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Gender Male
Temperament Feisty
Diet Blood of Gek
Height 2 m
Weight 100 kg
Genus Vy'keen
Planet NewHubOrder Crazy Wolf
Platform PS4
Mode Normal
Release Atlas Rises

RagnarTheBat is the founder of The New Hub Order, a civilization in No Man's Sky.

The Life of[edit | edit source]

RagnarTheBat, a wild Explorer deeply rooted in the ancient religions, became unhappy with Euclid and the normalcy of the galaxy. He needed a challenge, a goal, he wanted to explore.

Through a grueling distance, he found his way to the 7th Galaxy Budullangr, and eventually moved to the Core. He pressed the limits, searched the corners and went madd out there alone deep in this galaxy. He pressed his luck and got so close to the Core he charred his exosuit...

His Spirit was met with lightning, his bold Viking-like beard smelled of the fire, he touched the Star but the damage was real. Reeling from his wounds he become disorientated and dropped into a deep hypnotic trance; he had The Vision. He dreamed of a glorious Region at the Core, a place where wild travelers from all over could call home, a place of freedom, a place that is nowhere near normal. From this vision The New Hub Order was born; the Budullangr Hub was begun.

Hail Valhalla[edit | edit source]

Ragnar's Base

In the early days Ragnar found and helped many travellers; one was a small energetic company GenBra Space Corp that quickly began to work with The New Hub Order discovering the vast space around the new Capital, Valhalla. They worked side by side for some time but soon it became apparent that the Core had burned too deep into Ragnar.

His once great exosuit was now worn and failing. The powerful become weak, the young become old, and our great founder became dust. His funeral pyre was a bright burning light that reflected off his home planet's waters for weeks.

Ragnar's Base remains on a lush water world. His Farm provides a dream-like view and 16+ Circuit Boards.

ReBirth[edit | edit source]

The loss created a hole in The New Hub Order; thru sheer need GenBra Space Corp took up the reins and to this day still leads the charge for a greater Hub at the Core of Budullangr.

Gallery[edit | edit source]