Uveangbon Cloud

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Uveangbon Cloud
Uveangbon Cloud
Galaxy Euclid
Civilized space Aesir Ascendancy
Release Atlas Rises

The Uveangbon Cloud is a region.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Uveangbon Cloud is a region in the Euclid galaxy of No Man's Sky.

It is shaped like a deciduous tree and split into three sections: Valhalla, Trunk, and Hel. Regional naming conventions denote ownership of the region (Aesir), spectral class (Y,R,G,B), and section (V,T,H) within squared brackets and separated by dashes (-).

Discovered systems[edit | edit source]

System Spectral Class Faction Section Economy Conflict Planet(s) Moon(s) Discoverer Notes
[Aesir-Y-V] Odin's Reach Yellow Gek Valhalla Fuel Generation//Satisfactory Critical 3 0 Mercy-ayy Topmost system.
[Aesir-B-V] Valhalla Blue Gek Valhalla Manufacturing//Comfortable Low 6 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-T] Fjörgyn Theta Yellow Gek Trunk Power Generation//Balanced Dangerous 3 1 Mercy-ayy Freighter Warp Reactor Theta.
Redski Theta Yellow Gek Trunk Fuel Generation//Destitute Boisterous 5 0 Mercy-ayy Warp Reactor Tau + Theta.
[Aesir-Y-T] Bifröst Yellow Gek Trunk Mercantile//Fledgling Tranquil 3 1 Mercy-ayy Capital system. Separating system between Valhalla and Trunk regions, warp reactor Theta.
[Aesir-Y-T] Helheim Yellow Gek Trunk Energy Supply//Declining Unstable 2 0 Mercy-ayy Separating system between Trunk and Hel regions.
[Aesir-B-T] Foundry Blue Vy'keen Trunk Manufacturing//Wealthy Peaceful 3 1 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-R-T] Forge Red Gek Trunk Energy Supply//Developing Unstable 3 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-V] The Reach Yellow Gek Valhalla Research//Wealthy Intermittent 3 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-V] Wayward Yellow Gek Valhalla Research//Prosperous Low 4 2 Mercy-ayy Planet "Waypoint" has a ludicrous number of waypoints.
[Aesir-Y-T] Tarkist Yellow Gek Trunk High Tech//Wealthy High 3 1 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-V] Nodsmul Omega Yellow Vy'keen Valhalla Minerals//Affluent Gentle 1 0 Mercy-ayy Impact Damage Omega
[Aesir-Y-V] Maga Yellow Korvax Valhalla Scientific//Advanced Lawless 4 0 Mercy-ayy S-class explorer with +62% boost.
[Aesir-G-V] Mirkwood Green Vy'keen Valhalla Trading//Advanced Tranquil 2 0 Mercy-ayy Blue orb exotic ship.
[Aesir-Y-V] Gakita Yellow Gek Valhalla Research//Wealthy High 6 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-V] Ginnungagap Yellow Gek Valhalla Metal Processing//Medium Supply Unruly 2 0 Mercy-ayy Black hole system.
[Aesir-Y-V] Loysbild Yellow Vy'keen Valhalla Scientific//Advanced Relaxed 3 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-V] Kibegreg Yellow Korvax Valhalla Trading//Advanced Sporadic 4 0 Mercy-ayy 7-pod black/red sentinel-class capital freighter.
[Aesir-R-T] Gadere Red Gek Trunk Minerals//Advanced At War 1 0 Mercy-ayy Cool fighter designs.
[Aesir-Y-V] Hulmatie Yellow Vy'keen Valhalla Construction//Satisfactory Formidable 6 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-H] Hel Yellow Korvax Hel Manufacturing//Fledgling Tranquil 3 2 Mercy-ayy Fauna Analyzer Tau
[Aesir-B-H] Etplak Blue Gek Hel Material Fusion//Wealthy Intermittent 1 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-H] Ektion Yellow Gek Hel Construction//Medium Supply Alarming 4 0 Mercy-ayy Freighter Warp Reactor Theta
[Aesir-Y-H] Agdurrick Yellow Vy'keen Hel Mass Production//Opulent Aggressive 2 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-B-H] Lokir Blue Gek Hel Power Generation//Comfortable High 4 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-G-H] Fjörn Green Gek Hel Engineering//High Supply Formidable 2 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-G-H] Kasika Green Gek Hel Commercial//Sustainable Destructive 2 1 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-G-H] Skrael Green Korvax Hel Commercial//Sustainable Belligerent 2 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-B-H] Freydis Blue Vy'keen Hel Power Generation//Balanced Sporadic 4 2 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-B-H] Sabrefax V Blue Vy'keen Hel Nano-construction//Booming Critical 5 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-B-H] Arngrim Blue Gek Hel Mathematical//Unsuccessful Mild 5 0 Mercy-ayy
[Aesir-Y-V] Niöavellir Yellow Vy'keen Valhalla Alchemical//Advanced Relaxed 3 0 Mercy-ayy Found a 48-slot S-class hauler here.
[Aesir- Yellow Vy'keen Valhalla Construction//Booming Unruly 2 0 Mercy-ayy Oops.

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

This region is home to the Aesir Ascendancy.

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