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Biography[edit | edit source]

  • Also Known As: @blakespot (Twitter), blakespot (Reddit), blakespot2 (PSN), blakespot (Steam), (Web)
  • Platform: PC (started on PS4 on launch day, built gaming PC and restarted there in September)
  • Civilization Affiliation(s): --
  • Home Base Location: Eissentam galaxy, "Blakespot;" System ( TOMB:0583:007B:0E44:0098 )
  • Traveler Since: August 9, 2016 (1021 hours as of 2/1/2018)
  • Major Focuses: Exploration, Starships, Base Building, Flora
  • Preferred Starship Class: Fighter
  • Preferred Planet Types: Desert, Frozen Forests
  • Primary Income Method: Fauna, Flora analysis
  • Preferred Starship Armaments: Photon Cannon, Positron Ejector
  • Preferred Multitool Armaments: Mining Beam, Plasma Grenade
  • Citizen Scientist Atlas Pass Designation: L-15 (Did not receive an Atlas Pass v4, sadly)

Starship Hangar[edit | edit source]

Ship Name Class & Slots (Cargo/Tech) Primary Use General Stats Primary Armament(s)
Blakespot ship Spirithorse1.jpeg Spirithorse 1

(Damatsug S90)



System Hopping, General Exploration Dmg Pot: 840.9

Shield Abs: 1.3

Hdrive Range: 836

Maneuv: 398.3

Yellow 48 A fighter blakespot.jpg (Angotend S31) A-Class


Primary Starship Dmg Pot: 7020.9

Shield Abs: 1.8

Hdrive Range: 859.0

Maneuv: 551.1

Photon Cannons,

Positron Ejector

Blakespot ship Atlas 1.jpg Atlas 1 A-Class


General Exploration Dmg Pot: 641.3

Shield Abs: 1.1

Hdrive Range: 100

Maneuv: 370.6

Blakespot ship squid1.jpg Benthus Harvester 1

(Ubunkyot S32)



General Exploration Dmg Pot: 585

Shield Abs: 1.2

Hdrive Range: 157.2

Maneuv: 434.8

Royal splitwing exotic blakespot.jpg (Aebashij S67) S-Class


General Exploration Dmg Pot: 632.7

Shield Abs: 1.0

Hdrive Range:162.9

Maneuv: 407.8


Major Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Explorer's Edition Ship[edit | edit source]

Notable Fauna[edit | edit source]

Milestones[edit | edit source]

Completed Artemis Quest[edit | edit source]

  • Left Euclid galaxy behind
  • Residing in Budullangr galaxy
  • Residing in Eissentam galaxy (didn't like Budullangr, restored, recompleted Artemis to relocate)
  • Restarted in Normal Mode with the arrival of NEXT, staying in Euclid (as of Nov. 26 2019 am ~160hrs in on new save -- REALLY need to update this info page to reflect happenings since NEXT release).

NMS Web Items[edit | edit source]

My NMS travel photo gallery: My No Man's Sky Journey (Flickr)

Polygon published one of my NMS blog posts, here: Meet the guy who spent over $4,000 on No Man’s Sky

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