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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

How Ezegnegch supposedly looks like when he's not wearing his exosuit.

Uls Xotuudyn Èzègnègč, or Ezegnegch, is a young, carefree, free-spirited and hyperactive explorer from the Survival Universe. He is a former citizen of the Sugaikinovi Fringe and Hurenima and is currently, the founder and leader of the Eyfert Khannate, a new, fledgling civilization in Rerasmutul. He is a "Kinderkin", a "minor lifeform" that greatly resembles human children. He is best friends with a fellow kinderkin, Bikheer. He is currently 46 human years old.

His current duties as the ruler and dictator (Khann) of the Eyfert Khannate makes him feel quite lonely and stressed at times. There would be instances of him skipping work and instead, have some fun and relaxation exploring around the beauty of the civilization's seat of power, Yitammo Nubeitun. Currently he is preparing the entire civilization for a big move, as a universe-changing event is imminent.

Early life[edit | edit source]

He is born in the planet Itxsankh Veyteg in the system Uytunxu'agluol, in Sector Ku-KS of the Sugaikinovi Fringe.

Sugaikinovi Fringe[edit | edit source]

At an early age of 12 human years, he became a member of the SKF Army, his primary role being a scout. But he'd rather be an explorer and be called one.

At the age of 16 human years, he became the youngest member and only minor lifeform in the history of the SKF Elite Army, and the only lifeform in the region to be both part of the SKF Elite Army and SKF Explorers. While he has ties to the army, he is for the most part, a free-spirited explorer that prefers to explore the universe joyfully until his death. But when an important mission comes up, he'll willingly serve the army for the good of the SKF's lifeforms.

He loves travelling, exploring, going places and meeting new people. He has established outposts in the Galactic Hub, Amino Hub and Galactic Network of Systems, and outposts near the Conure Republic.

Then one day, a great inter-region war occurred. Tensions between the region's sectors rose to an all-time high, and war is inevitable. Eventually, a powerful offensive from Zayuguanch VIII and its 5 stars was directed at the Capital Triangle. Unfortunately, the army from Zayuguanch is a lot more powerful than expected. In time, the Capital Triangle fell and chaos ensued the region. Everyone was fighting against each other in the quest for power, causing region-wide interstellar and planetary destruction and alterations. The Sugaikinovi Fringe was renamed to the Sugaikin Boundary. The Capital Triangle is gone, but the capital system still remains. What was known as Kamaixingti is now known as Kamaix-Guchu. It is now a haven for the destructive and power-hungry.

War-torn, weary and utterly depressed from the Capital Triangle's loss, he escaped into the dark voids to prevent capture and to get away from all the conflict.

Afuthro[edit | edit source]

Down, down, down into the void Ezegnegch goes, into the great darkness with no chance of return. Alone he travels, weeping at the loss of his beloved home. Then out of the darkness is light. He stumbled into the Afuthro region, an area veiled by the darkness of the void. Here he was able to find some peace and respite from the war and made new friends. He even made a new home in Atangomdoin, Ibarazu where he enjoyed the desert planet's generally gentle weather, hilly terrain and beautiful beaches. He initially planned on exploring the entire region, but hostile forces from the Sugaikin Boundary tracked down his location. Ezegnegch saw them coming and escaped, but not without watching his new home fall into catastrophe.

As he's being tracked down, he returned to the Sugaikin Boundary. Amidst all the chaos, he looked for a freighter to replace his old one, which was destroyed as he escaped to here. By sheer luck, he encountered a freighter in Ilunbunsum. As the freighter is being bombarded by hostile forces, Ezegnegch rescued it as he mercilessly destroys them. The freighter crew is so thankful for the rescue, they decided to give him control of the freighter FOR FREE. With the freighter rescued, Ezegnegch now has a means of escape. Their goal - GET AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THE SUGAIKIN BOUNDARY! Leave that piece of war-torn rat fecal matter of a region behind to implode and destroy itself without a care.

Eissentam and Hurenima[edit | edit source]

Several years passed by. Massive, untold amounts of resources, consumed. Ezegnegch and his freighter crew have jumped through countless stars. They passed through several galaxies, learning that all of them are different. Hilbert is (information to be updated). Calypso is a raging and hostile galaxy with many devastated stars and planets, caused by the frequent catastrophic natural and cosmological events that plague the galaxy, exacerbated by the hostility of its denizens and the frequent and terrible wars. Budullangr is littering with lots of primeval worlds - dead worlds that seem to be the birth of planets during the early ages of the universe. The journey has taken a toll. The crew is starting to go mad from all the travelling and Ezegnegch's depression becomes worse. When all hope for a respite is lost, they reached Eissentam.

Everyone noticed the galaxy being quite different from the others. The areas of space and stars all have a beautiful, sometimes bizarre glow. Systems seem to be quite at peace. A lot of planets seem to be untouched, flourishing with life they've never seen before. Everyone is awed by the sheer beauty, variety and grandeur of the worlds in this galaxy. With their morale now restored, they searched the galaxy for a place to call home, until the day they die.

Years passed and after a long search, they found a dark void, similar to the one in Afuthro. After surveying the void and its surrounding regions, they noticed there is nothing coming in or out of it. Not even the neighboring regions have connections. They decide to enter the void, discovering that it is not a void, but a really, really black cloud. It is a highly risky decision, as the darkness hides powerful cosmological energy and unusually high amounts of dark matter and dark energy. It put a strain to the freighter and its crew. Ezegnegch is also affected. He and the crew went mad due to an unknown force, but the bond between them kept them together. After months of darkness, they finally saw the light. Amidst the darkness is a region of stars with a blue glimmer of light. It's something they've never seen before - a flourishing region, with life they never knew existed.

They chose a star right at the very center of the region and warped there. They unknowingly went to the capital of the region, Filmurakh. They are met with hostility, mainly because the region NEVER had outsiders as the dark cloud surrounding the region prevents anyone from going in or out. Ezegnegch and his freighter crew reassured them with peace but they were sent to prison anyway. They are put through many trials, but they were proven to be of no harm.

After going through so much pain, suffering and hardship after the devastating Sugaikin War, Ezegnegch and his crew finally found a place they can call home... forever. The Hurenima region as they call it, in the planet Rekopiapostei-5, in the region's capital star, Filmurakh.

Location of the region: Undisclosed. The dark cloud surrounding the region blocks all forms of outside contact, no matter how advanced and powerful the technology is.

Kinderkin Refugee Dispute[edit | edit source]

Ezegnegch's life in Hurenima is a pleasant one. He's quite rich and powerful, with a base in a prime location in Rekopiapostei-5, a racetrack, a successful community farm and a relatively strong influence in the Black Cloud Commonwealth. They even granted him the region's best and most powerful freighter, warship and titan, the Otsunomae Class, built in the Irkjumi system. It seems like he'll be enjoying life here for a very long time, until...

One day, he is tasked to explore and locate all regions surrounding Hurenima. Everything seems to go routinely, until he reached the star Pushofl in the Oujemez region. He is surprised to find Kinderkins living here. However, when they came aboard the freighter, Ezegnegch is shocked. The Kinderkins are used as slaves and workers in various sweatshops with very poor conditions. Ezegnegch rescued them all. Unfortunately, the wealthy and corrupt business magnates of the system went after him. Ezegnegch, with several years of experience as an explorer and battle-hardened elite soldier, destroyed them effortlessly, despite being outnumbered. They then left the system.

The Kinderkin he rescued reports of another large group of refugees in the star Aluxam-Zensh IV in the Enness Shallows. Ezegnegch heads there immediately, finding the next group of Kinderkin all located in the planet Polderze Bambur. The system and the planet are peaceful, but the Kinderkins are not. They suffered from a strange disease called the "Silence Syndrome", a terrible psychological ailment that drives Kinderkins insane due to too much silence. Nearly devolved to the level of grunts, it took a lot of psychological treatment and socializing to get these Kinderkin back in working order. As the rescued Kinderkin got back to their senses, they said the silence of Budullangr drove them to madness. Formerly, they were a large fleet of vessels that escaped their home region, Kukasoo Void, as the Sugaikins are aiming to take over the entire Bulaan-Ezlegch Superregion.

Unfortunately, as the fleet went into Budullangr, they were driven into madness by the galaxy's silence and lack of energy to the point of insanity. As they journeyed to the center, they fought each other in a meaningless insanity-driven war. The moment they reached Kikolgallr, the fleet's over 100 strong titans plus over 600 capital ships are reduced to a mere 6 and 16 respectively, all crippled. However, they're still affected by the insanity caused by Budullangr but they're recovering slowly. Too slowly. Eventually they made it to Eissentam, but only a few of them remained as they still fought each other along the way. Now the fleet is down to 2 and 7 titans and capital ships respectively. As they entered a colorful region of space, something they've never seen before, they split up. One group went to Oujemez while the other went to the Enness Shallows. The survivors then reported the worst news possible - Kukasoo Void has fallen, everyone in the birthplace is dead, and the Kinderkin race is near-extinct.

The news really troubled Ezegnegch, so he decided to immediately return to Hurenima with the refugees. Unfortunately, they were met with great hostility. The leaders refused to shelter such a large number of outsiders. This outraged poor, battle-torn Ezegnegch. After a huge argument and even violent run-ins with the military, he immediately got out the region and left behind all his belongings, but not without taking with him the Otsunomae, some Korvax, Gek, Vy'keen, Traveller and various interracial defectors, and revealing the location of Hurenima in an act of vengeance. He went to Aluxam-Zensh IV, stockpiled resources, and headed for the center.

"Hurenima, no, actually all of Eissentam is boring anyway. It's too heavenly, too lush, too selfish..." says Ezegnegch, in a salty manner.

Leaving Hurenima and Eissentam[edit | edit source]

After journeying to the center of Eissentam, they recahed the Elkupalos Galaxy. It feels somewhat like their home in Euclid, but with a different color. Things here went smoothly as the Kinderkin recovered from their traumas. The journey seems smooth until...

Silent Aptarkaba[edit | edit source]

They reached this galaxy. Aptarkaba is a galaxy similar in nature to Budullangr, being almost completely silent and devoid of energy. The journey is incredibly difficult as the Kinderkin started going insane again. Even Ezegnegch himself is slowly becoming insane, as his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is getting the better of him. It took the help of the Korvax, Gek and Vy'keen defectors to take their leader back from insanity, and they're able to move forward again, though at a snail's pace. While the major three races handled the Otsunomae, Ezegnegch is hard at work to keep the Kinderkins from turning insane. It is a long journey, but they finally made it out of Aptarkaba, reaching Ontiniangp and Odiwagiri. The journey in those two galaxies are smooth sailing for the most part. Then came raging Ogtialabi.

Raging Ogtialabi[edit | edit source]

This galaxy, according to Ezegnegch, is like Calypso. It's as BAD as Shlido-Tiyom and Suyaritut UF925 though on a galactic scale. There is an energy of pure madness and evil that perpetuates through these galaxies, inciting madness and insanity to the molecular level and affecting star systems, planets and moons. Fortunately, the journey here isn't too difficult as Kinderkins know how to defend themselves. With battle-hardened Ezegnegch as commander, they're able to slaughter and destroy their way to the center of this raging hellhole and make it to the center and eventually, to Muhacksonto, then Hitonskyer. As they reached the core of the Hitonskyer Galaxy, they reached Rerasmutul. For the first time in their lives, they get to see what a red galaxy looks like.

Red Heaven Rerasmutul[edit | edit source]

This is when things started becoming better again. Everyone seems to be greeted humorously by the galaxy as one of the Kinderkins hilariously landed her huge exotic ship on top of a tree. Everyone laughed and had a good time. Since that event, everyone had a good feeling about this galaxy. So they warped around aimlessly, going with the flow and just exploring peacefully. Though the galaxy feels like Euclid, there is just something different. Eventually they're able to reach another colorful area of space similar to the one in Hurenima. At first they're worried but they just shrugged off that feeling. Ezegnegch then ordered his scouts to explore the area, again because of a "good feeling". Years passed and countless system explorations later, a scout reports of a planet he claims to be near-perfection. Everyone then heads to where this system is. Initially they're put-off by the obnoxious cyan color, but the moment they landed on the planets and more thoroughly explored the system, they're awestruck at just how beautiful it is, especially the distant desert ocean.

This beautiful green star system will eventually be named Pozzhe, and the beautiful desert ocean world will be named Yitammo Nubeitun. Eventually, a new civilization is born in this system, and it is called the "Eyfert Khannate", named after a nearby region Eyfert. Strange, because they're in The Arm of Pobelar, so shouldn't it be "Pobelar Khannate". Well, they're Kinderkinds. They're childish and unpredictable. You'll never know what they'll do next!

The Universe-Changing Event[edit | edit source]

Under construction.

Reformation of the Eyfert Khannate[edit | edit source]

Under construction.

Information[edit | edit source]

Ezegnegch is one of the richer denizens of the Sugaikinovi Fringe, having a net worth of approximately 2,000,000,000 units. He owns the following:

Base[edit | edit source]

A Stasis Device / Fusion Ignitor farm with living space for Kinderkin is found in the planet Sebaddo Utsus in the Olmasa-Naz system. More details here.

Starships[edit | edit source]

Ship Name Class & Slots (Cargo/Tech) Primary Use Primary Armament(s)
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png DS-7 Atagatana Freighter 34/4
Heavily armed mobile interstellar base 12x Photon Cannon
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Nezaifuni Surveyor X Hauler 48/8
Base construction materials hauler Photon Cannon
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png The Defeat of Death Fighter 38/12
Starship and freighter wrecker Fully upgraded weapons systems
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Isoma of Madness Fighter 38/12
Primary star exploration vessel Fully upgraded Positron Ejector
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png RU7 Sahik Hauler 48/8
Farm goods hauler and processor Photon Cannon
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png Jiedar's Luminous Protector Hauler 48/8
High valuable goods transporter Basic photon cannon
NmsMisc NotAvailable.png QN1 Hyuga Exotic 20/6
Dummy and miscellaneous storage exotic ship Basic photon cannon