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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Uwan 84/Q8
Uwan 84/Q8
Galaxy Eissentam
Region Aslees Boundary
Star system Paatoftar
Terrain Continent
Biome Lush - Paradise Planet
Weather Superheated Drizzle
Resources Albumen Pearl, Sb, Fe+, Pf, Cu
Sentinels Passive
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Copious
Discovered by roytheodd
Game Mode Normal
Platform PS4
Updated NEXT

Uwan 84/Q8 is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Uwan 84/Q8 is a planet in the Paatoftar star system, which is located in the Aslees Boundary region of the Eissentam galaxy on the PS4 version of No Man's Sky universe.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

All Original: Uwan 84/Q8
PS4 Current: Uwan 84/Q8

Discovery[edit | edit source]

Uwan 84/Q8 was discovered on 30 August 2018 by explorer roytheodd.

Description[edit | edit source]

Uwan 84/Q8 is a lush paradise. Half the planet is blue water and half the planet is red rolling hills. It has only a very slight elevation change from highest point to lowest point, meaning that its bodies of water are never deep and that its caves are shallow pockets. The landscape is a blanket of crimson grass with patches of dark brown dirt. Groves of trees – some as tall as portals – stand watch over the serene scene. The typical weather does nothing to stress the Exosuit, with temperatures ranging from 70°F/21.1°C to 96.4°F/35.8°C. Superheated rainstorms blow through once every few sols, pouring hot rain and moving the temperature to 240.9°F/116.1°C.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

There are a wide variety of points of interest on Uwan 84/Q8. Discoveries include all manner of inhabited structures, plus Drop Pods, Beacons, a Monolith, a Holographic Comms Tower, and a Crashed Ship. A Traveller, Tr...av//~r Chlo, has been encountered at a Trading Post so somewhere there is a Traveller Grave.

Portal[edit | edit source]

The portal is marked with a Save Beacon. Portal address is

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following resources are found on Uwan 84/Q8.

Name Type Node
Albumen Pearl Trade commodity Humming Egg
Condensed Carbon Refined Organic Element Red crystals
Copper Refined Stellar Metal Resource Deposit
Di-hydrogen High Energy Substance Blue crystals
Gold Neutral Rare Metal 'Fingers'
Navigation Data Encrypted Navigation Data Ancient Data Structure
Paraffinium Localised Earth Element Resource Deposit
Salvaged Technology Technology Recovery Device Buried Technology Module
Sodium Nitrate Refined Catalytic Element Yellow crystals
Star Bulb Harvested Agricultural Substance Star Bramble
Uranium Localised Earth Element Metal 'Fingers'
Vortex Cube Trade Commodity Subterranean Relic

Sentinels[edit | edit source]

The sentinels of Uwan 84/Q8 are passive.

Flora[edit | edit source]

The following flora are found on Uwan 84/Q8.

Image Name Root structure Nutrient source Notes Primary Element Secondary Element Type
Universal Flora
D Seaevenica.jpg D. Seaevenica Concentrated Other Plants Nocturnal Pollinators Special[1] Bulb flower
G Boneirposa.jpg G. Boneirposa Hidden Photosynthesis Crimson Seeds Kelp Sac Bulb flower
Nms Haz Uwan.jpg Hazardous Flora Oxygen Sodium Polyp
I Tenithlae.jpg I. Tenithlae Parasitic Infrared Radiation Umbral Sprouts Oxygen Carnivorous
L Fluduea.jpg L. Fluduea Limited Infrared Radiation Durable Fruit Oxygen Bulb flower
U Molaratzum.jpg U. Molaratzum Hidden Geological Energy Water Resistant Marrow Bulb Bulb flower
V Restweggia.jpg V. Restweggia Stunted Carbon Absorption Mono-Seasonal Sodium Bulb flower
  1. Deuterium Rich Plant; harvesting initiates a jetpack power surge
Unique Flora
B Saberusus.jpg B. Saberusus Bi-directional Carnivorous Airborne Seeds Carbon Fern
J Wilttilia.jpg J. Wilttilia Balanced Carnivorous Roots Hive Mind Carbon Star Bulb Tree
L Butterdaymosa.jpg L. Butterdaymosa Knotted Parasitic Leaching Perennial Carbon Fern
L Eeldkioe.jpg L. Eeldkioe Unsupported Atmospheric Moisture High Internal Pressure Carbon Oxygen Tree
P Hanglaosium.jpg P. Hanglaosium Linear Rock Enzymes Insect Habitation Carbon Tree
U Feveraydia.jpg U. Feveraydia Regular Carbon Absorption Mobile Carbon Fern
X Bodispis.jpg X. Bodispis Gravitational Cosmic Radiation Altitude Tolerant Carbon Tree
Z Paintzikoe.jpg Z. Paintzikoe Polygonal Fungal Symbiosis Bitter Stems Carbon Mordite Fern
Z Skulneopis Uwan.jpg Z. Skulneopis Conventional Photosynthesis Glasslike Seeds Carbon Star Bulb Fern

Fauna[edit | edit source]

The following fauna are found on Uwan 84/Q8. All species have been discovered.

Image Name Gender Temperament Diet Weight Height Notes Commonality Genus
Aerial Fauna
N Suckseae.jpg N. Suckseae None Builds large nests Absorbed nutrients 80.5kg 1.3m Strong burrower Uncommon Agnelis
R Curyptoepoe.jpg R. Curyptoepoe Orthogonal Mate-seeking Fresh leaves 37.3kg 0.5m Excess of bile Common Rhopalocera
W Festersaltum.jpg W. Festersaltum Radical Migratory Star Bramble 91.0kg 1.3m Decentralised nervous system Uncommon Agnelis
Terrestrial Fauna
E Foothurae.jpg E. Foothurae Exotic Aggressive Coagulated blood 84.0kg 1.4m Gentle soul Uncommon Tyranocae
H Nigahtnanmae.jpg H. Nigahtnanmae Orthogonal Submissive Cave Marrow 39.2kg 0.9m Not carbon based Common Hexungulatis
H Polydoquium.jpg H. Polydoquium Unknown Wise Pollen 70.6kg 1.7m Deceptively fast Uncommon Ungulatis
J Centiebodum.jpg J. Centiebodum Radical Anxious Mordite Roots 74.1kg 1.4m Possesses language Uncommon Tetraceris
P Oakubia.jpg P. Oakubia None Intelligent Scavenged scraps 157.8kg 3.1m Poor sense of direction Rare Tyranocae
Q Seedronum.jpg Q. Seedronum Orthogonal Passive Star Bramble 76.2kg 0.9m Hidden extra tongue Common Felidae
Y Succuthurcica.jpg Y. Succuthurcica Asymptotic Calm Scavenged remains 66.1kg 0.7m Claws harbour disease Uncommon Conokinis
Z Elephadefus.jpg Z. Elephadefus Prime Remembers faces Star Bramble 91.0kg 1.4m Made of stardust Uncommon Felidae
Aquatic Fauna
B Tyrantlazera.jpg B. Tyrantlazera Radical Observant Absorbed nutrients 70.6kg 1.1m Cannot drown Common Ictaloris
W Tetraloceicis.jpg W. Tetraloceicis Asymptotic Food-seeking Pollen 53.4kg 0.3m Occasionally eats rocks Common Ictaloris

Minerals[edit | edit source]

The following minerals are found on Uwan 84/Q8.

Image Name Metal Content Formation Process Notes Primary Element Secondary Element Explorer Notes
Cuticeite.jpg Cuticeite 71% Ancient Tidal Erosion Hydrophobic Ferrite Dust Paraffinium
Eibetaite.jpg Eibetaite 50% Plant Deposits High Density Ferrite Dust Sodium
Etziaite.jpg Etziaite 64% Lithification Audiophobic Ferrite Dust Carbon
Lamesite.jpg Lamesite 74% Ground up Shells Unexpectedly Buoyant Ferrite Dust Paraffinium
Lotkornite.jpg Lotkornite 55% Ground up Shells Buoyant Ferrite Dust Paraffinium
Nepyrovite.jpg Nepyrovite 44% Slow Drips Slow Moving Salt Sodium
Waleysite .jpg Waleysite 73% Evaporation Abrasive Cobalt Stalagmite
Wessagite.jpg Wessagite 68% Coalescence Sulphurous Ferrite Dust Paraffinium
Yorenzalite.jpg Yorenzalite 42% Bedrock Expulsion Bonelike Ferrite Dust Carbon
Uwan Yukovskite dust 1.jpg Yukovskite 66% Magnetic Attraction Melts Easily Ferrite Dust Paraffinium 3 varieties
Uwan Yukovskite pure 1.jpg Yukovskite 66% Magnetic Attraction Melts Easily Pure Ferrite Paraffinium

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