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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

United States of New Cascadia
United States of New Cascadia
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Rohmadgh
Capital system Liberty
Capital planet New Eden
Coordinates 0BA3 : 0078 : 01F7 : 0199
Founded by Halnine
Federation member Atlas Rises
Platform PC
Release Atlas Rises

The United States of New Cascadia is a Civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The United States of New Cascadia (USNC), commonly referred to as 'the Republic' or 'the United States', is a federal republic in the outer regions. Its official motto is "E Pluribus Unum", or "Out Of Many, One". The nation emerged from American colonists in the Euclid Galaxy, and it considers itself a legitimate continuation of the United States of America.

Territory[edit | edit source]

After the 'Act of Unification', the United States was organized into 'Inner Worlds' and 'Sectors'. The Inner Worlds consisted of several major systems that all had civilian human populations of at least ten thousand during the Colonial Age or now. Unlike the sectors - which are governed by 'Federal Viceroys' - these systems are directly administered by the President and their populations are permitted to elect representatives to Congress. These systems are:

  • Independence (New Cascadia) (Former site of colony Plymouth
  • Cornucopia (Terra Firma) (Former site of colony Minerva)
  • Feodosia (Montezuma) (Former site of several outposts and homesteads, evacuated in 2105)
  • Geminae (Starlight) (Former site of research outpost Egeria)
  • Hermes (Kerman) (Aurora) (Former site of colony Freedom)
  • Sayareh (New Mesa) (Former site of research outpost Mesa Research Center)

Currently, including both 'sector' and 'inner world' systems, the United States controls:

# of Regions # of Systems # of Planets/Moons
3 38 119

Capital[edit | edit source]

Adrestia City, also known by the official designation Outpost 33, is the administrative and military center of the republic

Outpost 33, also known as Adrestia City exists as the primary base of the United States. A military outpost built into a mountain on New Eden, it boasts extensive underground facilities and defensive measures to deter sentinel drones and aggressive fauna. Although the capital of the United States de jure is still Washington D.C, Adrestia City is the real center of operations due to the closing of the Euclid Wormhole.

Culture/Government[edit | edit source]

The Republic has an all-human population, and distrust towards alien species and xenophobic beliefs are common as a result of the First Contact War as well as the large proportion of the population that serves in the military. As a result, contact with alien species is strictly limited to government agents and authorized military personnel.

The nation is governed through three branches; the legislature, the courts, and the executive office. The bicameral legislature consists of a House of Representatives and the Senate for a total of 535 members. The executive office answers to the President, a post currently held by Rear Admiral Halnine since 2115. Although the American Constitution strictly forbids mixing of military offices with civilian positions, Halnine's tight control over the Republic Starfleet and the Army of the Republic keeps anyone from getting the wrong idea.

Although there is no official discrimination in regards birth, those who are "Earthborn" are considered to be more important than the "Starborn". President Halnine and most of the Senate fit the "Earthborn" designation, as well as the senior officers in the Republic Starfleet.

Office of Internal Security[edit | edit source]

The Office of Internal Security (OIS), also referred to as Internal Security, is the federal law enforcement and intelligence agency of the Republic that is charged with matters of state stability and that the citizens of the United States do not participate in "activities that are treasonous, subterfuge, or disruptive to the public order". The OIS was formed from whatever remained of the Intelligence Community in Euclid after the closing, and is mainly tasked with maintaining discipline amongst alien slaves in the sector regions as well as maintaining order amongst the civilian population at home. OIS agents are also tasked with the protection of government assets and officials (Notably the President), the security of the capital, and the investigation of high-level crimes. Military personnel are permitted to join the OIS and receive duties befitting their military rank; however, civilian OIS agents cannot join the military with the same benefits. It is led by the Director of National Intelligence.

Military[edit | edit source]

Army[edit | edit source]

The Army of the Republic is the primary ground force of the United States of New Cascadia. All military-age males from age 18-50 are subject to a draft to serve in the reserve forces, which make up most of the military. Within weeks of their enlistment, recruits begin live-fire exercises on New Eden; every citizen is trained in the use of firearms, first aid, and wilderness survival skills. The Army makes use of the M88 Main Battle Tank, the Armored Pressurized Personnel Vehicle (APPV) and the A-27 Gunship and their primary vehicles. Soldiers wear full-body armor made from interwoven carbon fiber and kevlar and are issued rifles in the .556 caliber during their training. In total, a fully equipped soldier carries 70 pounds of equipment - this weight is alleviated through the use of a exoskeletion built into the body armor. The Army forces are also augmented through the widespread usage of drones and combat robots such as the Type IIIA Security Biped. These devices are integrated from all levels, with even the most basic foot soldier knowing how they operate.

Unlike the Republic Starfleet, this force is entirely composed of colonists and not former American military personnel. Soldiers may enlist into Active Duty at any time for a large bonus. Upon serving six years in Active Duty and six years reserve, soldiers are released from all military obligations. It is not uncommon for soldiers to be attached to mining and resource gathering operations - in fact, most mines on New Eden are run by the military.

Navy[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Republic Starfleet

F-67 interceptors of 'Black Sheep' squadron inside the hangar bay of the USS Congress (DRD-4)

The Republic Starfleet is the spacefaring military branch of the Republic, and is composed of the remnants of the American military trapped in Euclid after the closing of the wormhole. It is small and very distant from its days of being able to stand up against entire sentinel fleets - an attempt at doing this near New Cascadia almost destroyed the whole fleet. The flagship of the Starfleet is the siege dreadnought USS Congress, which personally commanded by Admiral Halnine. The Starfleet also employs a variety of smaller vessels, such as multiple corvettes, gunships, fighters and a Marine Corps consisting of 19,000 personnel.

The Starfleet is currently divided into the Home Fleet and Survey Fleet. Most of the firepower belongs to the Home Fleet, which is responsible for defending New Eden - the Survey Fleet is mostly composed of probes and light research vessels whose mission is to map the Rohmadgh Nebula and its neighboring regions.

All responsibility in regards to airspace control are under the Naval Aviation Corps (Formerly the 3rd Naval Air Group), which maintains squadrons of F-67 'Super Raven' Interceptors and several gunships used for troop transport and clandestine operations.

Prior to the closing, the colonies were protected by the United States Naval 11th & 12th Fleets, also known as the U.S Space Fleet. The Starfleet briefly maintained two Washington-class Orbital Destroyers that were lost during the evacuation of New Cascadia along with a corvette. It is directly descended from Task Force Alpha and the 19th Marine Division that served as a garrison force in New Cascadia in during the later stages of the First Contact War.

Sectors[edit | edit source]

Colonial sectors are sectors of systems that have been annexed by the United States under the 'Act of Unification'. These sectors are presided over by 'Federal Viceroys', officials appointed by direction of the President. These sectors often have a small human population, instead relying on alien slaves to reach their mining quotas. Whatever humans that do live there usually work are usually security agents working for the Office of Internal Security that ensure that discipline and order is maintained amongst the labor force and that a steady stream of resources flow to New Eden. Although slavery is technically banned in the United States, the 'Clarification of the Thirteenth Amendment Act' clarified that this only meant human slavery, not alien slavery. As a result, enslavement is quite common. Current sectors are:

Guam Sector

Lower Rohmadgh Sector

Wake Sector

Outer Territories Sector

Rohmadgh Boundary Sector

Middle Territory Sector

History[edit | edit source]

Colonial Period (2078 - 2105)[edit | edit source]

After scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory accidentally stumbled upon the existence of a large wormhole just beyond the orbit of Neptune, interstellar travel became reality. Although probes soon showed that the wormhole didn't lead anywhere in the Milky Way - in fact, they didn't lead to any known galaxy, NASA was approved for manned exploration and eventually colonization beyond the wormhole. The first colony, Plymouth, broke ground in 2084, and the discovery of the hyperdrive in 2090 allowed American ships to explore nearby systems in the new galaxy, named 'Euclid'. Two more outposts were eventually built in other systems - Freedom in 2091 and Minerva in 2095. Plymouth was situated on New Cascadia, the closest planet to the wormhole, and so it was easily the largest of all the colonies.

The colonial period saw the rapid expansion of American settlements across the Rohmagdh Nebula. While most were nothing more than a semi-permanent research lab, the main three colonies soon grew to have a population in the thousands. By the end of the Colonial Period, roughly 400,000 Americans called the Euclid Galaxy home. Many more would travel through the Euclid Wormhole, conducting regular business with Earth and her other colonies in the Milky Way.

First Contact War[edit | edit source]

A broken transmission stream from a nearby shuttle shows the destroyer USS Wyoming (DDG-167) in orbit of Minerva just seconds before it was destroyed by sentinel bombers

The expansion of the American people into Euclid did not go unnoticed, however. A race of machines named the Sentinels saw the American presence as an affront to their beliefs, and acts of hostility began. On April 15th, 2105, the sentinels launched an surprise assault on Freedom. This assault quickly overwhelmed local security forces, and after a brutal massacre of all the colonists, Freedom was razed. A lone shuttle escaped the battle; after news was transmitted to Earth, the U.S Space Fleet deployed nuclear weapons against the sentinel ground forces.

Various small skirmishes with sentinels would occur until 2107. Most of the fleet withdrew, thinking that the destruction of Freedom was a fluke (And that the Sentinels lacked significant spacefaring capability), and American exploration of Euclid continued unfettered. The sudden appearance of two sentinel motherships near Minerva quickly ended this illusion, and a task force was hastily assembled to defend the colony. Task Force Sigma consisted of two orbital destroyers and several dozen fighters - outgunned, both destroyers and almost all the fighters were lost in the action. After the loss of Task Force Sigma and Minerva, the war began in earnest. The U.S Space Fleet began to deploy the new siege dreadnoughts to defend New Cascadia and set in motion the controversial Operation Firestorm. Any planets found to have a sentinel presence were bombarded with strategic weapons that ranged from massive railguns to nuclear warheads, a process that reduced many planets in Rohmadgh to uninhabitable shells of their former selves.

F-67 fighters of the 3rd Naval Air Group assault a Korvax escort vessel

Hostile contact with the Korvax Convergence occurred around 2108. The Korvax, being a civilization of Artificial Intelligence with a close relationship to the sentinels were mistaken for being sentinels themselves, resulting in the destruction of a Korvax merchant fleet. This opened a second front in the war, and slowly, American forces were pushed back from the outer portions of the Rohmadgh Nebula. Since the main attention of the Space Fleet was devoted to the sentinel threat, only small raiding parties could be dispatched to harass the Korvax military forces.

The discovery of New Cascadia in 2112 by the sentinels led to a spirited effort by the Space Fleet to defend the last major human colony in Euclid. The Battle for New Cascadia resulted in the destruction of hundreds of sentinel walkers, tens of thousands of drones, and greatest of all, two sentinel motherships. This stunning victory did not come without a cost - two dreadnoughts were crippled, four destroyers were lost, and Plymouth colony was virtually depopulated after the week-long siege. Despite this, the Battle was the first major American victory in the First Contact War, and proved to the universe that the sentinel fleet was not invincible.

Following this battle, sentinel forces in the Rohmadgh Nebula began to retreat, leading to the widespread belief that the First Contact War was over. Since the cost of maintaining the Space Fleet beyond the wormhole was astronomical, a small garrison force named Task Force Alpha was left behind with the 5th Marine Division to deal with the Korvax while the main fleet returned to Earth.

The Glassing of New Cascadia[edit | edit source]

Post-battle, the American presence in Euclid began to slowly draw down. The prospect of sharing a galaxy - no matter how big - with a species of hostile robots failed to appeal to many potential colonists, and the deployment of nuclear arms against many worlds had led to most planets in Rohmadgh being radioactive wastelands. Despite the risks, a stable core of colonists remained, determined to make a life for themselves in this new galaxy. Whatever the case, Task Force Alpha was simply stretched too thin to defend anywhere outside New Cascadia and its surrounding systems, so fear of sentinel return proved enough to limit expansion.

These fears were proven true in 2115. Twelve sentinel motherships dropped out of hyperspace near New Cascadia, prompting Task Force Alpha to prepare for battle. Outmatched, the colonists breathed a collective sigh of relief as they began to head away from New Cascadia. This relief quickly turned to horror when it was realized that the sentinels were heading to the wormhole: and as the colony watched helplessly on their holoscreens, the sentinel fleet closed the wormhole forever. They were now on their own.

Now trapped in Euclid, Task Force Alpha began to hurriedly evacuate the colonists to Outpost 33; a hidden military outpost some 128LY away on a oceanic world named New Eden. Meanwhile on New Cascadia, Adminstrator Ricard Fulcer was quickly sworn in as President and a declaration was made to reorganize the remaining American colonies and ships in Euclid into the United States of New Cascadia. To delay the sentinel vessels and give the evacuation enough time, 119 fighters of the 3rd Naval Air Group made a desperate attack on the sentinel ships. The results were disastrous - facing point defenses and thousands of sentinel fighters, only twenty managed to return.

The dreadnought USS Congress prepares to make the jump to hyperspace during the evacuation of New Cascadia

The colonists were to be evacuated on the four military vessels who could reach New Cascadia in time; the majority were to board the dreadnought USS Congress while the last 8,493 were split between two orbital destroyers and a corvette. Only the USS Congress successfully jumped out in time: surrounding New Cascadia, the sentinel ships quickly put out a hyperspace disruption field to trap the remaining vessels. The three ships were quickly destroyed and the sentinel fleet began to bombard New Cascadia with plasma weapons, stripping the world of its atmosphere and turning the formerly lush planet into a dead world. President Fulcer was presumably killed during the bombardment, as were all the colonists not onboard the USS Congress. The attack also reduced the 3rd Naval Air Group to the numbers of a single fighter squadron - squadrons Wolfhound, Dirty Dozen, Dark Knights, and Mustangs were completely wiped out in the desperate assault.

Rear Admiral Ed Halnine, as the most senior military or civil officer left, assumed control of the United States of New Cascadia and the remaining colonists. Following the destruction of New Cascadia and Plymouth Colony and the closing of the Euclid Wormhole, the last American colonists found themselves in a precarious position. In order to hide from the sentinel threat and the Korvax Convergence, now interim President Halnine authorized Operation Umbrella - the construction of a mass-disruptor array to forcefully disconnect the native Korvax on New Eden to keep them from reporting human activity.

Occupation of New Eden/American Empire Laws[edit | edit source]

With the deployment of Operation Umbrella to hide the human settlements on the planet, the remaining American colonists were settled onto New Eden on 2116. These settlers were spread out throughout the planet as most of them preferred to live on island homesteads isntead of converging near more urban areas. Some time after the resettlement process was finished, President Halnine and the Senate passed three major acts known as the "American Empire Laws" for their imperialistic undertones. As according to the opening statement of the first law:

  "... the United States of New Cascadia shall create a new colonial empire amongst the stars, in the name of Manifest Destiny ..."

The first, the 'Act of Unification', formally annexed the Rohmadgh Nebula and all surrounding regions as American territory. The region was then divided into sectors ruled by governors called 'Federal Viceroys'. In order to provide an adequate labor force for these territories, the Halnine passed the 'Clarification of Thirteenth Amendment Act', stating that the Thirteenth Amendment only banned human slavery, and thus allowing the Federal Viceroys to "make use of extraterrestrial labor, and use means of force if required". The last act, known as the 'Procurement of Manpower Act' was intended to push the human population upwards. It granted government incentives for childbirth, legalized human cloning with accelerated growth hormones, and approved funding for research into a population bomb.