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Galaxy Euclid
Start of route Galaxy Centre
End of route Xenon Colony
Platform PS4
Release Synthesis

WARPWAY represent a series of space routes.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The completed and fully functional W<RPW>Y or WY space routes are inspired by many player projects, (such as pahefu's Pilgrim Star Process) and are meant to inspire more use or creation of player projects, while adding endgame challenge.

"The Warpway is created as a 'thank you' to Hello Games and as a gift by a NMS gamer for NMS gamers; it is free for all! Add to the W<RPW>Y and its Wiki page whatever you like while respecting each other. After sharing my ideas and completing the WY I choose not to be involved in its direction or any other project. If anyone changes the info here in a confusing way or uses my name and title, check with me first through the NMS WARPWAY GATHERING PS4 community. Build your projects, promote what you want, it can have many uses, names, logos, styles, etc. The Warpway has no rules." - Words from the Creator & Founder, Warpway Engineer PSN: Yokunedo.

The Vision of the W<RPW>Y - Explore - Create - Connect for all the Travelers of No Man's Sky!

Description[edit | edit source]

Imagine a Tunnel in space between the Galaxy Center to the Xenon Capital- In this said Tunnel are Points (These are star systems with a Name - Example: CH 2100LY 0319 bh JUMP 185.83* RIGHT). Each Point is 2100 light years apart and follows the path of the tunnel. This allows you to use a starship or freighter and jump to each point and follow the path of the tunnel.

To Find the Points on your Galactic map in your freighter or starship - you will need to use the NMS WARPWAY Technique ( This technique Works perfectly)- it is best to have the Atlas Path Completed to located blackholes on the Galactic Map.

Each Point Has a Blackhole in the system or Blackhole near the system - this allows you to easily locate each point while looking in the Galactic Map

Warpway 1 (Hilbert)[edit | edit source]

WARPWAY 1 (Hilbert) is the first of two warpways built by Yokunedo on the PS4. It was built with the support of others from the player group called Gathering (Zombibrain83, Gimpotence and more) at Hilbert's Center, leading to the Xenon Capital. This was two years before traveling back to Euclid was possible. It has been promoted on reddit as the Hilbert Warpway by InfinityDrags NMS info specialist.

Warpway 2 (Euclid)[edit | edit source]

Warpway's Original founder: [Yokunedo]- deserves our thanks for all the hard work and mapping of all the blackholes.

New founder: [BlueHazeMay]

Join NMS WARPWAY GATHERING PS4, PC and XBOX at our Discord channel.

WARPWAY 2 (Euclid) a series of 319 named but unexplored Black Hole systems divided into 100 official blackholes that serve as access points to the Xenon Capital and the other 219 that come after to serve as directions of travel to the Galactic Hub. Warpway first Access Point (AP) Xenon's Trade Port and last official (Ap) 100 Xenon's capital planet. The 119 unofficial extra blackholes exist solely so you can navigate from Xenon to G-Hub but is not officially a part of Warpway. Each of the blackholes are in a row called Warp Points (not counting starting point and milestones) about 672,000 light years long for all 319 created by Yokunedo.

This route shows the way to the Galactic Hub on the 319th Access Point but our capital resides near the 100th Access Point. Warpway 2 begins at the center of Euclid (the first galaxy on normal mode)

Warpway 2 Starting Access Point: Xenon Trade Colony-Portal Glyph Address: 21EBFA007FFC

NOTE: Completing the Atlas Path will allow Black Holes to show on the Galactic Map - This provides assistance on locating the Access Point Systems within the WARPWAY 2.

Question: What is the Warpway's closest blackhole or access point (AP) to the Xenon Capital?
Answer: Access Point (AP) 100. The first challenge for any Warpway Traveler is to discover and reveal the system names to others and learn the pilgrim star path an app made for localizing a player in NMS universe, BlueHazeMay for example is creating his own Access Point system and mapping each in the the Warpways Discords #bhs directory, #civilizations page come help us map the galaxy and also explore a vast area of space.

Guide will be updated soon with the future Xenon Capital instead of original Galactic Hub location. Thank you all for visiting the Warpway and we hope to see you on our discord. Warp On! my fellow travelers.

Guide & Information[edit | edit source]

WARPWAY Community[edit | edit source]

NMS WARPWAY GATHERING PS4 Community helps players who have questions, ideas, or who would like to try it out.