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Vy'keen Campground Systems
Vy'keen Campground Systems
Galaxy Budullangr
Civilized space New Hub Order
Release Atlas Rises

Vy'keen Campgrounds are a collection of amazing livable systems.

Camp at a Vy'keen Campground[edit | edit source]

This is an experimental construction project stumbled upon by GenBra Space Corp during construction of The Budullangr Hub Trail.

While visiting dozens upon dozens of systems, certain planets stuck out. The Re-Generation brought Exotic Planets which can be kinda cool to live on. These are not rare in Budullangr; however, a convenient one located on a major mapped galactic highway might be a little more rare.

Vy'keen Campground Systems are found throughout known NHO space. These have well-labelled planets and have the 'preferred' Habitable Base marked with a Communications Station. They are as close as next door to Valhalla, the NHO's capital system, and the center of the Xukarsav Boundary Region; but also found out on the Budullangr Trails of the Green Core Regions.

Live on an Exotic System[edit | edit source]

Any Vy'keen Campground System is open to the public; it's actually for the public, for exploration... Live on one of them or all of them. Try it out while you are building your stockpiles and move to your own in the future. Or find just the right place and stay there forever.

As always, if another traveler is living in a system you must move on. One traveler per Vy'keen Campground System, and one Traveler per system, period. If there is a particular type of planet that you would like to live on and cannot currently find, contact The Barbarian of Budullanr or post to Reddit New Hub Order.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Discovered systems[edit | edit source]

work in progress - Add known System Here - current best list 'at large' is

Civilized Space[edit | edit source]

These explorations were sponsored by the New Hub Order, found by GenBra Space Corp.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

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