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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Galaxy Hilbert Dimension
Region Varriyfo Fringe
Capital system VF Civil Star III
Capital planet New Homeland
Size 144 Claimed Systems
Type Fan Fiction
Founded by nano912
Federation member Atlas Rises
Platform PC
Release NEXT

Vareryforba is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Vareryforba, also known as The Vareryforba Expanse, is a Civilized space community, located in the Varriyfo Fringe region of the Hilbert Dimension.

The first star system was colonized in late 2016, since then over one hundred local star systems have been claimed. Vareryforba is heavily Fan Fiction focused.

The Three Directives[edit | edit source]

Vareryforba has 3 Directives to be upheld at all times.

GROW: To secure future prosperity, Vareryforba's influence, prestige and physical territory.

PRESERVE: To retain self-identity, Vareryforba's special character must be upheld and sustained past changes in the universe, so Vareryforba may be a beacon of security and consistency in the light of constant change.

ADAPT: To face change prepared, to embrace it and to become a part of it, and live in prosperity with new situations, whilst leaving the heart of Vareryforban existence untarnished.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The texts fit into real time as follows:

Pre-VF IntG.: Pre-Release - Mid September 2016

The Rise: Late September 2016 - Foundation Update/Late November 2016

The Golden Age: December 2016 - Atlas Rises Update/Mid August 2017

The Interregnum: Atlas Rises - Mid April 2018

The Age of Recovery: Late April 2018 - NEXT Update/July 2018

The Second Great Warp: Present Day

Pre-VF IntG.[edit | edit source]

For centuries, the Vareryforba Expanse was a regular region of space, with a few planetary and System governments, the vast majority of systems were governed however by the three great races and their far-flung loose governments. About thirty standardized years ago, Independent Interstellar Companies began to spring up in the Hilbert Dimension and Calypso galaxies, including in the Vareryforba Expanse. Three of these companies established themselves as prominent players in interstellar trade in the Expanse; These were VF Gokomur Interstellar, Yavrah Space Trade Inc., and Tavayar Hostilities Defense Corporation. Tavayar HD Corp. suffered bankruptcy soon after, following a scandal concerning inbuilt Vy'keen spy technology in their Multitool Upgrades. The opening in the market was quickly filled by VF Gokomur IntS.; Soon after the company merged with Yavrah Space Trade, and VF Gokomur became the by far largest player in Independent Companies in the space region.

Also around this time, a multicultural system in the Vareryforba Expanse, dissatisfied with its indifferent Gek government, revolted and became the first Vareryforba Civil Star. Soon thereafter, another Star System did the same thing, and the VF Civil Star Alliance was born.

A few weeks after this – VF Gokomur and the Civil Star Alliance had just begun free trade negotiations – three individuals met on a freighter inbound for the Gokomur system. These three explorers would shape the Vareryforba Expanse forever.

The Rise[edit | edit source]

Two key factors triggered The Golden Age. The first was the founding of Vareryforba Intergalactic, the mega-corporation that would rule the region of space for decades to come, and subsequently the Founding of the Vareryforba Commonwealth, a parliamentary government for all systems controlled by VF Gokomur IntS. and the Civil Star Alliance.

The second factor was the birth of the first VF Cartography Team, consisting of a Traveller, the Gek Goryk, and the Korvax the other two nicknamed Taverah. The three had met on a freighter traveling from the galactic core to the Gokomur system. During a conversation in the freighter's lounge, the three realized they shared a very similar mindset and decided to map the Vareryforba Expanse and make their mark on the rising region.

Their first project became the system closest to Gokomur, which was unpopulated but for a few small mining operations. They named the system Home System and managed to convince Vareryforba IntG. to take over the name. Based here they set out to map the region. Taverah and the Traveller actively visited, named and documented the new suns and planets, and Goryk notified VF IntG. of the new discoveries until the company offered to officially sponsor the group. The three accepted, and Goryk joined the other two in traveling around the region after his job was replaced by an office of cartographers.

After this, Vareryforba as a civilization exploded with population. Immigrants from all over the galaxy, especially Gek, poured into the ports of VF Civil Star, and from there populated the new worlds. The Golden Age of Vareryforba had begun. The Vareryforba System (Vareryforba (System)) was installed as a capital for the new nation, becoming a center of culture and technology. Soon after, civilizations in the Euclid galaxy began to become prominent.

The Golden Age[edit | edit source]

With the power and wealth of Vareryforba Intergalactic grew the power and wealth of the Vareryforba Expanse as a whole. The Commonwealth provided affordable sustenance and life support to any systems that joined. Space Stations were transformed into sprawling cities, with freighters permanently docked to them to extend the living and working space. In the Vareryforba System, one could see hundreds of Star Cruisers and Freighters lined up, connected by mazes of tube-roads, with billions of commuters scurrying through them each day. Moons were hollowed out to house the giant food production plants that supplied the huge and slow Commonwealth Distribution ships, that brought anything money could buy to the more rural areas of the Expanse. In some systems, the traffic became such a problem that massive interplanetary highways were laid out, with forcefield generating rings providing a breathable atmosphere the whole length of the trip. This was utilized by many entrepreneurs, who opened up small shops and restaurants along the roads, which led to some of these highways becoming shopping malls in space, lit up by neon signs advertising anything and everything. Art and Education flourished, Schools and Universities were opened in nearly every larger system, the most prestigious university being the Gestreznache Institute of Progressive Science (GIPS), which was responsible for major breakthroughs in planetary base construction and mobile exocraft design.

The Interregnum[edit | edit source]

About a decade ago, the entire Universe suffered a catastrophic warping of every single known planet, destroying many civilizations, and devastating Vareryforba. The Vareryforba Commonwealth collapsed in the chaos, and an estimated 60% of the population died in the suddenly changed planetary environments. Vareryforba Intergalactic faded to a local company, running a single trade route between Home System and the densely populated galactic core of the Hilbert Dimension, creating a lifeline for the broken Vareryforba Expanse. Contact to most systems had been lost, only four systems managed to retain an active connection. These four were Gokomur, Home System, Goryk's Star and Yavrah I.

Yavrah Space Trade Inc. reestablished itself, based on the planet Sance. The veteran explorer Goryk managed to establish his (at the time) two star systems, Goryk's Star and Goryk's Mighty Empire as a relatively peaceful zone. A few years later, the Intergalactic Map was universally adjusted to the new environment, and the Vareryforba Expanse was renamed the Varriyfo Fringe. Dark years followed, until the Varriyfo Republic was founded on Sance, leaving the weak control of VF IntG. The Republic expanded into regions of the Varriyfo Fringe that had not been populated in the past, and therefore ran into barely any systems ravaging in anarchy, as was the case for most old commonwealth systems at the time.

The Republic installed a newly discovered system with a central location as their capital and named it New Vareryforba. However, the Republic was incredibly economically weak, and when Yavrah Space Trade stopped funding the government, the Republic was crushed by mass inflation caused by the incredible debt still left from the economic vacuum of the great warp. Most systems of the republic managed to reestablish themselves as independent governments, however, New Vareryforba fell to an anarchy that persisted well into the Recovery Age. Yet the cry for unity had not yet been silenced, and the old Republic systems soon founded the Varriyfo Commonwealth. Soon thereafter, Vareryforba Intergalactic suddenly profited through an incredible financial boost by a tax dispute on one of its trade routes. The Interregnum was now close to over.

The Age of Recovery[edit | edit source]

The Interregnum ended with the members of the Varriyfo Commonwealth almost unanimously voting to put themselves under the protection of the now recovered Vareryforba Intergalactic. The Varriyfo Commonwealth reorganized into the New Vareryforba Commonwealth. Goryk's Independent Systems joined the Commonwealth, along with other systems that were recovering from the Interregnum. Then began the slow process of re-integrating the lost systems of the old Commonwealth. A few systems in further off regions had established alliances and governments without the central systems' knowledge, these systems were invited to join the new Commonwealth. One system close to the interstellar south of the Varriyfo Fringe proved essential to the re-development of the region, Stellaris Electricia. Today, even after the second Great Warp, this system-spanning company provides electricity and other forms of power to the rest of Vareryforba. With the wounds of the Interregnum and the Great Warp that caused it still fresh in the minds of Vareryforba, measures had been taken to brace for another potential Great Warp and to remain functional as a civilization. The Great Warp taught the Universe that Planets are not a stable, consistent environment, but that they can change at any time with little to no warning. It was assumed at the time that the same was true for the space around planets, as minor changes here had taken place during the Great Warp, which at a larger scale could prove devastating. As a counteraction, most government and corporate assets of Vareryforba were moved to outer space. For example, the capital of Vareryforba was the Star Cruiser VFS Babylon, orbiting around Gokomur. All planetary factories and warehouses, even many private estates and farms were outfitted with means to evacuate their goods or even themselves into interstellar space to be collected and re-deployed onto newly suitable planets.

The Second Great Warp[edit | edit source]

In sharp contrast to the first, the Second Great Warp was faced very calmly in Vareryforba. With the existing countermeasures already in place, the impact in society was comparatively small when the company announced it had discovered proof of an imminent apocalypse event. The week leading up to the event saw the general evacuation of the entire Varriyfo Fringe into interstellar space, where the Warp would not reach. The VFS Babylon, along with thousands of civilian starcraft, awaited the reset of the universe just outside Home System. Long range communication with all Vareryforban Systems was maintained throughout the event. After the warping fogs had passed, Home System itself was deemed to defunct to be recolonized and was abandoned and given to The Traveller per his own request. The reinstallation of much of the infrastructure across the Varriyfo Fringe proved complicated, however, and as a solution, the Corporate Council decided upon reclaiming the neglected Central Block subregion of Varriyfo, which had been barely touched by both Great Warps and even Vareryforba itself, due to the complicated local traditions, hazardous anomalies, and often hostile worlds. With this resurgence, cultures like those of High Tavayar or even the notorious Pan became more prominent in Vareryforba again, as streams of settlers poured into their Space Stations. A promising uncharted system was elected the third VF Civil Star (VF Civil Star III) and was quickly thereafter established as the new capital after a high-grade VF Official was assassinated in his starship within the diplomatic Hangar of the Space Station of the previous capital Gokomur, the Station Administration refusing VF IntG. it's cooperation in the matter. Soon after, the University of Sobochy reopened, Stellaris Electricia resumed control of it's Energy Empire, and the Stock Market of Sance restarted. Whilst the first Great Warp had brought death and confusion, the second had brought only an outlook on a brighter tomorrow. And that tomorrow's sun had begun to dawn...

Traveller Information[edit | edit source]

Flag and Banner[edit | edit source]

VF Vexillogy.png

This flag and banner are registered with the Federation Vexillology Department.

Members[edit | edit source]

Member Role
nano912 CEO of VF IntG. + Ambassador
QuirkySquid President of the VF Commonwealth
Jacques Supreme General of the Fleet + Secondary Ambassador/Representative
Mr. Hijab
Ranger3333 Commander of the Civil Star Police Department

Joining[edit | edit source]

To join, direct message @VIntergalacitc or@lazerman2567 on Twitter, or u/nano912 on reddit.

Coordinates[edit | edit source]


Portal Address[edit | edit source]


Naming Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Vareryforba has a history of fun names, but please keep it immersive and non-graphic. Especially Immersion is of utmost importance, therefore keep real life or Pop Culture references as unspecific as you can. For example, you may name a planet 'The Citadel' or 'Citadel Star', but not 'The Citadel of Ricks'. Historical References are eligible, as these are present in the game (Artemis, Apollo).

Rules[edit | edit source]

Vareryforba has some light rule work in place to ensure popular prosperity:

1. Enforce the Three Directives. These are the core principles that Vareryforba is built on.

2. List all discovered systems on the Wiki. You don't have to create a full profile for everything, just let people know these systems exist.

3. The CEO of VF IntG. holds full judicial power.

National Anthem[edit | edit source]

"Across The Universe", The Beatles, 1970

Political Standpoint[edit | edit source]

  • We will not interfere in any conflicts not related to ourselves or our allies.
  • We will not initiate conflicts that do not affect the Varriyfo Fringe or VFCS Farpoint.
  • We will aid allied civilizations if asked to or if it is deemed necessary.
  • In the light of aggression, we will initiate diplomacy.
  • In the light of attack, we will retaliate.

Websites[edit | edit source]

VF on Atlas Hub:

VF on Twitter:

Systems Discovered[edit | edit source]

The full index of VF controlled Systems:

Systems A-G[edit | edit source]

  • VF Civil Star III (Capital)
  • Gokomur (VF Twin Stars) (Historical Significance)
  • Home System (VF Twin Stars) (Historical Significance)
  • 'Y
  • Adzhuna
  • Aikeg
  • Aluykin
  • Amelia's Star
  • Ancient Tavayar (Historical Significance)
  • Angelo I
  • Apyru
  • The Arbor
  • Arnyan
  • Aurony IV
  • Blobland
  • Caelum
  • Cala Prime
  • The Cascaded Conundrum Star
  • Chyovs
  • Dalamira
  • David VI (Historical Significance)
  • Doga Star
  • Dol
  • Dolorian
  • Ebaya
  • Edinou
  • Einovs
  • Eldon Harbor
  • Ethelen II
  • Euskyv-Kuze
  • The Existance
  • Fatezhg-Bih
  • Forum Arcanum
  • Formavin
  • Gamma Star
  • Gestreznache (Historical Significance)
  • Gidelat
  • Gjeseyan Sky
  • Goryk's Great Return
  • Goryk's Mighty Empire (Historical Significance)
  • Goryk's Star (Historical Significance)

Systems H-N[edit | edit source]

  • The Heartland
  • Hegor Sky
  • High Tavayar (Historical Significance)
  • Home II
  • Ht'ell cXen
  • Hudo Star
  • Ikarus
  • Inyaga-Boin I
  • Iozeliaiv
  • Iris Tar
  • Isi II
  • Isi's Star
  • Jenny
  • Jias Jian Joar
  • Kachez
  • Katria
  • Kejelvan Star
  • Kov Corporation Star
  • Kurch
  • Lektroz
  • Loco Moto Corporate Star
  • Loner
  • Lostland
  • Lyae
  • Melecon
  • Michelle
  • Naarya
  • Never
  • New Carthage
  • Newland
  • New Voidland
  • New Vareryforba (Historical Significance)
  • Nigurgu-Kali
  • Nochye
  • Nowhere Star
  • Nozavoi-Axil

Systems O-S[edit | edit source]

  • Oksinetvo
  • Olviyoch-Akort
  • Omskyv Private Star
  • Ooyi
  • Orzhuk
  • Orenxian I
  • Orenxian II
  • Orenxian III
  • Orenxian IV
  • Orenxian V
  • Orenxian VI
  • Orzhuk
  • PAN (Historical Significance)
  • Raali Ore
  • Reudar-Nali
  • Rotisherev
  • Ruchagos Bend
  • Sarah's Star
  • Sentinel IV
  • Sobochy (Historical Significance)
  • Stellaris Electricia (Historical Significance)
  • String Band
  • SVFCS Liberty (Historical Significance)

Systems T-Z[edit | edit source]

  • Tano Star
  • Tavayary An'yadis
  • Tavayary Myandyar
  • Tavayary YANY
  • Taverah
  • Taverah II
  • Tex Tex Star (Historical Significance)
  • The Tip
  • Toingbud
  • Totang
  • Tushki
  • The Twinkle to the Right (Historical Significance)
  • Ukas
  • Uncharted
  • Uncharted VFUC31
  • Uncharted VFUC32
  • Vareryforba (System) (Historical Significance)
  • Vareryforba Industries
  • Vedeleiyan
  • VF Civil Star (Historical Significance)
  • VF Civil Star II
  • VF Civil Star IV
  • VF Embassy Star
  • VFCS Farpoint (Historical Significance)
  • VF New Commonwealth Energy
  • Voidland
  • Voybirsko VII
  • Yacin System
  • Yavrah I (Historical Significance)
  • Yavrah II
  • Yedevin Rim
  • Yobinian Veil
  • Yungurian Star
  • Zehmaun

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Navigators[edit | edit source]