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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.
Cluster found on Vortex Dominion, Anya

Vortex Clusters are large quantities of Vortex Cubes discovered in the same vicinity. Reporting these discoveries grants the discoverer membership in The Vortex Club if they so desire.

Discoveries may be reported here in text form, in table form on the Vortex cluster correlation page, or on both locations.

Discoveries - August 12[edit | edit source]

  • It has been also been found that a very very large quantity of vortex cubes has been found on the surface of a nearby moon, this moon has no life and the Vortex Cubes are everywhere on the surface. Truly a gold mine. (Platform Unknown)
  • Cody0902 found a planet which had more than 150 confirmed Vortex Cubes and at least another 1500 estimated cubes which were confirmed to be throughout the planet. The cubes were first discovered when he entered a cave and spotted a Vortex Cube during his exploration. As he continued to explore, he counted at least 45 more cubes in the cave and hundreds more in and around caves on the planet. It is believed that they fill the planet. The solar system and planet were fittingly named "Vortex Cube" and "Vortex Cube Heaven!". At this time it is unknown whether the event is luck or a bug. The cubes do not attract sentinel attention when taken and the sentinel level is "low security". After further study, it has been determined that in this case the vortex cubes spawn in and around caves, (specifically flat areas) and can even be found in small ditches. In the above case, the vortex cubes will reappear after taken but are dephysical, do not show on the scanner, and disappear when looked directly at. The current theory is that the cubes are not supposed to be there, causing an error with them.

NOTE: Cody0902 has recorded multiple screenshots and videos of the planet and the caves containing the cubes. If you want to see them, message him and ask for them. (PS4 Platform)

  • sporeboy100 discovered a planet with a mass quantity of Vortex Cubes near a trading post, leading into a cave with many more. The planet is named Vortexius Cuborannah and is located in the Cyanos Dosci star system. The planet has frenzied Sentinel coverage, so proceed with caution. (Platform Unknown)

Discoveries - August 13[edit | edit source]

  • fatherstack14 discovered a planet abundant in Vortex Cubes, estimated to be covered by a figure in excess of 1000 vortex cubes on the planet's surface. (Platform Unknown)
  • Xanpheon discovered a large quantity of Vortex cubes on the mainland by landmark (The Nique). The planet was named Vortessine Jenus in the Jennerus Ayleid System, Riquimpanu Adjunct Region. They are guarded by sentinels, and an elite Sentinel spawned when they were interacted with. (Platform Unknown)
  • primuspilushb discovered massive amounts of Vortex Cubes littering the planet surface and cave systems of planet Joikam 2 in the Joikam system, Ayhariuslv Terminus region. The sentinels did not attack player and he was freely able to collect all the stones he can carry. Player primuspilushb is currently collecting video footage of this occurrence. (PC Platform)
  • ChloeOfArroyo discovered a large quantity within a cave (> 50 within walking distance of a nearby trade hub and 20 minutes of play) on the planet Vortex^3 in the Vo system (region TBC), The sentinels did not attack the player and she was freely able to collect all the cubes she can carry. The caves are located near a Trading Post and a waypoint named Vortex Caves. Further exploration revealed cubes withing caves (with some on the surface) throughout the planet, likely in excess of 1000s. Similar to the report of Cody0902, the Vortex Cubes reappear after being taken, but cannot be interacted with again. Emeril was also found in abundance. (PS4 Platform)
  • MattManor discovered massive amounts on the surface of a moon called 'Poisoned Mind' (Named by Player) in the Poison Blood System, (also named by player) beside an outpost. No sentinel reaction to collection of the cubes. (PC Platform)
  • Sav discovered two separate planets with Vortex Cubes. After finding the first one, started peaking into caves of every planet he came across until another was found some time later in the chain of stars. Recommends using on-planet outposts to sell instead of the Solar System's Space station. (PC Platform)

Discoveries - August 14[edit | edit source]

  • (Player unknown) found on planet iltlist-mer lasaybe in the gatahikushi suchu system: all underground caves filled with clusters of 1-4 every 10 meters. 1000s most likely fill the planet. Few merchants though. (PS4 Platform)
  • Numaticin discovered the Meadow planet Terros in the Kellestri system with hundreds of Vortex Cubes littered everywhere including walking distance from a trading post. (PC Platform)
  • gilbertoconcerto discovered Vortex-rich planet with passive sentinel presence. Thousands of cave systems and 20-30 Vortex Cubes per system. Plenty of trade posts available, some with +3% modifiers. Screenshots available. (PS4 Platform)
  • TheeHunted discovered Vortex-rich ice planet. Small amounts of Vortex cubes on surface with plethora of cubes in cave systems throughout planet. Planet was player-named to Obdachlimb Vortext Club. (PS4 Platform)
  • Puckelberry discovered Vortex-rich barren planet. Large number of cubes within each cave system, of which there are many, on player named planet Vortexia. Plenty of trade posts present and limited Sentinels. (PS4 Platform)
  • Mindl discovered Vortex-rich planet. Many nodes in a circle around most facilities. No cubes found in caves yet. Three drones spawn when you gather a node, but are easily outrun with level 3 sprint. (PC Platform)
  • johan.jvr13 arrives on a system filled with planets with great weather, little sentinel activity, and abundant resources. Before investigating the last planet he named the system "welcoming venues". Upon landing on the final planet in this system it is clear this one is different. Acid rain, heavy sentinel activity and large predators. He decides not to bother with this planet, but spots a strange red light. Upon inspection this light it turns out to be a Vortex Cube. There appears to be more cubes, many many more! There are cubes everywhere! Anywhere on the surface of the planet (named "vortex mania") are cubes as far as the eye can see. Some even right next to each other! Grabbing a cube does alert sentinel presence up to level 3, but that doesn't deter johan.jvr13. Off planet the station buys the cubes for just over 50k each. (PC Platform)
  • FaZeBALALAIKA arrives on a system with hazardous weather. He does not name the system, however, he does name the planet "There are cubes here". He finds a Vortex Cube behind his ship. He follows the path of cubes discovered and gets 16 Vortex Cubes with much more left. All Cubes were in caves. He makes multiple trips back and ends up making millions of units that he ends up spending on a new ship. (PC Platform)
  • Doctor-Jekyll719 found a small planet covered in Vortex cubes. Found mostly in caves with 50-75 cubes per cave, and the planet is riddled with them. So far he has collected and sold just over 200 cubes, and seen many more. The planet is estimated to have at least 1,000-2,000 cubes on it. The planet is called PayDay and it a heavily radiated planet with little wildlife and almost no flora. So far two large airport-type Trading Posts have been found, but no other trade terminals or advanced lifeforms in any other shelter locations. Landmarks on the planet consist mainly of drop pods and modular-shelters with beacons. The planet is primarily desolate, but completely covered in Vortex Cubes. (PS4 Platform)

Discoveries - August 15[edit | edit source]

  • ABC_Melanie discovered a relatively barren and stormy planet with passive sentinel activity. Vortex cubes were found immediately upon arrival on the surface and after exploration, all caves and some surface formations appear to contain Vortex cubes. They seem to appear in clusters of 2-5 and can number into the hundreds in large cave systems. The planet, which she aptly named Vortex Cube Caves Galore, must have thousands of Vortex cubes scattered all around and plenty of Galactic trade terminals on the surface to trade them in. A single warp later another Vortex Cube-rich planet was discovered, this time an extremely cold planet with floating creatures containing Radnox. Again all cubes were found in or near caves and in large numbers. (PC Platform)
  • Yung Bean discovered a stormy planet covered with Vortex Cubes on the surface. There are however, very few caves on the planet and so far they haven't found any Vortex Cubes in any of the explored cave systems. (PC Platform)
  • Jamshunt found 1000's of vortex cube in cave networks and some surrounding terminals, on a mildly radiated planet with floating snake-like creatures. Trading outpost and terminals available. Planet named Raareschalg in the Schlaaaaaaaaaaaag system. (PS4 Platform)

Discoveries - August 16[edit | edit source]

  • TankSkullhammer found cave networks containing 25-50 vortex cubes, estimated at least 1000 cubes on planet. It is a barren planet with some water coverage. Trading outpost and terminals available. Planet named Vortex Wasteland in the Bevy's Pocket system. (PS4 Platform)
  • damp_feathers found a large planet with numerous clusters of vortex cubes. It is estimated that there are a couple hundred vortex cubes on this planet although they are not in a central location. There have been no trading outposts found yet and both the wildlife and Sentinel activity are very aggressive. There are no damaging weather effects. Planet name is Vortexville in the Lemuria system. Each Vortex Cube sells for over 46,000u in this system. (PS4 Platform)
  • Tanoro discovered planet Kochiomig Apte of the Nenkomstakirjaa XV system. This planet contains large vortex clusters in almost every underground cave as well as vortex pedestals littering its entire surface. Clusters do not seem to be isolated to any one location on the planet. I have camped my starship at a trading outpost and am scouring the caves. The planet is barren and radioactive. At least two forms of wildlife are aggressive. (PC Platform)

Discoveries - August 17[edit | edit source]

  • Chris H found a planet with several clusters of overground and underground vortex cubes. In at least one place, both under and over ground clusters are right next to a trade building. The vortex cubes exhibit the glitch of reappearing after collecting them and moving a little away, but when you aim at them they disappear again. Planet name is Onemuidpl-Izan Esia in the Duldijkkad-kubil system. It is a mildly toxic planet with low Sentinel activity and no creatures at all. It also has a fair amount of emeril. (PC Platform)
  • Alice_Because found a planet with at least one overground cluster of approximately 15 vortex cubes in close proximity. The pedestals for the cubes are often located inside rock formations. Planet name is Ximondillsilv in the Midovurazme system. It is a dehydrated planet with average sentinel activity and no fauna. It also contains large Aluminium formations. (PC Platform)
  • Meenmu found a planet in a system with an Atlas Interface. Named planet "Planet Vortex" (creative, I know). Snowy planet devoid of wildlife low security sentinels. Occasional snowstorms, but otherwise mild weather. Surface is thoroughly littered with vortex cubes (the type floating on the pedestals). Flew around most of planet and they seem to be everywhere. Planet also has some copper. (PC Platform)
  • Sovielus found a planet with at least one overground cluster of approximately 15 vortex cubes in close proximity. Planet name is Vortex Haven in the Tueyuannanpin system. The cubes are located around the Atzens Wetlands. The planet has a temperate climate with full flora and high fauna. Keep aware that there is high security and sentinels will attack you no matter what you're doing. (PC Platform)

Discoveries - August 18[edit | edit source]

  • Horn-of-the-King discovered a planet in which every subterranean network contained at least upwards of 10. Less so if it was a smaller cave network. The planet was designated Skyen in the Sector-1 system. It is a toxic planet with typical sentinels and abundant fauna with two predatory forms of wildlife. The system was located just before the player's first Atlas Interface encounter. (PS4 Platform)
  • TheSavageNymph discovered a planet with several pedestal-form Vortex Cubes dotting the surface. This planet, dubbed Zephyrus, is a Damp planet with Regular Sentinel activity, Rich fauna, but next to no Flora. It is located in the Anemos System. The weather seems to be a temperate 29 degrees , excepting during storms, where it will plummet to temperatures below -32 degrees and will require some kind of Thermic Layer module. Of the wildlife, there are (at the time of writing) three distinct carnivorous species which can pose a threat to an explorer looking for cubes. (PS4 Platform)
  • Filsketeer Discovered a planet where there are clusters of them everywhere. Each time I land, I fill both my spaceship and inventory with them, and collected 170+ from around one trade outpost alone. Have not entered any caves yet. Planet was reached after my first black hole warp, temperature is around -65C and dips to -116 during a storm. Have named the planet "cubes and stuff" for those who may come across it.
  • Älesé Spring Discovered a vortex planet locates in Euclid Galaxy near 17987.65 light years away from the core in a purple cosmo renamed as "Anya" (5 planets). The planet, was renamed "Vortex Dominion" due to the fact that there's average of 7-10 vortex cubes roughly per 150 u2. While not only Vortex cubes littered the surface of this barren planet, there are unimaginable amount of Aquasphere in the seas (Which yields 10k more than Cubes). An oddly rich planet with average of -61.5 of and frequent storms hit with ~ 195.2 of. (PC, Steam)

Discoveries - August 19[edit | edit source]

  • Nobler55 discovered a planet which had a vast network of caves in which Albumen Pearl pods littered the floor and Vortex Cubes could be picked up like popcorn from the cinema floor. I called the planet "Balls and Cubes" as a signal to others that may find it that they hit a lush garden of geometry. With abundant plutonium and aluminium and emeril and nickel spires available also, I'm finding it hard to move on!
  • Noivian discovered a moon with a cave system full of Vortex Cubes and Albumen Pearls dotting the landscape. Otherwise, the moon was pretty barren. Low atmosphere, little flora, no fauna. The entrance to the cave was rather hidden, located near Xoleyzhay Plains on the moon Dogkind, orbiting the planet Zeta-Primum, in the star system Zeta, in the region Dejangput Void, in the galaxy Euclid. Made one trip to the moon so far, filled both space ship and suit inventory with them, upwards ten total cubes. Have been running the Atlas quest, and have not Black Hole jumped yet, so the system is near the edge of the galaxy.
  • Taka No Yaiba discovered a planet littered with Vortex Cubes. Documentation found here. Even the Sentinels were stoked about it.
  • Pullpinthrow discovered a vortex planet located in the black hole system Syphius Sol. The system is host to 4 planets. The most intriguing of which is the aptly named Vortex Homeworld. With average sentinel presence, comfortable weather, friendly fauna, and a multitude of easily accessible trade posts this planet should be a popular destination for any aspiring star hopper looking to line their pockets. The planet's massive cave and gorge structure covers the entire planet. Vortex cubes can be found both above ground near plutonium rich areas and in the caves and gorges, To date over 800 cubes have been mined and cube concentration is still high. (PC Platform)
  • Tarenasaurus discovered a scenic planet called Nubovestib in the Tertio System of the Umbarcenum Region . This gas planet has rolling hills and mountains of green grass with a vast underground network of colorfully lit caves. The mid-size caves occur frequently throughout the landscape and are littered with vortex cubes. Nubovestib easily contains thousands of vortex cubes. However, vortex cubes are not the #1 commodity on this planet. The pod-plants that contain the albumen pearls grow like weeds everywhere and the nearby space station pays +105.5%. Sentinels are low security so they do not mind the harvesting of vortex cubes, but they do attack quickly when a pearl is taken. Flora and fauna are abundant and the creatures are friendly and helpful more often than not. (PS4)

Discoveries - August 20[edit | edit source]

  • BringerOW discovered a barren planet littered with Vortex Cubes. They are in cave networks and on the surface, near iron and carbon sources. Loads of them. The planet is named Tartarus and stands within Inferno system of 6 planets. Low sentinel, no animals spoted, and confortable weather. Within the same system there is another planet, called Hades wich is full of gravitino balls. Beware the sentinels though.
  • Wes Lesley discovered planet (takes a deep breath) Ehuijeongcahepz in the Bikokutorn system on his PS4, Long massive caves where inside (and often near the opening of the caves) there were more Vortex Cubes than he could lift - and he was flying 25(exo)+20(ship) back and forth at one point, having used the units to max out his Exosuit space quickly. Deleting stuff he didn't need to clear space he would have nothing but Vortex Cubes and still not have enough room. "... Man I miss that planet. I wish I could find it again. Please help me find it again..." He made between 500'000-700'000 units per run, and it was sick. It was discovered the 12th of August 2016, however he did not create an account here because he did not know of this Vortex Club thing being a NMS thing. "Honestly, I thought that was a LIS thing." The planet has Powder Snow weather, Passive sentinels, Copious flora and Absent fauna, and he lists these elements because - who knows? Maybe there's some connection between these worlds and we can all strike it rich by pooling our information.
  • Gidelix (Steamnick Jarl Ballin') discovered a Mars-like Planet named Estrovskyvi in the Tedankaugustap X System (Class O - Warp Drive Theta required) on his PC. The planet has Low security Sentinels and non-aggressive weather, which makes exploring rather easy. No animals have been discovered as of yet and the flora is very limited. Under the surface are large cave-systems which harbour loads of vortex-cubes. The systems are most easily found by scanning for underground plutonium, then standing directly above it and digging straight down with multi-tool grenades. If somebody wishes to see screenshots as proof he should message the above mentioned finder via steam or curse and he will be happy to send them.
  • Ifnis discovered Wallaksumaa with Vortex Cube clusters on the surface (on plinths). Sentinels are Relaxed until Vortex Cubes are removed from a plinth. Two drones and a quadraped spawn and immediately start attacking the player. Wanted Level 3. Weather is Withered, Flora is Bountiful and Fauna is Few. Planet has Aluminium.
  • Artorias the Abysswalker discovered Gaytonizetterma-lulon with vortex clusters scattered upon the surface. Planet has Nickel. The system it is home to, Alukinien, also hosts an Atlas Interface, which was used by Artorias to Birth a new Star. (Platform: PC)

Discoveries - August 21[edit | edit source]

  • Fessenden discovered Vortex Cube-Bearing Donnagolohja. Sentinels are average, flora sporadic, and fauna intermittent. Planet has Gold in ore deposits and Emeril in underground crystal deposits. Vortex Cubes are in underground caves, appears to be Type 5.
  • Fessenden also wishes to mention a system renamed Cubic Haven with a similarly named planet Cubic Haven Alpha within - discovered early on, before they knew people tracked this sort of thing, which was almost certainly a Type 1. Planet had minimal sentinel activity, flora rich and fauna infrequent. Security spawned when cubes were picked up, specifics forgotten.
  • Nathananas discovered planet named Steven-0001 in system Hawking-0001. Planet sits in proximity of a black hole. Vortex cubes cover the surface of the planet, standard sentinel presence, however they do aggro upon collecting a Vortex Cube.

Discoveries - August 22[edit | edit source]

  • Uzwel discovered Vortex Cube Pillars on a Moon named 'Par-XIII-StCr-VII-Vortex Moon' in the 'Paramour-XIII' System, He was wandering on another planet in this system when a strong call from an 'OFF PLANET - Monolith' captivated his curiosity, he took off without looking behind only to be lead to a Moon where he found a Monolith surrounded by Vortex Pillars. The Monolith gave him a Warp Cell and asked him to follow the Atlas path showing him a way thru the stars...
    The Sentinels Presence is regular, flora uncommon, and fauna rare, weather Baked but can be freezing at night... The moon have lots of Aluminium, Heridium, Titanium Shards and also Zinc and Platinum flowers. It appears to be Type 4. (Platform: PC)
  • mmordeg discovered Deep Frost in the Ancient VII system near an Atlas station. Sentinel presence is regular and besides the extreme cold and storms there is an abundance of Vortex clusters. (Platform: PC)
  • Proteus581 discovered the planet Emerilanov in the Lidocryst system. Originally named as an Emeril farming planet due it's over abundance of Emeril shards. Weather is unstable with regular radiation storms. Sentinels maintain a Low Securty presence. Flora infrequent and Fauna is lacking. Extremely high concentration of vortex clusters in all under ground areas. Estimated high number of cubes. Four days since discovery, two dozen runs each hauling 43 cubes has not depleted the number of clusters. Also rich in plutonium and at present Emeril, Vortex Cubes and Plutonium sell well above galactic price in the system space station. (Platform: PS4)

Discoveries - August 25[edit | edit source]

  • Parabolee discovered a rocky planet full of Vortex Cube clusters in the Azenseniko Terminus region which in his delight he renamed "Vcube Rocks". Hailing in the Parayemitto VC system 179692.4 Light-years from the center of the galaxy. The planet has very aggressive Sentinels, however the clusters are so ripe that it is not difficult to scoop up 5-8 cubes while avoiding Sentinels and making a quick getaway in your ship before repeating this lucrative procedure. Almost certainly a Type 1 planet. (Platform: PC)

Discoveries - August 27[edit | edit source]

  • Zero_Arcana discovered a loose Vortex Cubes scattered near a cave on a moon in a black hole system. Further investigation showed more Vortex Cubes strewn throughout the cave system. There are occasional heat and cold storms, but they are easily managable as crystallized Titanium can be easily found. Although the moon possesses a normal amount of Sentinels, there is no fauna present, making it relatively safe to explore on foot. (Platform: PC)
  • Elystriel discovered a planet of Vortex Cubes in the Elystria 29 System in the Euclid Galaxy. The planet has a relaxed (until you grab a cube) Sentinel presence, but has some aggressive carnivorous fauna. Clusters are plentiful across the surface of the planet. There has not been a single time where there were was not at least one within line of sight. There are some storms on the planet, but it is otherwise not extreme in climate. Elystriel has shared video footage of the planet and some gathering of cubes on her Twitch channel (BigGirlGaming) and will gladly verify further if needed. (Platform: PS4)

Discoveries - September 3[edit | edit source]

  • TheSavageNymph discovered yet another planet in the Vásano system with several caverns with grounded Vortex Cubes. The planet, Maraméno, was named after its biome—a dried out, withered husk of a planet with little in the way of flora and fauna, and with temperatures that dip into extreme cold excepting during storms, when the temperature skyrockets. Explorers are advised to have both Thermal and Coolant system enhancements while exploring this planet. (PS4)
  • System Yonosokolo-Vikin. Planet Hihojollero. Low Sentinel activity. Vortex Cubes found in abundance inside caverns with similar behavior as recorded above. Sentinels show no response to collection. Cold weather at night but otherwise a safe planet. Discovered by Ouroborous_Whm on the PS4.

Discoveries - September 6[edit | edit source]

  • Unregistered Philbert discovered a toxic rain planet apply renamed "Vortex Cavern Mania" in a system he named "UnkaP-g-000,003" where every examined cavern type terrain, including overhangs, had at least +100 Vortex Cubes (possibly an unlimited supply) lying strewn throughout along the ground. They suffer from the "phantom" reoccurrence so it's easy to see where they had already been picked up. Although the planet has toxic rain, inside the caverns no toxicity occurs. All caverns have multiple openings so it would be difficult to get lost/trapped inside one. Sentinel activity inside the caverns was never noticed, i.e. zero. There is a rare small aggressive creature that may enter a cave. (PS4)

Discoveries - September 9[edit | edit source]

  • Blokeh discovered a moon with multiple Vortex Cubes while exploring on PS4, and helpfully called it "VortexCube Central". The moon is pretty much devoid of life, with only Plutonium, Vortex Cubes, and minimum other minerals. Trading Posts are few and far between, although one 7-platformed spaceport has been discovered. A full inventory can be obtained in only a few minutes, and there are plenty to be obtained. Grabbing one will aggro the Sentinels, and they will come after you. Caves contain NO cubes at all. A video of the moon can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2V_X6Qj-4I

The specifics of the moon are:

  • System: Horscihonin
  • Planet: VortexCube Central
  • Weather: Tempered
  • Sentinels: Minimal
  • Flora: None
  • Fauna: Absent

Discoveries - September 10[edit | edit source]

  • anna_toothrot discovered a Vortex cube planet called "Paherney LJ863" in System "Ozhenyevskyvi", unfortunately failed to rename it before uploading. The weather is fair, Sentinels don't attack upon the collection of the numerous vortex cubes. Those are scattered around cave openings and inside the tunnels. Ghost Cubes appear on repeated trips into the same area. Flora and Fauna are Not Present/Lacking. Plenty opportunity to sell as well, as it is very easy to find trading posts.

Discoveries - October 1[edit | edit source]

  • smeggot discovered a Vortex Cube planet while playing on PC. Cubes are not the pedestal type, and they are found in caves and on the surface around cave entrances, and also in "surface cave" areas. Sentinels do not react to Cube harvesting at all. Surface is a patchwork of pockets of flora and areas of desolation. Very few predators. (none at all?) Can be hard to find natural cave entrances, but around buildings they are abundant. Other common resources are Emeril and Radnox. Frequency / number of points of interest are modest-to-average. Vy'keen system.

The specifics of the moon are:

  • Galaxy: Euclid
  • System: Ignaginerv-Nazen
  • Planet: Brikenstarank
  • Weather: Firestorms
  • Sentinels: Average
  • Flora: Abundant
  • Fauna: Moderate

Discoveries - August 7 2018[edit | edit source]

  • Somarinoa discovered that a world he had barely explored earlier on the year prior but returned to had become a world dotted with Vortex Cubes with its biome (Acid to Frozen biome) and name change (Amchasavy Owas to Opiushneli Ochi). Small but frequent clusters of 15 or so were found on the planet surface as well as in shallow caverns, especially near the Windswept Plains of Bedulin. This planet is a Korvax-controlled world located in the Toxete System in the Euclid Galaxy, located in or near the Ospeleshv Fringe. An ample supply of TetraCobalt was also procured. Sentinels took no real notice of the collecting, but did make a fly-by.

The specifics of the moon are:

  • Galaxy: Euclid
  • System: Toxete
  • Planet: Opiushneli Ochi
  • Weather: Icy
  • Sentinels: Relaxed
  • Flora: Ample
  • Fauna: Frequent