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Thanks for fixing the spelling of Sivess Instability! Any particular rules of thumb for what goes on talk pages versus what I directly contact you or Ddfairchild about?

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Not really, it depends on the importance for you. Contacting us directly we see it faster than checking through the list of recent changes.

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Please note your last change removed certain things that are standard for every civ space pages. For the region the word "severals" is not a good idea as it makes a link to one specific region. Perhaps you could add where the capital is located.

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I moved it to its exact name The Fédération of Euclid, as this should have been used for the page when it was created.

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Hello there! My name is Khaos and I am a recent arrival to the NMS community. I have been using this wiki for a bit, and was reading about excavated bones and noticed that tonight I found such a speciemen that's value is more than the current top five highest value specimens. I added the specimen to the artifact research page. I am playing the most recent NMS version on the Xbox One. I wasn't sure on how to edit the Excavated Bones page so I decided to add my submission to Artifact Research.

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I added a new top 5 for the Delicate Flora (PLNT) in the Artifact Research page, sorry if I did something wrong, it's my first time doing it, I still have the item if you wanted the value it "sells" at, rather than base value on the table

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You did well, as I see nothing missing. After adding a screenshot like that, I do not need anymore info and you can sell it.

You may have wondered why I insist on the exact value including the decimal fraction.

With the Visions update all artifacts received a roughly 1.15 multiplier to their base value, so I call this increased value as sale value. I see now that it can confusion as the sale value depends on the star system's economy where you sell it and it can vary in several percents.

In your example Scornbine Bulbs has a base value of 1,264,668.0 units, while the total value is 1,454,368.1 units.

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