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This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

An Elite Army Kinderkin in his uniform. Note the height difference compared to a normal Vy'keen.

The Kinderkin is a race of humanoids that greatly resemble and sound like human children. Colloquially, they're called Space Kids.

History[edit | edit source]

Harsh, humble beginnings[edit | edit source]

The Kinderkin can be traced to their home region in the Kukasoo Void (formerly Kukasoolen), in a lonely star system called Relusuu (formerly Rulusuunaarg), in the planet Eitungiche Lisrus. Their home planet and place of origin is a harsh, unforgiving desert. While there is plenty of life, powerful storms that lay waste to everything in its path give the planet the moniker "The Dead Wastes". Despite the harsh conditions, they are able to adapt to the circumstances and thrive, populating the planet in fairy large numbers.

As their technology grew more advanced, they began colonizing other planets in their system, starting with their planet's moon, Lostaarkivple. The climate of this moon is completely different, having a gentle, lush nature. However, it is full of hostile fauna. This is where they really learn how to hunt and kill.

Time passed by and their technology became advanced enough to build faster-than-light (FTL) travel. But due to the great distance between their star and the nearest one, they still remain isolated as their hyperdrives aren't powerful enough to jump such a distance. After the invention of the Atmosphere Harvester, many breakthroughs were made. Using the gases in their home planet, its moon and a nearby frozen world, they're able to invent their own version of the Stasis Device and Fusion Ignitor, as well as many technologies along the way. Eventually they came up with a way to leave their home system and start exploring. A few decades later, they explored the whole Kukasoolen region.

The formerly poor system of Relusuu has improved, earning a "Fledgling" status. As they open their system's doors to the galaxy, things got even better from there.

The Sugaikinovi Fringe[edit | edit source]

News of a nearby region filled with prosperity and vast riches came. Using this as an opportunity to prosper even more, they migrated down to the Sugaikinovi Fringe. Initially, the beings in the fringe looked down on them, thinking that they're nothing more childish children and biological ticking time bombs due to being vectors of highly virulent and deadly diseases, than an actual race. Racism against the Kinderkin is quite prevalent until Ezegnegch and Bikheer became the region's top explorers. It has decreased since then, as the Sugakin noticed their worth.

Things are going well for the Kinderkin and the Sugaikin until a planned uprising from Zayuguanch VIII caused anarchy and chaos. The "Great Sugaikin Destruction" prompted a diaspora, escaping from the war-torn region. Some Kinderkins like Ezegnegch and Bikheer ended up in different galaxies and parallel universes, with the goal of getting as far away as possible from the area. Some escaped into other civilized spaces like the Galactic Hub, The Galactic Frontier and Vestroga Hub, forming outposts in isolated star systems. They don't get close to the civilization proper because they know they are vectors of disease. Others aren't too lucky. They escaped too soon and not too far, causing them to be hunted down, persecuted and killed. The warpath of the Zayuguanch Anarchists became even stronger, taking over the entire Bulaan-Ezlegch Superregion. With no one to stop their conquest, they seem unstoppable. Soon, the Kinderkin homeworld fell but not without a fight. The Anarchists suffered unexpectedly heavy losses due to Rulusuunaarg's isolation and the extreme weather of their homeworld.

Present[edit | edit source]

Since the fall of the Sugaikinovi Fringe and their homeworld, the Kinderkin are spread out throughout Euclid. Most are found near civilized spaces, usually 2-5 regions away from their zone of control. Some formed small colonies as far away as possible from all civilizations, while some journeyed to other galaxies. A few of them, like Ezegnegch's fledgling civilization, the Eyfert Khannate in Rerasmutul, are so far away, they lost virtually all contact with everyone.

Physical and Mental Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Kinderkins greatly resemble human children. Unlike dwarves and most short demi-human races, they look and sound like human children and are often be mistaken for one. If imagined in-game, a Kinderkin is of the Anomaly race with body type 4, but at 60-80% the height and with the lankiness of body type 3.

Height varies but the normal range is 44-54 inches. The average lifespan ranges from 120-210 earth years depending on the height of the Kinderkin. Despite their short stature, they weigh almost as heavy as humans and require twice more calories (appx. 4000~5000) to survive without feeling hunger.

The gestation period of a Kinderkin is 18 months. Once they are born, they develop and mature as quickly as normal humans but can live for at least twice as long.

Once they're fully mature at around 18-24 years of age, Kinderkins seemingly never age as their appearance doesn't seem to change until their deaths. There is one very clear indicator of their age though - eyebags. The older the Kinderkin, the deeper the eyebags, making them look sleepy and tired. When Kinderkins die, they sleep for eternity.

Kinderkins are physically stronger, tougher and are mentally smarter than humans, as the excess height is relegated to increased bone mass for durability, muscle mass for overall physical prowess and brain power for increased mental alacrity. An average kinderkin can lift 90kg with relative ease. They can "jog" at 12km/h, "run" at 18km/h and sprint at 30km/h, for up to an hour, 15 minutes and 3 minutes respectively before tiring out.

Their internal body immunity is so powerful, all ailments related are virtually non-existent even in the elderly. However, skin diseases like skin cancer (due to their extreme desert homeworld) are quite common but are always non-fatal. Their strong immune system however, makes them notorious for being asymptomatic carriers of disease.

They also have significantly better senses as their sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing and more are enhanced. All Kinderkins have a "Sixth Sense", seeing and feeling things (e.g. The Paranormal, seeing sound, etc.) most humans can't.

The average Kinderkin's body is tough enough to be virtually unscathed from endless barrages of lasers, bullets, grenades and whatnot from standard-fare or unupgraded Multi-tools and equivalent weapons. It is also is hardy enough to effortlessly survive non-extreme biomes and climates without the help of an Exosuit's Hazard Protection. However, if their tough shell is broken by things like more powerful multi-tools and weapons, or harsher climates, they receive more damage than an average human. Their greatly increased durability has trade-offs after all: SIGNIFICANTLY lowered pain tolerance as a result of their enhanced senses (pain is a sensation after all) and very slow recovery from injuries.

While humans have an average IQ range of around 70~130, Kinderkins by comparison have an average IQ range of 105~180, with most of the population hovering at around 135. Despite their high IQ, most of their brain power is geared for emotional intelligence. This makes the average Kinderkin adept at reading facial and body language. Combined with their better senses, they can easily read anyone, regardless of race. Their increased mental prowess and emotional intelligence makes them a very susceptible to mental-related illnesses though.

Culture and Disposition[edit | edit source]

Kinderkins are intelligent, highly curious and pacifist social beings with a child-like (more like childish) disposition and outlook on life. Despite these, they're not to be trifled with as they are also fierce warriors, having adapted to the extreme and unforgiving conditions of their worlds. They greatly value freedom and exploration almost to the point of obsession. Anyone and anything that gets in the way are sure to be dealt with in the worst possible way. While they loathe fighting, they won't hesitate to do so if their kind is in real danger, setting aside all trifles among them. They are also infamously cold and unforgiving towards their enemies, preferring to completely and mercilessly annihilate them to extinction rather than having to deal with them again later on. They can harbor a grudge (often childish) and for them, revenge is a best dish served cold. However, get on their good side and they'll be one of the most loyal of comrades.

They are highly social. If a Kinderkin is left in isolation or is exposed to dead energy (e.g. being in a dead planet or in an ancestral galaxy like Budullangr) for extended periods of time, they will become increasingly and dangerously insane.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Almost universally, the religion Kinderkins worship is Rakkunism. This bizarre, violent religion involves physically, mentally and emotionally abusing and harming their deity for luck, health, wealth and prosperity. They believe that their deity, the immortal "Rakkun", converts evil and negative energy to good and positive energy. By unleashing all their stress, worries and ill-will on him, their negativity will be converted to positivity, resulting in a better future.

Unbelievably enough, the deity is said to be ALIVE and is currently in the Eyfert Khannate's garbage dump system.

Language[edit | edit source]

The language of the Kinderkin is 'ata. It is written in the Baein Script. The examples below are romanized text.

Notice: I'm still wondering whether to base the Kinderkin language on Lazy Tagalog or Google-Translate Mongolian.

Alcohol and Drugs[edit | edit source]

Kinderkins are known to binge on alcohol and drugs after a long day at work. They have a weird chemical fascination of some sorts. They have a high tolerance to all forms of substance abuse. On almost, if not all Kinderkin settlements, regardless of wealth, there is at least a liquor tower dispenser at their mess hall. Usually it's a powerful liquor with at least 70% Alcohol content. There are multiple caches of a seemingly endless variety of drug paraphernalia in storage, usually in various forms of Cargo Drops. Drug consumption is legal in all Kinderkin communities, even in the Eyfert Khannate. They say it is a sign of respect to snort each other's powdery substances, most notably Bluefrat and Protagonistin.

Despite all that, consumption of Bilgesmoke is frowned upon and illegal. While Bilgesmoke slowly progresses into Emphysema in humans, they cause deadly chronic lung diseases in Kinderkins, progressing quickly and killing in just a matter of days. Permanent damage due to "Bilgesmoke" is almost guaranteed after smoking just one pack.

Height[edit | edit source]

There is a complex hierarchy within these (questionably) playful beings especially when it comes to height. The shorter the Kinderkin, the more powerful and revered, as they tend to be more powerful and mentally capable. Too short however (less than 36 inches or 3 feet), and things can turn ugly. Even they have dwarfism. Tall ones are treated with disdain, especially those unlucky enough to grow taller than 56 inches (4 feet, 8 inches).

A unique form of racism called Heightism is prevalent among the Kinderkin. Color is a non-issue, as a dark-skinned kinderkin will get along just fine with light-skinned and brown-skinned ones. When it comes to height though, the shorter ones always look up on the taller ones. Kinderkins taller than 56 inches are either cast out of society or are slaves. If these "tall" Kinderkins are of no use, they're sent out of their "Goffre" (Their version of the longhouse), forced to survive and in most cases, perish in the harsh climates of their worlds.

Preferences[edit | edit source]

While Kinderkins seem social, jovial and childish beings, they are isolationist in nature. They'd rather be in company with their own race than with others. If they get comfortable with another race, they'll have no problems mingling with them.

They are attracted to heat and they adore the color red. They hate the cold, isolation and especially sticky things (males in particular), resulting in an aversion to cold, dead and toxic worlds.

Star Systems[edit | edit source]

The nearest system from here is 113 light years away, making it a rogue star.

Kinderkins have a tendency to go for non-yellow rogue stars, isolated systems or are of great distance to their parent region as their home is a rogue star. They are defined as any star system that is over 105 light years away from the nearest star system. If there are no rogue stars nearby, they'll head for unpopulated areas as far away from all civilized spaces as possible, even going to another galaxy if they see fit.

Kinderkins who aspire wealth or are obliged to bring wealth for the race tend to go for certain star systems that has at least 3 planets or moons that have Radon, Sulphurine and Nitrogen within the same system, as their home system contains a desert planet (Sulphurine), lush moon (Nitrogen) and frozen world (Radon).

Civilizations are usually at least 12 stars in size (home system, 3-way trade route, 4-way trade route, port system, Black hole, Atlas Interface, Garbage Dump, plus other notable systems if there are any) and built around a home system they deem suitable, with specific conditions required. This used to be a near-perfect system like Pozzhe, but since their discovery of a new source of Units, Trading, their conditions have eased.

Planets[edit | edit source]

Kinderkins LOVE powerful and violent sand blizzards like this one.

Kinderkins are attracted to planets that are large in size in contrast to their small stature. This is due to their love for exploration and wanderlust. They much prefer large extreme desert planets and will go to great lengths to find the perfect large extreme desert planet. If they can't find any desert planet, they'll happily settle for lush, irradiated or scorched worlds until they found one. Their reasons for choosing such a planet, aside from really missing their destroyed homeworld, are mostly cultural and security.

Their homeworld is a harsh and unforgiving desert. They believe that adapting to such a dangerous planet with extreme weather and wild temperature swings have made them some of the toughest and most hardy races out there. Second is security. Because they are so well adapted to planetary extremes, they have a great combat advantage against enemies, especially if it is an extreme desert. Their homeworld is the very last to fall when the Anarchist Sugaikins conquered the Kukasoo Void, where countless invaders perished in what is called "The Great Battle of Relusuu". The enemy suffered the greatest loss of life trying to conquer just one single extreme desert planet.

Goffre[edit | edit source]

A Goffre by the mountains of Eitungiche Lisrus. This one belongs to a wealthy tribe
Inside the Goffre in the picture above. A dining room with liquor dispensers.

Kinderkin socieites are mainly small tribes of at least 8 that live in longhouses called Goffres. They have everything needed for a tribe to function and live for extended periods of time. The style of Goffres vary from tribe to tribe but they always have some elements in common. The features are:

  • At least 16 farm plots to grow their food.
  • At least 4 storage containers.
  • Living spaces for the inhabitants.
  • A dining hall and a kitchen.
  • An indoor space for a variety of activites.
  • A productivity area where they work to earn Units.
  • A Colossus for transportation and cargo.

Wealtheir tribes can have better Goffres, usually with added amenities like the following:

  • At least 1 Landing Pad.
  • In addition to a Colossus, a Roamer and a Nomad.
  • Biodomes
  • All-around surveillance.
  • Slaves, guards and employees from other tribes and star systems.
  • Prime realestate, such as close proximity to Trading Posts.

Notable Kinderkin[edit | edit source]

  • Ezegnegch, former Capital Triangle Ambassador and former covert explorer of the Black Cloud Commonwealth. He is the cause of the downfall of the Commonwealth, revealing their secret region to everyone. Currently the founder and leader of the Eyfert Khannate, a fledgling civilized space in Rerasmutul.
  • Bikheer, Ezegnegch's best friend and apprentice. Formerly a resident in the Sugaikinovi Fringe in the Survival dimension. Currently having a peaceful time in HUB10-44 Masaoka-Olney in the Normal dimension. He is most likely, the first kinderkin to achieve inter-dimensional travel (not possible in-game of course). Like the Travellers and NPCs in the Artemis storyline, he is also experiencing glitches and aberrations. Should things get worse, he'll likely move elsewhere.
  • Rakugaki, an exiled, thrown away orphan Kinderkin. He is unfortunate enough to grow to a height of 5 feet and 1 inches (61 inches), making him the tallest Kinderkin on record. He has been through so much pain and suffering, making him very sensitve, ugly crying and breaking down quite easily. But beyond his tears is an unwavering determination that keeps him alive even if the odds are stacked against him. After hearing rumors of an emerging civilization in a faraway galaxy, he embarks on a lonely quest to find it. It is later revealed that he is the immortal deity of their violent religion Rakkunism. He is forcibly removed from his home against his own will and is dumped at the Eyfert Khannate's Garbage Dump system Nisiyskoid, where he is revered by being endlessly abused and mistreated in countless and horrifying ways no human can ever conceive or imagine.
  • Namanchildaggui, one of Ezegnegch's students. His name alone stirs fear into the hearts and minds of many Kinderkins as it translates to no repentance. He is a highly talented, very capable and utterly merciless soldier, known for the destruction of countless sentinels and the deaths of the most powerful and wanted criminals. Rumor has it that he alone transformed a PPAP-infested planet into a paradise. He is the very first member of the Eyfert Khannate Elite Army, having survived the ten stages of death. A trade route is named in his honor. Despite his great power and ruthlessness, he hides a soft side that very few people know. And it is quite adorable.