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On The Gopohuat X page you changed "Mold" to "Mould" and in game its "MOLD".

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Since this is a British-created game, we use the British spellings as our standard choice. That eliminates confusion as to which page may show what.

Check the last section of the No Mans Sky Wiki:Explained - General Rules page. Thanks!

Avatar for Gb0721

Okay, a non-issue from this point on and thank you for clarifying.

Avatar for Ddfairchild

Glad to assist. There are a couple of those "No Mans Sky Wike Explained" articles on the Community Portal page. Worth a quick scan just to get the lay of wiki-land. Thanks!

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why are people's profiles DeletedUser?

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I reached out to Ddfairchild by other means, but he did not answer, so I contacted User:Pcj as he is the staff member related to this wiki. Let us wait for his reply, as I know most of those people that are affected, quite active on the wiki.

Avatar for Gorla

Okay, I edited the main page, so people should see it right away and I also posted it on Reddit. Hopefully no one needs to create a new account.

Avatar for Ddfairchild

Sorry I was unable to respond, I was out of radio contact the first part of the weekend. Thanks, Gorla, for following through on this.

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I have problem with the player base catalog -- maybe. I have 5 PC Normal mode bases there now, and 3 of 5 do not pop up the tooltip properly. Is this because there is a comma in the base name? I can't see anything else wrong.

Avatar for Gorla

I just tested it and comma can be used, but the Template:Ilink cannot handle the ampersand (&), not even with HTML code.

Avatar for Demonmariner

Ok, ya, I meant ampersand. That's too bad, renaming is a chore and the ampersand is so handy for complex names. Thanks for trying; I'll fix them later.

Avatar for Gorla

Just tested something out on my User:Gorla/Sandbox page. If you make a redirect page using 'and' to the page using '&' and then use that one in the template it works perfectly.

I could set this up for your existing pages and from that you can easily use for your future pages, if you want.

Avatar for Demonmariner

It's only 3 pages, and maybe 6 or 8 links I have to fix. Maybe best I just rename without the ampersand, unless you think this might be a problem for someone else. I notice I'm the only one using the ampersand.

Avatar for User-100106522

Hi, today when I logged in, my username was automatically changed. (DonFerrando1). I don't have any clue why this happened. How can I rechange it?

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Sorry commented in the wrong place.

Avatar for Demonmariner

Your comment to me "Updating the Categories at the bottom of a new planet or star system page is an important part of the page information..." The categories section includes an unresolved link referencing the page the categories section is actually on. I don't know how to resolve this. Btw, I am very much a novice at wiki, so any instructions are appreciated. Tnx

Avatar for Ddfairchild

If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see a series of "Category:" rows. The ones you need to update are those marked RegionName (replace the "RegionName" phrase with the name of the region the system is in), SystemName (replace with the name of the system), and PlanetName (replace with the name of the planet/moon)

If you look at some of your earlier pages, you can see how I've modified them to include real data. Hope that helps - thanks!

Avatar for Demonmariner

OK, I see what you mean. But in the Category row, I see an unresolved link (red) that is the name of the current page; for example, "KA Ascendancy Sol" when I am working on the KA Ascendency Sol page. I don't know why this link shows as unresolved and I don't know how to fix it.

Avatar for Ddfairchild

Ah, now I see what you're asking. Quick explanation, using KA Atkastr as our example.

1) when you set up a category, it assumes there is an "official" category page for that category. If there is, the link shows as green. If not, then the link shows as red.

2) the category link for Atkastr Band shows as green because there is a page for it. Click it and you can jump to the page. It will show you all the pages (15 at present) that have a category of Atkastr Band. There is also a description at the top that says "The Atkastr Band is a region in the Euclid galaxy."

3) on the other hand, the category link for KA Atkastr shows as red. If you click that link, you'll jump to a page that shows you all the pages that have a category of KA Atkastr. Right now, there is only one page on the list - but here, you'll see that there is no description at the top?

It's this "description" that makes an official category page out of it, and you can add one if desired. HOWEVER...

Many of our pages will never have more than one or two entries for any given category. Regions are the main exception, so are pages linked to a civspace, a galaxy, and sometimes a star system (if there are lots of planets and stuff associated with the system).

4) so the question is - at what point do you create an actual category page? Personally, I don't bother with one until there are 4 or 5 pages that reference it. So, once your region page got up there in quantity, I created one. For your planet pages? I probably wouldn't bother <g> Most editors are fine with the fact that many of the category links are red - they can tell by looking which categories a page has, and in most cases, that's good enough.

Hope that helps!

Avatar for Demonmariner

Ah, ok. So basically I can ignore that problem. Good enough for me. Thanks.

Avatar for Intothedoor

question: Unification_Day_2018_System_(PS4)#Vehicle_Shop_Merchant looking at this section, am I missing something? we don't have pages for these exocraft modules? just curious, thanks! happy 2019 Space Captain!

Avatar for Gorla

I created the redirects for mentioned links. These do not have separate pages, but collected on Upgrade Module page due to their procedural nature. The Abyss modules are not yet added to it, but I will create the redirect for those too.

Avatar for Intothedoor

Hello - I am not sure how to create a re-direct but in this case I think there needs one. the new page Backup Ryung Atomiser needs a redirect to a search of Backup Ryung Atomizer. My pictures support the Z but the video supports the S.

what do you think? thanks

Avatar for Ddfairchild

Well, since there is nothing out there that links to the Z version you don't r-e-a-l-l-y need a redirect...but I created one for you anyway.

On pages where you may want to show the Z spelling and use it as a link, you should still use an alias pointing to the S version as that is a more direct path. Thanks!

Avatar for Intothedoor

I think this is perfect, important for this item - thank you!

Avatar for Intothedoor

Hello - I need your advice. I plan to create a PS4 version of Unification Day 2018 (System) star system page - whats the best way to name it when its all named the same (both system and planets)?

Avatar for Ddfairchild

OK, I've taken these steps:

1) renamed the PC version to Unification Day 2018 System (PC)

2) created a new basic page for PS4 at Unification Day 2018 System (PS4) 3) updated the region page to show both pages 4) updated the PC link on GenBra to point to the rename PC side

Feel free to go in and update the PS4 version with PS4 information. Just be sure that only PS4 information is shown on that page. The alias names section acts as a link between the platform versions. If someone ends up making an Xbox version, we can follow the same procedure.


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