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This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Fanfiction written by SladeBraddock

This story is part of the Empire of Pirates and Independent Cartels (EPIC).

Blackbeard Lives![edit | edit source]


Edward sighed deeply and gazed out the window of the Space station at the Queen Anne's Revenge. He was again -albeit momentarily- struck by the sheer enormity of her... and of SPACE. But she was a beauty literally like no other; she was custom built to his personal taste. Oh, she wasn't the same ship he had scuttled in the inlet off Ocracoke Island in America- on EARTH... No, THAT ship would never set sail again. Too bad. THAT ship had been the best all-around vessel he'd ever sailed on, much less commanded. She was his life, his love, and his future. Until the DEAL. Until the Traveller.

The Traveller[edit | edit source]

It had taken months to recover, even with the Traveller's "help". Coupled with having been wounded enough times by the sword to kill a normal man, the five musket balls he'd taken at Ocracoke had proven a near match for even the Traveller's ministrations. He'd pulled through, though, to the Traveller's great delight, and Edward's shame.

Shame, because he knew he owed his life to someone (thing?) he did not know, or trust. Gods, he didn't even know whether the Traveller was human, demon or god. He'd suspected the latter, at first. He'd been on the deck of that devil Maynard's 'Jane', fighting for his life, and losing it, rapidly. The next moment he could recall he was gaining consciousness and wincing at the light. In pain, but alive. And he knew he shouldn't be. Still, a 'god' the Traveller could not be, or why would he have needed all the machinery he'd used to bring Edward back to the light. And if he were a god, he would certainly not need Edward's help. That left demon or human. Somehow, Edward knew 'demon' wasn't accurate either.

Here be Aliens[edit | edit source]

Something in the way the Traveller had spoken to, and dealt with him during his convalescence had shown that. And something else; there was a fourth option given him since those first days of his recovery. ALIEN. He'd never heard the word as a noun before, only as describing something unnatural or out of place. The strange suit the Traveller wore revealed nothing but a vague humanoid shape which could hide anything. And he'd seen no humans for the months he'd been here on this station. Of the three alien races he'd encountered, only one -Korvax- could have fit into the suit the Traveller wore. And the Korvax have no need of clothes. He spoke English,(though not the Queen's); and he and Edward had been able to communicate quite well after some initial difficulty.

By the time Edward had concluded the Traveller was human, it had become irrelevant. Things had moved swiftly once they'd begun communicating in earnest. Edward had been in shock the first few weeks of his consciousness; there'd been an endless stream of doctors and techs going to and from his room constantly checking vitals, pressures and levels of things Edward could only guess wildly at. All to keep him alive. He, Edward Teach. As if he wanted to be. He glanced again through the window and couldn't help but boggle again at the sight of her. All his. As part of the Deal.

Invoking the code[edit | edit source]

The Traveller had been amply prepared for however the recent events would have transpired; Edward's probable death was the most expected outcome, and would easily have been the most difficult for him to have processed. But Edward's physical and subsequent mental / emotional recoveries had allayed those initial concerns. The next greatest test the Traveller had faced was whether or not Blackbeard would Parley; would he honor the Pirate Code? The Traveller's guess had been correct there: after Edward's initial shock at hearing the Traveller invoke the Code, he had then recognized his indentured status and had put himself at the Traveller's service. Indeed what choice had he? The Traveller, knowing his Client very well (and himself being extraordinarily wealthy) was well aware he could not hold Edward for long, even with the Pirate Code invoked; and had wasted no time or expense in outfitting for Edward what was likely the fastest, most powerful Capital Warship ever seen in the Galaxy. Edward would need every advantage the Traveller could give him- because what the Traveller needed Edward to do had never been done before: steal the Heart of the Sun.

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