be added to the subreddit's sidebar / United Federation of Travelers wiki page / Federation map.
  • Your civilization's emblem will be added to the sidebar, if you have one.
  • Citizen of (Your Civilization)" user flairs will be added. Citizens may assign their own flairs by clicking "Edit" next to your username on the sidebar, below the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button (may not appear on mobile).

Additional information[edit | edit source]

15.05.2019 - Supplement to Section 4.2