Untemhinen 4-WILAD

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Untemhinen 4-WILAD
Untemhinen 4-WILAD
Galaxy Euclid
Region Hiigarme Anomaly
Star system CF8Afg6G-078 Bleestkel
Moon of Essturhinrakos 3-OUWE
Biome Sub-zero
Weather Migratory Blizzards
Resources Numerous
Sentinels Low Security
Flora Moderate
Fauna Moderate
Discovered by Metagon
Game Mode Normal
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

Untemhinen 4-WILAD is a moon in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Shot of the planetary surface

Untemhinen 4-WILAD is a moon in the star system of CF8Afg6G-078 Bleestkel on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Its distance to the system's station is about 1,391 ks.

Environmental data[edit | edit source]

-55.6 °C 0.7 Rad 15.7 Tox
-58.9 °C 1.4 Rad 19.8 Tox
-109.5 °C 1.6 Rad 8.2 Tox
-67.1 °C 0.2 Rad 1.3 Tox
-35.4 °C 0.9 Rad 13.8 Tox

Notable Resources[edit | edit source]

Untemhinen 4-WILAD features Frost Crystal, Aluminium and Iridium.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Untemhinen 4-WILAD houses 12 species of fauna. A full zoology scan awards a 300,000 Unit bonus.

Name Image Genus Rarity Temperament Diet Gender Weight Height
Etumarerae Fofite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa06 Alp.jpg Tyranocae Rare Stalking Insect-eater Alpha 152.66 kg 2.77 m
CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa06-Rad.jpg Radical 157.72 kg 2.90 m
Icseterae Occuln CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa02 Alp.jpg Tetraceris Uncommon Timid Herbivore Alpha 84.95 kg 1.66 m
CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa02 Vec.jpg Vectorized 71.81 kg 1.50 m
Ahameae Cizame CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa08 Fem.jpg Felidae Uncommon Unconcerned Absorbed nutrients Female 117.82 kg 1.62 m
CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa08 Unk.jpg Unknown 106.74 kg 1.60 m
Icorraeum Idtu CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa07 Fem.jpg Tyranocae Uncommon Hunter Carnivore Female 61.76 kg 1.38 m
CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa07 Unk.jpg Unknown 65.65 kg 1.52 m
Erenisium Keued CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa09 Ind.jpg Ungulatis Common Calm Oxide elements Indeterminate 74.24 kg 0.90 m
CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa09 N-U.jpg Non-uniform 59.65 kg 0.84 m
Haerisera Keued CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa03 Alp.jpg Procavya Common Docile Vegetation Alpha 54.07 kg 0.87 m
CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa03 Rat.jpg Rational 46.46 kg 0.82 m
Yilturbumae Najace CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa11 N-U.jpg Agnelis Uncommon Sedate Oxide elements Non-uniform 59.41 kg 1.53 m
Puerumusae Najace CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa05 Rat.jpg Agnelis Common Active Herbivore Rational 75.49 kg 1.09 m
Nicaeanaiumii Oaulig CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa04 Exo.jpg Rhopalocera Common Bold Herbivore Exotic 47.59 kg 0.44 m
Sophaea Etumu CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa12 Exo.jpg Ictaloris Common Cautious Vegetation Exotic 58.03 kg 0.94 m
Molettusisa Etumu CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa10 Sym.jpg Ictaloris Common Prey Grazing creature Symmetric 82.57 kg 0.84 m
Xapresticae Cizame CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa01 N-U.jpg Lok Uncommon Submissive Grazing creature Non-uniform 95.41 kg 1.31 m
CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fa01 Rad.jpg Radical 97.28 kg 1.49 m

Flora[edit | edit source]

At least 12 flora varieties exist on Untemhinen 4-WILAD.

Name Image Age Root structure Nutrient source Notes Elements
Bacria Nacernima CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl09.jpg Sapling Symbiotic Anaerobic Digestion Crimson Seeds Carbon
Rajectium Urbus CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl08.jpg Centuries Limited Rock Enzymes Potentially Medicinal Carbon
Mopulosa Aablum CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl05.jpg Millenia Desiccated Photosynthesis Glasslike Seeds Carbon
Xehibea Arkarpae CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl10.jpg Juvenile Independent Gas Clouds Flakey Coating Carbon
Sanycea Lagarecomoe CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl11.jpg Mature Conventional Fungal Harvest Inner Beauty Carbon
Tedisima Ullirarus CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl12.jpg Ancient Widespread Ultraviolet Radiation Inconsistent Blossom Carbon
Carnivorous flora
Aodiatus Ladenii CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl04.jpg Mature Conventional Parasitic Leaching Calcicole Carbon
Marrow bulb
Egustum Yuncus CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl02.jpg Juvenile Obtuse Photosynthesis Biologically Inert Marrow Bulb
Ruborus Niannusmis CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl01.jpg Young Narrow Carnivorous Golden Sap Marrow Bulb
Resource flowers
Ueria Wudenae CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl03.jpg Decades Obtuse Carnivorous Roots Bioluminescent Thamium9
Hascii Caofeum CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl07.jpg Cyclical Branching Theft Glasslike Seeds Zinc
Ornaris Unagopeum CF8Afg6G-078-4-Fl06.jpg Seasoned Balanced Geological Energy Carbon Dense Platinum

Minerals[edit | edit source]

There are 18 known mineral formations on Untemhinen 4-WILAD.

Name Image Metal content Formation process Notes Elements
Above ground
Visteite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi18.jpg 42 % Localised Black Hole Potentially Synthetic Detritum
Ighatmite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi12.jpg 77 % Ground up Shells High Surface Temperature Detritum
Sazomoite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi11.jpg 71 % Polymerisation Pyroclastic Detritum
Cessorite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi08.jpg 67 % Volcanic High Viscosity Detritum
Alforite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi04.jpg 63 % Metal Vapour Radioactive Iron
Nibergeite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi05.jpg 57 % Ancient Tidal Erosion Yeast Colony Iron
Viitaite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi06.jpg 64 % Gas Bubbles Inert Iron
Latisinite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi17.jpg 42 % Wind Erosion Unexpectedly Buoyant Detritum
Oppiaphite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi13.jpg 65 % Soil Compaction Molten Core Iron
Dunniite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi14.jpg 42 % Vented Minerals Faint Life Signs Iron
Kecoskite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi16.jpg 53 % Evaporation Abrasive Iron
Unberite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi15.jpg 76 % Calcified Fauna Yeast Colony Iron
Akagaite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi10.jpg 60 % Volcanic Superconductive Iron
Orthanite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi09.jpg 69 % Tectonic Silicate Iron
Pattingite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi01.jpg 43 % Gas Bubbles Mimic Iron
Tovinovite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi03.jpg 62 % Gas Humidity Musical When Struck Detritum
Izelinite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi07.jpg 59 % Metal Vapour Inert Iron
Relatoite CF8Afg6G-078-4-Mi02.jpg 76 % Water Transport Geode Rich Iron

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