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Noticed that the Planet page uses cols-3 in several spots. In the past, we've tried to keep our columns down to a max of 2 because of the wrapping issues it causes on mobile. I think in this case we can switch it to 2, as the section lengths turns out to be about the same once you get rid of the wrapping.


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I would say it is a copy-paste error, but sometimes I forget to check on mobile.

I found it wierder that you notice this, but not the double Additional information sections on the page? I guess it could use some cleanup. Same issue with Sentinel page which is getting to long in my opinion. I think the type specific information could be moved to each type (Sentinel Drone, Armoured Sentinel Drone, Sentinel Quad, Sentinel Walker, Sentinel Starship, Corrupted Sentinel). What do you think?

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Not sure why I only noticed the one and not the other - sometimes you get set on what you're looking for and miss the other <g>.

I tend to agree with you on the length of the Sentinel page; let me take and look and get back to you. Thanks!

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If you do a search for "wilderness biome" half a dozen pages will come up, all from the Pathfinder era. I don't think the "wilderness" tag is used any longer, at least I can' find it on any of the regular biome pages. Any idea where this might fit?

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I ran into a similar one, but I don't remember what was it. I removed that entirely from the infobox and added to the page instead.

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Quick question - do you think we should lock down census pages from previous eras? I just moved a new entry from the Hub census (Atlas) which an anon user had added with a 2019 date. I can't see any reason why those pages should still be in change mode. Thoughts?

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Actually I currently editing the Pathfinder version, to get rid of the red links. On the Atlas version you will need to go back more and make a rollback, as there are more previous entries which are added since NEXT.

I agree, these should be changed to an archived status (protected).

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