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Part 1: The beginning of the Empire Of Jatriwil[edit | edit source]

As I looked upon the stars I realised how lucky we all were to be living here in this dream like, mirage of a place. The planet of Jatriwil was a beautiful planet. Blue skies, blues seas, dinosaurs and a temperate climate that others were jealous of. I scrunched my jacket up and used it as a pillow so that I could stare up at the blanket of stars above. I thought of the eons of lives that have existed and are yet to exist in this infinite universe. This was a somewhat comforting thought. I thought of how each of them had their story, yet only some were known. Little did I know at the time that this was the beginning of my story and what led to the rise of the Empire of Jatriwil, the endless war and the destruction of the Vestroga Nebula.

“Ca-Cow”, “Ca-Cow” cried out the Gekaowl, “Ca-Cow”, “Ca-Cow”. It was persistent this morning. “Why, why did I buy the thing? An alarm clock would have sufficed”. I knew the answer though. As a farmer it was the tradition to have a Gekaowl (stupid tradition is what I truly thought). I always felt devastated when it was time to wake up and begin the day. It felt like a wave crashing over the shore. I stood up, yawned loudly, farted proudly and stretched like a diplo who was reaching for the freshest leaves on the tops of the trees. I was up, alert and awake. A dawning realisation then hit me. Today was the festival of the Atlas!

In years gone by I just used to turn up to the festival of the Atlas and enjoy all the ongoing festivities. This year was different. I had recently been made the lead of agriculture by the ambassadors and so called leaders of the Vestroga hub. When I was asked it was a moment of shock and awe. All the hard work as a simple circuit board farmer had paid off and it was finally my moment in the planet of Jatriwil’s history. I took the job on proudly and carried it out, as always, in a professional way. My friends even used to say I looked as proud as a Vykapig rolling around in coprite. I took this as a compliment. The Vykapigs’ always looked really ecstatic.

Being in charge of the festival of the Atlas was difficult. Many arguments ensued and it tested every bit of diplomacy we had as a collective. Of all the things, decoration colour was the most ridiculous thing that we argued over. Eventually we got there with all the major decisions agreed and we rolled out our plan. The town was decorated, bonfires made, guys were made for the bonfires, food, drinks, fireworks etc etc the list went on and on. The town looked great. Not to toot my own horn but I believe it could have been the best festival of the Atlas ever. Alas, this was not to happen. I turned on the TV and the news shook me to the core. That’s when I heard the first explosion. “No”, I thought, “this can’t be happening, not today”. Another explosion went off and I was knocked to the ground. The world appeared to be swirling. I tried to stand up but collapsed. It suddenly went dark……………

Part 2:- The rise of an ancient Empire[edit | edit source]

I awoke. An excruciating pain was going through every fibre in my body. The taste of iron in my mouth indicated I had been injured badly. I felt immense pressure on top of me. I opened my eyes when the pain subsided a little and saw a large part of a tree had conveniently picked me as it’s cushion. My breath was becoming shallow as my panic set in. The weight on top of me was crushing me and I knew this is a dangerous predicament to be in. I took a deep breath with all of my remaining energy and shouted “Help, Help, somebody please help”. I began to self pity and think to myself ‘Is this it? Is this the way I go out?’. Suddenly, two fellow citizens arrived and managed, with all of their might, to lift the heavy, twisted tree off of me. As soon as the weight was off of me I writhed side to side in excruciating agony. It was a pain unlike any I had experienced before. I thanked the two citizens who helped me and they offered me some water, which I gulped down very quickly. I was beginning to catch my breath and the pain was subsiding ever so slightly. At this juncture I took my opportunity to ask them “What the hell has happened?”.

The two fellow citizens explained to me all that they knew and what had led to this happening. To surmise, the ambassadors of Vestroga had greater ideas than their capabilities. An idea of grandeur that had now cost their citizens everything. This was the ambassadors downfall! Thousands of innocent souls have been lost and for what? The leaders of Vestroga had betrayed us all, hiding their true intentions by pulling the wool over the eyes of every citizen. As the head of agriculture I felt angry and aggravated about this. The secret training I had received many moons ago came to the forefront of my thoughts. I had hoped this moment would never have arrived on my doorstep; however, the fates had decided otherwise.

The cover I had used for many moons now had to go. I had portrayed myself as a simple circuit board farmer who knew no more than needed. The cover had been put in place for a far greater ruse. I am the Heir to the ancient Empire of Jatriwil throne!

The Empire of Jatriwil is an ancient Empire that had long been forgotten throughout the Universe. The Empire was chased from pillar to post after the successes of our glorious Empire. We controlled vast regions of space and had many wars. This led to the resentment from other civilisations and the collapse of our Empire had begun! The propaganda machine at that time is what led to me being here now. It helped the heirs escape and this led to our settlement in the Vestroga nebula where generations of my ancestors hid their true identities. Unfortunately, I now had to break my cover and the Rise of The Ancient Empire of Jatriwil had begun. I was the leader and it was time to gather the troops.

“To rule, to rule this Empire”. The magnitude hadn’t quite sunk in yet. Centuries had passed since we had existed, especially as a mighty force. “There is no turning back now” I thought. “We need a plan of retaliation and we need to teach the Hovan Empire that no Empire is untouchable”. They will see I thought, they will see!

Part 3:- The tedium of politics[edit | edit source]

In the background the Vestroga war was raging on with the ferocity of a great storm. The Galactic Empire of Hova were gaining systems with little to no resistance; they were steam rolling their way to the spoils of the Vestroga Hub. It was humiliating to watch as their hub was crumbling at its foundations. The Vestroga ambassadors were being outfoxed in every tactical decision they made. Suddenly, the dial in my ship flashed up. It was the comms indicating a call was incoming. I had gone off in my ship to reflect and now I’m being interrupted by an unexpected call. This didn’t please me in any way. After I thought about ignoring the call, something instinctive told me to answer. I answered. “Hello” I said, but to no response. “Hello, is anyone there?” I snapped. All I could hear was static, but suddenly a hazy voice asked “Have you seen……..?” “Seen what?” I impatiently said. “Have you seen that you have been given an ambassadorial role in the Vestroga hub? Hahaha”. The signal went and silence crept back into my ship. I thought that this surely couldn’t be possible, could it?

I was completely dumbfounded by this news. I had literally been handed a poisoned chalice. To me this was the Vestroga ambassadors admitting their failings and ultimately, their defeat. “Thanks a lot” I muttered to myself. This situation I had never anticipated. To be the leader of the Empire of Jatriwil and a Vestroga Hub ambassador was beyond complicated. It was a unique situation and I immediately summoned the council of Jatriwil. Many things had to be spoken of.

The following day everyone arrived for the council meeting. Everything was explained and fierce debates began. Alliances nearly crumbled during these discussions but the greater goal managed to prevail and sense began to clear the clouds of misjudgement. The focus of these discussions had been what is the best approach to take at this juncture? Eventually, we voted and agreed on trying to find a civil outcome and nip this war in the bud. This was when I, the leader of the Empire of Jatriwil and Ambassador of the poisoned Chalice (aka Vestroga Ambassador) made an announcement to the federation. The announcement was as follows:-

Vestroga Hub - Federation Exit.[edit | edit source]

“I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a fruitless task. It’s evidently clear that the situation is beyond repair.”

“I’ve not spoken with the ambassador/former ambassador regarding what I’m about to say. I very much doubt that the founders will stand down as Vestroga Hub board members. With great disappointment, I am announcing that the Vestroga Hub will be leaving the federation. Again, I have not spoken to the founders but, in my eyes, there is no other option!”

This statement went down like a lead balloon with the founders of the Vestroga Hub and because of this, I immediately resigned as a Vestroga ambassador. This led to desperate attempts to make me the leader of the Vestroga Hub. However, The Empire of Jatriwil had already risen from Vestroga’s thick, smoky ashes. Justice was the focus of Jatriwil now and providing a safe haven for the refugees of the Vestroga war.

After this debacle, I again summoned the council of Jatriwil, with some of out closest allies also attending the meeting. Plans needed to be put into place for what was to come. One of out “closest allies”, The Empire of the Dead Moons, willingly shared all of their technology with us because of their hunger for war. This was their biggest mistake! Their citizens had long forgotten the wars that had taken place between our empires; however, the texts in the vault of Jatriwil kept these truths in our memories. Where the Empire of the Dead Moons had forgotten, we had not! Our approach was simple. We acted calmly, shared our technology (ours to a minimal degree) and continued discussing important issues. Our scientists were busy harnessing and improving their designs to achieve weapons with ultimate destructive power. Once our scientists were happy they had achieved this and they were safe to be used, the Empire of Jatriwil launched ‘Operation Adder’. This would become known as the destruction of Plutus or, in layman's terms, the destruction of the Empire of the Dead Moons! Our preparation war for what was to come.

Part 4:- Operation Adder[edit | edit source]

The shadow crept along the planets surface silently. It’s tip gradually approached the horizon in a swift, stealthy manner. Captain Kegor used a militarised sign language with the troops to indicate that the target was in sight and approaching fast. They grabbed their kits and prepared for the immediate dispatch to the enemy surface. The stealth combat ship eerily crept into position, like a trapdoor spider waiting to pounce on it’s unsuspecting prey. Again, Captain Kegor signed to the troops. 3,2,1…..the hatches instantaneously opened and the troops vacated the ship. This was simultaneously happening above the planet in many locations: the Phoenix legions had been deployed!

Once the legions had landed, no mercy was shown! The Empire of the Dead Moons had long been an enemy of the Empire of Jatriwil. The iron was hot and this was the perfect opportunity to end this saga in our history. A new chapter could begin after this! The legions swiftly moved along using the technology that had been shared by the Empire of the Dead Moons against them. Eventually the legions reached their capital. After a brutal and destructive battle, their defensive lines collapsed and the legions broke through like a mining beam dismantling a heridium deposit. Once through, the legions made their way to the parliament and royal buildings. All were captured and were now in the custody of the Empire of Jatriwil. Once this had been confirmed and all prisoners had been accounted for, a flare was shot up into the smoking grey sky. This was a signal to the rest of the war ships in this system.

Each ships captain instructed their crew to press the purple button. This was to indicate all ships were ready. An alarm triggered on the Jatriwil command ship. The crew knew what to do. A signal was sent from command to every Jatriwil warship lying in wait in all enemy territory. No system or planet was safe. ‘LAUNCH, LAUNCH, LAUNCH’ was the message to the rest of these ships.

The fighting was relentless and went on for many weeks. Jatriwil continued to bomb every enemy system and purge the planets, many of which were turned into complete nuclear wastelands with everything reduced to nothing. Eventually all systems were destroyed but there was a high loss of troops in this process.

A successful war against an old enemy had been fought and won! The former capital system and planet of the former Empire of the Dead Moons was now the Empire of Jatriwil’s mass prison system. All enemies of Jatriwil will be sent to this system. Their royalty and parliament would spend the rest of their days here; their lineage will end here and the Empire of the Dead Moons will finally be no more!

Operation Adder was a success and confidence was high, however, the Endless war was quickly approaching on the horizon.

Part 5:- Finale; The Arrival of the Endless War![edit | edit source]

“It’s over, it’s over!!” Loud shouts reverberated around the narrow streets and could be heard in the distance with fireworks going off. “They’ve been defeated! Vestroga is no more!” The shock wave of celebratory joy could be felt in the atmosphere. The people were happy with this, however, I was not! I thought to myself “This is a fallacy and soon they’ll be regretting this if no course of action is taken”. Our duty and my duty is to now defend the innocent refugees of the Vestroga war and secure them under the wing of the Jatriwil Phoenix.

Unfortunately, the Vestroga War had ended much quicker than anticipated and it’s full collapse, although expected, had caught The Empire of Jatriwil off guard. A full meeting of the council of Jatriwil was called and it’s emphasis couldn’t have been more apparent.

When I arrived at the meeting room it took my breath away. The room was lit brightly with what felt like a thousand candles and the walls were dancing in beautiful, flickering symmetry each time a slight breeze touched the flame of the candles. In moments as important as these, everything must be appreciated and admired, for this may be the last time I witnessed beauty like this. The underlying tone was hard to shake though. Our Empire’s future was at stake and a structured course of action must now be sought and agreed upon.

Intelligence had been discussed by the council regarding a post war agreement. This agreement, which the Empire of Jatriwil refused to acknowledge, gave full control of the Vestroga Nebula to the Empire of Hova. We laughed about this in the meeting. I mean, how can an Empire with no affiliation in the Delta quadrant have a claim here? This was a definite no no!!

As a council we discussed our options for many, many days. Different approaches were deliberated and discussed. Votes were taken, ideas rejected and new ideas voted for. It was a painful process but one that needed to happen to reach the correct course of action. Eventually an agreement was reached; this was to announce ourselves to the Federation. We’d already destroyed an old Empire in operation Adder and our confidence was at an all time peak. We, The Empire of Jatriwil, announced our return and this was our opening gambit; “Out of the Ashes of the Vestroga Hub rises the Empire of Jatriwil”

At this juncture, King Hova himself wished our Empire the best. For that we had much respect; but the Endless wars course had already been plotted and there was no turning back now! The Delta quadrants fate had been set!

After our announcement I took the opportunity to go for one last walk on Demeter. Once I reached the edge of the cliff above my circuit board farm I sat down. A strong breeze was coming in from the sea and the salt could be smelt in the air. I looked out to the horizon and it looked to be infinite. This view always took my breath away and I took this moment to ponder about life’s greatest mysteries. Suddenly I heard a loud roar from behind me. It was a large triceratops that wanted to let me know of it’s presence. I thought this will probably be the last time I see one of these magnificent animals. I once again stared out to the horizon and took it all in; for tomorrow would begin the biggest war the Euclid Galaxy had ever known.

The following day our operations began and we gave an update from our Empire. It was as follows:-

“Today, ten Phoenix legions of the Empire of Jatriwil have liberated ten systems in the Vestroga Nebula. This mission was successful and these systems are for the refugees who lost everything during the Vestroga War. These systems will be protected by the Empire of Jatriwil and six Phoenix legions have been left in tactical outposts to ensure peace and prosperity in the region. Safe travels interlopers”.

This was the statement that received the response that was expected. The Endless war had now begun in the Delta quadrant and the shape of the Euclid Galaxy would never be the same again!

These are the events that led to the rise of our Empire and what led to the Endless war; shaping the Delta quadrant as we now know it!

Thanks for reading. Safe travels Interlopers :)

50 Years after the end of the Endless War, the Emperor falls![edit | edit source]

I stood at the cenotaph looking at the memorial for the Endless war and the war against the Solarion Imperium. I couldn't believe fifty years had passed since the end of these wars. The loss of every soul was always in my thoughts and the guilt of sending our soldiers into these situations had always stayed with me. I paid my respects by lying down a wreath, bowed my head and shed a tear. I looked at my son's and thought that they were now at the age where they would have fought in these wars and that thought scared me. Once our respects had been made, we took a slow walk back to the Empire's grand palace of Jatriwil.

Once back at the palace, I saw that the grand banquet had been set in place ready for honorary military guests and their families to celebrate their ongoing loyalty to the Empire of Jatriwil. This triggered a memory I'd not had for such a long time. I thought about the festival I had been in charge of and the grand celebration we had planned. Then, all hell broke loose with the beginning of the Vestroga war. I then thought about the triceratops that used to roam near my farm and the coast. “That planet was truly beautiful” I said to myself.

The banquet was fairly standard. Lots of food, drink and laughter. My focus however was not on the banquet! It was on my old home system of Demeter. I needed to go back for one last time before I was no longer able to. The thought of returning made me smile. I may finally get to see one of the triceratops again.

After many weeks of planning and organisation, the ships were ready for departure and my return to Demeter was nearly under way. This would be a long journey, over 900,000ly were ahead of us. We had tried to portal in beforehand so this journey didn't have to be made but for some unknown reason the portal on Demeter's side wouldn't work? If only Dr Vongekyvor was still alive, he would have known the solution to this.

Jubilant crowds turned up to wave us off. You could smell the roasted hazelnuts, the wine and see the sheer pride on the people's faces. The people had always supported the Empire and as leader I have always appreciated this and tried to lead them as best I could. The ships began to slowly rise and we waved to the crowds. Then the pulse engine kicked in and we were in orbit.

Sometime later…...

The journey was nearly over and my excitement level was rising. We had stopped to see some other particular points of interest during our journey which was good fun, but this was special. The pilot then came over the comms and said “One more warp jump until our arrival to the system of Demeter”. My mind quickly went to the farm, the triceratops and the beautiful sea. “I'm nearly home” I said to myself, “I'm nearly home”.

The ship burst out of warp drive and arrived in Demeter. I looked out of the window but it wasn't what I had expected. I said to my son “Are they sure this is Demeter? It's not how I remember it”. He told me he would go and find out. I again looked out of the window and I was completely perplexed. My son came back and said “The Captain is 100% sure this is Demeter. The coordinates and chartered space maps all match”. “Oh” I sighed. “We best get to the planet of Jatriwil then. Ask the Captain to take us to my old circuit board farm”. My son nodded and went to ask the Captain.

In a private moment I wondered if the radiation from the Endless war had now fully seeped into every system in Vestroga and the immediate surrounding areas? “This is the only explanation” I thought. This isn't the Demeter I remember!

My son came back and said “Buckle up, they're about to head towards Jatriwil”. I nodded and put the seat belt on. The ship turned towards Jatriwil. The ship began initiating pulse drives. 5…..4….3...2..1, but in that moment an almighty smash occurred. The ship began to spin around violently. We had been hit by something big. We were just inside the gravitational pull of the planet and we were spinning uncontrollably towards it. The speed was intense and then, it went dark……………...

I awoke in agonising pain. I tried to look around but I couldn't. My eyes were swollen badly. The taste of blood was stronger than when I was pinned under that tree during the onset of the Vestroga war. I could move my legs but only one of my arms. I moved my left arm to reach over and I was shocked by what I had found. My right arm had been cleanly ripped off! As soon as I realised that I fainted with shock.

I'm not sure how long I was out for but I awoke again. I pursued through the pain to stand up and reached for the first aid kit I kept on my belt. I sprayed a chemical solution that cauterised and sealed the wound. It also helped alleviate some of the pain. My eyes were less swollen and I could see from one of them. The other was just a big blur. I looked around but didn't recognise the location. “It all looks radioactive” I said loudly and in an annoyed tone. “What do I do now?”

The buzzer then went off on my belt. My son had contacted me through the emergency buzzer kept in my shirt pocket at all times. The message said he was alive and okay but had some injuries. Some of the crew had perished he also noted. He sent me his coordinates and I put them into my buzzer. My face dropped. He's on the other side of this world. I hoped they had sent out a distress signal for our rescue. All I knew is I had to get back to him at any cost.

After about a week I felt strong enough to begin my journey. I had eaten insects to build myself back up. This was made very awkward by only having one arm now. I kept joking that I'd been dealt a bad hand. This kept my spirits up. I had enough insects stored to last me a while. I tried not to think about the radioactive effects. I grabbed what I thought would be useful and started my journey.

I walked and walked and walked. Jatriwil was no longer a lush planet with beautiful seas and mountains. It was a radioactive cesspit that I had helped create during the Endless war. “Why were we all so foolish to use this type of weaponry?” I kept moving as fast I could physically go. On day four of my journey I stumbled across an abandoned building. I wondered if any supplies remained within?

I walked slowly and steadily through the entrance on the left. I looked around the facility and took items I thought would be helpful. There was some food and water and I decided to set up camp for tonight. After I had eaten I took out the emergency buzzer and messaged my son. It read: “I'm on my way back to you. I hope you're safe and your injuries are healing. I shall see you soon. All my love”. Once I had sent this I settled down for the night.

It was a really broken sleep. There was so much rustling and movement during the night that it was disconcerting. Once the morning arrived I was really glad that I could leave this place. I collected my items and headed out of the door on the right.

As I walked out I could hear a humming sound. “What is that?” I said to myself. I followed the sound and I eventually arrived at a weird mound structure. Then it dawned on me. 'A whispering egg'. I had heard about these and the monstrosities they spawned. I carefully stepped over the first egg. Phew I thought. A loud bang sounded from behind me. I was startled and tried to run but tripped and landed on another egg. The egg began rolling away. A rumbling noise suddenly sounded and about ten monstrosities jumped out of the Earth. I was trapped!

The loud bang happened again. It turned out to be a loose bit of metal banging against the building. I was surrounded. I had a missing arm and no multitool. “This is it” I said. I accepted my inevitable fate. I looked at the monstrosities that had circled me. Saliva dripping from their horrendous mouths. I smirked, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I opened my eyes and ran towards them shouting at the top of my voice “JATRIWIL, JATRIWIL, JATRIWIL”.......................

Eventually the search party found the emergency buzzer with the messages and footage of the events. They also found what remained.