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Australia, Gold Cost

SciFi fan, NMS explorer, sentinels fighter, starship mechanic, base builder. Founder of InExCor, Intergalactic Exploration Corporation.

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Hey Peacebomb, did you resolve your steam account issue? If so i'm requesting steam friendship again.

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Yes it's all good. My code is 73953716.

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Is the InExCor Eissentam still a going concern? I'm assuming it is, but the embassy page was last updated during ExoMech. Thanks!

Avatar for Peacebomb

Yes, it's still ongoing, just forgot to change version in the infobox.

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Peace, I'm afraid someone is using your Steam account to try to scam people into giving their info. Was just sent a convo from your account that looked like this one:

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Me either, also the hacker that has your profile control deleted me as friend. Unfortunatly I fished for it and thank to ertosi i could change pws before any dmg was done.

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I had to report your account, that probably is in the process of beeing blocked. They suggested you to contact steam support directly and ASAP.

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Hope this gets resolved for you...

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Hey there, Peace, I saw this guy listed on the new FHoF as a Smallest Drill when it's a TRex: C. Isomamoe. I'm sure you've got the correct critter here, but wasn't able to find myself, or I would have fixed the link so I thought I'd give you a heads up.

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Thanks for picking it, just copy and paste error. I do have a drill :-)

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