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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Utto XVI
Utto XVI
Galaxy Eissentam
Region Aslees Boundary
Star system Ivfukttil
Terrain Swamp
Biome Scorched - Scorched Planet
Weather Rare Firestorms
Resources Solanium, Silver, Phosphorus, Copper
Sentinels Average
Flora Full
Fauna Bountiful
Discovered by roytheodd
Game Mode Normal
Platform PS4
Updated NEXT

Utto XVI is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Utto XVI is a planet in the Ivfukttil star system, which is located in the Aslees Boundary region of the Eissentam galaxy on the PS4 version of No Man's Sky universe.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

All4 Original: Utto XVI
PS4 Current: Utto XVI

Discovered Date[edit | edit source]

Utto XVI was discovered on 18 August 2018 by explorer roytheodd.

Description[edit | edit source]

From outer space Utto XVI is a watery blue marble circled by a pair of rings. The oceans are a mirage, though. Utto XVI's surface is actually brown rocks covered with patches of red soot and standing bodies of blue water. Hills and large boulders push up from the surface and some have pushed high enough to float above its surface, with smooth tops perfect for landing a starship. The landscape is cluttered with oddly shaped rocks and plants. The planet is always scorching hot. At all times of day and night Hazard Protection will be active, with highs of 168.1°F/75.6°C and lows of 144.8°F/62.6°C. Firestorms whip the land once every sol or two, pushing the temperature to 243°F/117.2°C.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Nearly every type Point of Interest exists on Utto XVI. There are habitable structures, secured points, dilapidated points, Plaques, Ruins, Drop Pods, plus at least one Holo-Terminus, one Traveller Grave, and one player base.

Portal Address[edit | edit source]

The portal is marked with a Save Beacon.

Player Base[edit | edit source]

There is at least one player base on Utto XVI. The base is marked with a beacon and is equipped with a single Landing Pad and a Galactic trade terminal. It was built by explorer roytheodd. It is named Auragi Sector XVII Overlook.

S-Class Upgrade Module[edit | edit source]

There is a Damaged Machinery capsule marked with a Communications Station. Repairing the capsule yields one S-Class Thermal Protection Module (sub-zero).

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following resources are found on Utto XVI.

Name Type Node
Carbon Crystal Concentrated Carbon Deposit Floating Crystal
Chloride Lattice Concentrated Chlorine Deposit Floating Crystal
Chlorine Processed Aquatic Mineral 'Organic' Rock
Condensed Carbon Refined Organic Element Red crystals
Copper Refined Stellar Metal Resource Deposit
Destablised Sodium Concentrated Sodium Deposit Floating Crystal
Di-hydrogen High Energy Substance Blue crystals
Phosphorus Localised Earth Element Resource Deposit
Rare Metal Element Concentrated Metal Deposit Floating Crystal
Sodium Nitrate Refined Catalytic Element Yellow crystals
Solanium Harvested Agricultural Substance Solar Vine
Superoxide Crystal Concentrated Oxygen Deposit Floating Crystal
TetraCobalt Concentrated Cobalt Deposit Curious Deposit
Vortex Cube Trade Commodity Subterranean Relic

Sentinels[edit | edit source]

The sentinels of Utto XVI are on "average" alert. They will investigate when mining beams are fired for too long, but mostly let visitors be. There is one major exception, though, and that is their defense of Depots. Every depot has three flying drones attending it. When one of these sentinels detects you, you are immediately given a level 5 wanted level.

Flora[edit | edit source]

The following flora is found on Utto XVI.

Image Name Root structure Nutrient source Notes Primary Element Secondary Element Type
Universal Flora
B Westifoe.jpg B. Westifoe Irregular Ultraviolet Radiation Glasslike Seeds Oxygen Carnivorous
Nms Haz Utto XVI.jpg Hazardous Flora Oxygen Sodium Polyp
L Coastretsium.jpg L. Coastretsium Unsupported Osmosis Airborne Seeds Sodium Bulb flower
Q Piplifeum.jpg Q. Piplifeum Extendable Soil Recycling Sentient Fruit Special[1] Bulb flower
X Spongekahioe.jpg X. Spongekahioe Extendable Electron Donors High Metal Content Oxygen Bulb flower
  1. Deuterium Rich Plant; harvesting initiates a jetpack power surge
Unique Flora
F Jamhorria.jpg F. Jamhorria Gravitational Moonlight Faintly Singing Carbon Fern
F Riverombaxosa.jpg F. Riverombaxosa Swamped Soil Bacteria Moldy Bulbs Carbon Oxygen Tree
G Sunnajus.jpg G. Sunnajus Swamped Photosynthesis Hollow Carbon Solanium Fern
J Eoldfaleus.jpg J. Eoldfaleus Invasive Fungal Symbiosis Itchy Pollen Carbon Coprite Fern
K Milledenica.jpg K. Milledenica Polygonal Soil Bacteria Carbon Dense Kelp Sac Bulb flower
M Weldgeneum.jpg M. Weldgeneum Fungal External Maintenance Unpollinated Marrow Bulb Bulb flower
N Bodyfolloe.jpg N. Bodyfolloe Significant Radiotrophic Unripe Fruit Carbon Oxygen Tree
N Brimisfoe.jpg N. Brimisfoe Transferrable Carnivorous Bi-Seasonal Carbon Radon Tree
P Nutayreum.jpg P. Nutayreum Widespread Photosynthesis Rapid Reproduction Marrow Bulb Bulb flower
S Milkvixia.jpg S. Milkvixia Heat Seeking Radiotrophic Hydrophilic Carbon Solanium Fern
T Hairkaeum.jpg T. Hairkaeum Widespread Sunlight Migratory Carbon Solanium Tree
Z Glesshipeum.jpg Z. Glesshipeum Substantial Rock Enzymes Hypnotic Perfume Carbon Mordite Mushroom

Fauna[edit | edit source]

The following fauna are found on Utto XVI. All of the planet's species have been discovered.

Image Name Gender Temperament Diet Weight Height Notes Commonality Genus
Aerial Fauna
B Pathokabis.jpg B. Pathokabis Alpha Sings at dusk Mostly rocks 92.8kg 1.2m Has no bones Uncommon Agnelis
Q Pavoerawera.jpg Q. Pavoerawera Orthogonal Cautious Solar Vine 90.3kg 0.8m Smells with tongue Common Agnelis
S Sterngulustis.jpg S. Sterngulustis Non-uniform Intelligent Processes dirt 91.3kg 1.2m Gets cold easily Common Agnelis
Terrestrial Fauna
A Tremogossum.jpg A. Tremogossum Exotic Unpredictable Mordite 87.1kg 1.8m Laden with nectar Uncommon Ungulatis
H Halolodelium.jpg H. Halolodelium None Careful hunter Small animals 55.7kg 1.1m Fragile skin Uncommon Conokinis
L Rotujecima.jpg L. Rotujecima Asymptotic Does not fear death Steals from others 176.7kg 3.8m Scared of mirrors Rare Felidae
T Xenopidoe.jpg T. Xenopidoe Asymptotic Easily startled Solar Vine 43.2kg 1.0m Moon Baby Common Felidae
X Diploenchumus.jpg X. Diploenchumus Exotic Anxious Cave Marrow 71.5kg 0.9m Venom-laden claws Common Felidae
Subterranean Fauna
X Diplobrae.jpg X. Diplobrae Female Peaceful Digs for tubers 104.5kg 1.4m Gentle soul Uncommon Lok
Aquatic Fauna
B Elephaefalmima.jpg B. Elephaefalmima Rational Hostile Foraged leftovers 139.5kg 2.8m Recognises other species Rare Prionace
I Portnucalvii.jpg I. Portnucalvii Radical Never sleeps Oxide elements 29.4kg 0.7m Eyes regrow after damage Common Ictaloris
T Telerimipum.jpg T. Telerimipum Rational Observant Solar Vine 78.1kg 1.1m Lacks gallbladder Common Ictaloris

Minerals[edit | edit source]

The following minerals are found on Utto XVI.

Image Name Metal Content Formation Process Notes Primary Element Secondary Element Explorer Notes
Awbyite.jpg Awbyite 73% Metal Vapor Complex Crystals Cobalt Stalagmite & Stalactite
Chessite.jpg Chessite 61% Soil Amalgamation Melts Easily Salt
Chheiite.jpg Chheiite 65% Ancient Tidal Erosion Quartz Core Ferrite Dust Phosphorus
Digreeite.jpg Digreeite 76% Gas Bubbles Melts Easily Pure Ferrite Phosphorus
Duqvisite.jpg Duqvisite 65% Gas Bubbles High Viscosity Ferrite Dust
Eseleite .jpg Eseleite 76% Petrifaction Infested Ferrite Dust Phosphorus
Gubannroite.jpg Gubannroite 41% Ammonia Groundwater Pyroclastic Ferrite Dust Phosphorus
Hoeniite.jpg Hoeniite 68% Calcified Fauna Contains Dark Matter Pure Ferrite Phosphorus
Hofferite.jpg Hofferite 77% Atmospheric Metal Hydrophobic Pure Ferrite
Lidatibe.jpg Lidatibe 60% Coalescence Radioactive Ferrite Dust
Nowoodruite.jpg Nowoodruite 42% Gas Bubbles Artificial Pure Ferrite
Obriaite.jpg Obriaite 43% Calcium Secretion Melts Easily Ferrite Dust Phosphorus
Pellaite.jpg Pellaite 51% Localized Black Hole Moss Habitat Ferrite Dust Carbon
Uscorite.jpg Uscorite 53% Living Stone Feldspar Ferrite Dust Phosphorus

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