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I'll take credit for messing up the 1500 on Condensed Stellar Ice. The way it was worded is one reason that bullet points are better for lists than long sentences <g>. Thanks for the catch!

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The initila mess was done by as they put Di-Hydrogen inbetween the number and carbon. The rest was just step 2.

Either way the number is back where it belongs.

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Would you care to look at the notes Hairy Red left here? Talk:Starship Catalogue - Exotic. Thanks!

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I did not check any Exotics since the recent updates. It certainly ain't a new ship, neither in model nor otherwise. The two wings switch down to merge into a large downwing and the small topwing remains. That is a known common visual. No special thing to mark midtier ships etc.

Maybe HG saw the former inventory limit as obsolete since Living Ships got introduced to replace Exotics as special ships. I don't know. A general slice of Exotic tests should work to find out the truth. For now it seems plausible. Inventory is barely 2 more than the known max. Techslots is x2.

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Greetings fellow Travelers,

since you upload a Planets on our Territory the EOK Legion ambassador assume that you open and accepted close relation with our civilisation, you will still be a independent civilisation but will be mention on our embassy page as a Foreign Relation. Your research being in the heart of the EOK Legion history, You will be granted the Rank of Researcher of The Fade, a Research center will be built by The Evsky Society on this Planet that is now under your jurisdiction. Next time you want to upload on our territory it will be preferable to go trought the proper administration in order to respect our Naming Conventions.

Kind regards,

The High Council of EOK Legion.

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yeah i understand that but a couple of week ago i wasnt even playing multiplayer feature, only building things without carring for anything else. A couple of friend join me now and even do i play for 3years at this game it was almost the first time i try multiplayer feature. I didnt know anyrules concerning civ and upload prior that, i was only a lurker on the wiki. we were discussing how we can tag those planet and i shouldnt hav upload to the wiki something that wasnt upload on nms server for sure but i didnt thing that someoone would come for upload things like that and change name even. thx to show me the hard way something that i should hav known, it wasnt necessary but thx anyway.

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Naming and Uploads work regardless of multiplayer just not between console and PC. Not sure if that changed with the Multiplayer merge, but there would be a lot of double namings if it did, which would be a terrible idea of HG to create fragments of corrupted date, especially on Wikis.

The second thing is you added insane distances for systems. We talked about the distances and how to measure them accurately which can change by nearly 100ly. If you add massive claims - I noticed another massive one from September I'll check for measurement accuracy later - people will come to see. So if you claim that, the only reliable way to find your systems is by portal, so you need to NAME the planets early or lose them. There are some REALLY annoying names out on the Fade, be happy if its vanilla. There is no point to act salty or dejected over a year old planet you forgot. Further, it has to be logged by name, but can be referred to by any other. Tasyroga got snatched, it still is Alpha Polaris and will remain as such in links on the wiki, even though the page itself is Tasyroga. Nothing stops you from referring to things according to their use ingame.

Also a bit of advice, you seem to name planets by biome etc. Those CHANGE in some updates. Mostly scorched became volcanic, some became swamp, deads tend to change into exotics and exotics chang to other exotics in updates. In our starting region near Otohime we named areas by resources so people in the Grind Age could find it easier. Guess what changed? Naming conventions on those are highly discouraged as they will become a permanent scar of false information once they flip. I would urge you to consider this fact. Naming planets by their characteristics WILL fail in several cases down the line.

Sidenote to our Ospe Major... to have a Major it makes sense to first have a base Ospe or an Ospe Minor or for the body to be a giant in a system to emphasize that.

Avatar for EOK-BAKA

I mean i didnt even care to upload anything, the last time a reroll a character a year ago it was just to try new dlc and experimenting on new glitch build techniques,thats when we decide to make a civ that the uplaod become relevant to me.

at the beginning of the multiplayer i was afraid to even activate it because i see a lot of story of people trolling base of other player so i try to stay hidden under the radar, not even going to the nexus with multiplayer on for not show my build to anyone, that a bit stupid but it was my mind set at the time. at some point i think that i even forget the fact of uplaoding discovery, to much into buildings and not even exploring so no point to upload anything. iam not really salty (maybe a little^^) its just that we were in a middle of a discussion about what to do with planetand you cut the short the discussion by uploading it without even asking anything, i know that they change and evrything but we will update the wiki if it happend, we just needed a way to know wich planet wil be use for what later on.

thx for the advice on Major/Minor planets that gone help determine more accurate name later on.

PS: nice of you to hav put the capital ship you discover in Endenn system, we not gone display it that way thought but the data will be use for sure, have you more info concerning that freighter, like a picture of its cargo to hav more details of its stats and a better sens of its exact color, picture in system tend to alter the real color of it. thx anyway.

Avatar for Thamalandis

It is black with yellow stripes as mentioned. I looked at it with moving sun in static cam. That is confirmed. Also if you wish to move the picture, move it to the ship page. Please make it then.

Freighters have basic random values, so there are no stats to gather. I didn't bother to fight for an interview with the captain, it has no point if you know the name from the hangar flyby.

If you want to see terrible names, fly to the center... or maybe visit Yomi. I literally didn't add the ingame names for two planets but the vanilla. You'll know why when there. ALWAYS upload. Do not risk trolls and vandals.

Avatar for EOK-BAKA

i hav a bit of work structuring the civ for now but its gone be done for sure, let me hav the time to do it properlky please, the red link is there to remember whats need to be done, there is plenty of capital ship to snatch iam sure people doesnt really care about this one for now.

lesson on upload as been learn for sure, thx mate

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Pls hold off on reversions, we are doing mass edits across the wiki, and your reversions will cause some disruption, please make a note and change the specific item you have and issue with and NOT a full reversion.

Avatar for Thamalandis

The reversion you mention is 25% of the entire edit and done with good reason. It is not one paragrpah of a site revamp.

I do not always have time to copy everything back to the place they need to be if I check them in my time off. I said why I flagged the edit and you reacted to it as requested. I mostly just ignore if you or others replace pictures with those of current versions here and then, but if like in this case the meaning is lost, I will interject in accordance to my time available.

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we are preseed with a critical series of issues that need fixing over the next few weeks, that are yome sensitive. Your cooperation on not fully reverting is appreciated and again requested.

Avatar for Thamalandis

I rarely reverse, don't worry. This event was just bigger. For rework, the only thing I do know is that DDF wanted to move from mixed datatypes to strings being cast.

Avatar for Celab99

Pls connect with us on Discord so we can fill you in to some current challenges. We are both on the NMS WIKI discord server, and we have a wiki admin room in my CELAB Galactic discord server.

Avatar for Thamalandis

I really don't have time Celab. The lags on the wiki were noticeable etc. and I do agree there might be something going on in the background. I'll trust you two on that. If I see your name on an edit, I will assess the situation with more time and try to re-edit. That is all I can do.

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