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Computer programmer, board gamer, scifi reader from the 70s, fan of STOS and No Man's Sky

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I could argue with you on grammar for Isemiu change. If I said "many multitools" then are would be proper, but it says "A number of" which is still single, not plural ;)

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Hello. Hopefully this isn't the wrong place to do it...

I'm part of Codex Gamicus, the Gamepedia wiki intended to be a comprehensive gaming encyclopedia. As we don't have a lot of content on No Man's Sky, I was wondering if there might be anyone on this wiki who would be willing to contribute. We're in the process of reconstructing the wiki, and with the limited number of active users among us, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I have a suggestion for the Star System infobox. It currently requires entering of economy buy and sell numbers with % sign. Would it be possible to modify the infobox so % sign is not required, like in a Starship infobox? Thanks.

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I'm guessing it can be done, but will result in a lot of pages with double % signs <g>

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Yes, back annotating all the pages... and then people still adding % signs because they used to.

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Question: how would you go about creating a star system page for a place called '''>>HEART OF -42<<'''? I currently can not name a wiki page like these special characters. My thoughts; create '''HEART OF -42''' and make mention of the official ''in-game'' naming. I am there now making note of this place.

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Yes, the page name on the wiki don't allow that, but you can use the exact name on the page. I think this is why the infobox has the option to be named separately.

Also if it contains code that are used by the wiki, you can use <nowiki>Name</nowiki> method to circumvent it. This way it won't recognise it as wiki code, just as plain text.

Avatar for Intothedoor

Do you think this is acceptable? I have started this page (currently unfinished) HEART OF -42, even if the official in-game name is >>HEART OF -42<<?

edit: I see the changes you made to the page and that is very nice - if this works then I will go with it, thanks for the help!

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I rechecked the image and realised that it is not two > but one ≫, which is allowed on the wiki. I took the liberty to edit and move the page.

I also updated the capital planet link (Republic Of Peace ⋅TEA⋅) on Cafe 42 with the correct dots.

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oooh very nice! I am not one to use special characters so thank you very much I never want to mess anything up. The Cafe is full of spicy characters hahah

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I used to edit a hungarian site for Guild Wars and during that time I learnt basic HTML. So if the Cafe decides to use some special HTML characters in their naming, like ☕, just give me a shout <g>

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Why didn't you tell me you now have gateway template???

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My apologies - we can only do so much <g>

The No Mans Sky Wiki:Explained - Macros page contains a list of common macros that we have, you might want to review and see if there are others out there that are new to you.


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I think it would be easier if we make a separate template for moons. With the current solution there are several possibilites that the user will forget to change all "planet" to "moon". Ideas?

Avatar for Ddfairchild


1) there is a separate template with those phrases in it


1) we now have two templates to keep updated which are identical, other than those couple of phrases

2) editors who use their own flavor of templates will continue to use them, so wouldn't use the moon template anyway 3) less than 15% of our planet/moon pages are moons (it's a fairly small category; we have almost as many Starship Fighter pages on the wiki as we do moons <g>)

At any rate, making sure that the moon/planet phrases match is one of the things I check for when reviewing new pages. In short, based on previous experience, I don't think the advantages of having a moon template are worth the extra effort of maintenance. Thoughts?

Avatar for Gorla

I'm okay with the current solution. However your 15% is based on the current numbers on each category, but I'm sure we could find some moons hidden in the Planets category <g>

Avatar for Ddfairchild

Very true. However, I would guess that they wouldn't change that 15% by very much <g>

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Hello there once again mate, I'll need your assistance with something. The page for Casterly Rock is obsolete as of now, considering the base was moved and renamed. I wish you'd delete it, at least for now.

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A historical entry is present regarding the relocation, and the deletion of the base page is until I create a new one (mentioning the old state of the base), which will not be now. Also my mistake for not mentioning, part of the reason of my wish for deletion is that the base page needed to be named "EPM Casterly Rock" and not just "Casterly Rock".

Avatar for Ddfairchild

OK, for now let's do this. I'll rename the page for you and we can leave it there for historical purposes. Once you have the new base page created, shout back at me. Thanks!

Avatar for Blek456

Thing is if you rename the page then I can add a section mentioning the change instead of creating a new page. I just didn't know you could rename pages without deleting them and recreating them.

Avatar for Ddfairchild

Yep. It has been done. EPM Casterly Rock.

When you modify the page, just include in the section information about what the base used to be (location, appearance, etc) before the move took place.

To be honest, if the new base is a good deal different, I'd suggest you just create a new page and leave the original in place.

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I have made the edit and included the old picture on the infobox as well as its previous features. Visually its different but the role it serves is the same so I don't personally think a new page is necessary.

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