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Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Yiwotyata Band
Capital system Festaoiri
Capital planet Wastelanders-012F Xanadu
Size 3
Founded by mgamble0804 & deadspacetrooper
Federation member Visions
Platform PS4
Release NEXT

Wastelanders is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Wastelanders is a Civilized space community.

It is located in the Yiwotyata Band region of the Euclid galaxy.

Mission[edit | edit source]

Our mission is to band together and strive to build a great community.

Background[edit | edit source]

When his home world was destroyed by the enemies of the N.E.X.T, Mgamble took to the skies in hopes of finding another world to call his own. During his travels in the darkness of space, he happened to cross paths with a being known as a Traveler. The Travelers name was DeadSpace. DeadSpace and mgamle decided to join together in their mission to find a new planet to call home.

Naming Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Members are encouraged to name planets/moons [WSTL] on planets and Wastlelanders and the last four of the solar index on systems. An example of the system tag would be {Wastelanders-0043}. It is also acceptable to tag planets with the [WSTL] tag followed by the system tag. [WSTL] {Wastelanders-0043} would be an example of a tag on a planet using both tags.

Joining[edit | edit source]

If you want to join, contact either DeapSpaceTroop or mgamble0804 on the PS4, then enter your name in our census:

Census - Wastelanders

Systems Discovered[edit | edit source]

The following systems have been discovered:

Main Systems[edit | edit source]

Secondary Systems[edit | edit source]

  • {Wastelanders-0042} Nuhi Delpte
  • {Wastelanders-0058} Hocula Intan
  • {Wastelanders-0039} Celes Naxant
  • {Wastelanders-001B} Parte Merie
  • {Wastelanders-0063} Meser Runx
  • {Wastelanders-0078} Lina Naros
  • {Wastelanders-003A} Manx Forna
  • {Wastelanders-004F} Nemo Ka
  • {Wastelanders-0035} Xishoo
  • {Wastelanders-0038} Uzei
  • {Wastelanders-0012} Maansan
  • {Wastelanders-003E} Tanab
  • {Wastelanders-0049} Wipons-Jee
  • {Wastelanders-0068} Yorhowa
  • {Wastelanders-0011} Daoban
  • {Wastelanders-00DB} Boshang I
  • {Wastelanders-0119} Nokyere II
  • {Wastelanders-0144} Oulaang XII
  • {Wastelanders-017E} Mundihu
  • {Wastelanders-00F1} Daxing
  • {Wastelanders-0070} Agnana-Asmi
  • {Wastelanders-0051} Yiwulaan
  • {Wastelanders-004B} Tuglaiy
  • {Wastelanders-0128} Yironq-Lim
  • {Wastelanders-0103} Delhashg
  • {Wastelanders-017D} Doushaox
  • {Wastelanders-0143} Yubzina-Awshe
  • {Wastelanders-0069} Lilaera V
  • {Wastelanders-0100} Puncog
  • {Wastelanders-00EF} Ehhoell
  • {Wastelanders-001C} Iugyuanuw
  • {Wastelanders-005A} Zaxoisai V
  • {Wastelanders-003B} Gayeong 
  • {Wastelanders-001D} Zuhenrona
  • {Wastelanders-005B} Lukourt
  • {Wastelanders-0032} Briastaip
  • {Wastelanders-0066} Ihunahin-Irche
  • {Wastelanders-005E} Dadian
  • {Wastelanders-003C} Alangy-Act
  • {Wastelanders-016E} Uibuqia-Tevero
  • {Wastelanders-00DA} Nenjia
  • {Wastelanders-0167} Radenni_Hikik
  • {Wastelanders-0111} Yichabs-Itar
  • {Wastelanders-0036} Giqwnron
  • {Wastelanders-055C} Hilashang
  • {Wastelanders-0052} Hanvey
  • {Wastelanders-0079} The Void Star
  • {Wastelanders-001F} Uweinin
  • {Wastelanders-0127} Yaanugzh
  • {Wastelanders-0129} Letenqi-Ikm
  • {Wastelanders-0168} Ronghae-Litsa
  • {Wastelanders-000E} Oisarg V
  • {Wastelanders-0040} Qarabk
  • {Wastelanders-000D} Gujangg-Labe
  • {Wastelanders-0075} Racalan-Lons
  • {Wastelanders-01CC} Xuding-Ris
  • {Wastelanders-0178} Jiggyeo-Aqenz
  • {Wastelanders-000B} Ahdzanng
  • {Wastelanders-000A} Kacholu
  • {Wastelanders-01CA} Orkhangd
  • {Wastelanders-01B1} Dainguzha
  • {Wastelanders-01B1} Dainguzha
  • {Wastelanders-01F8} Antoud-Woshur
  • {Wastelanders-016B} Endenq-Mio
  • {Wastelanders-016D} Keshann
  • {Wastelanders-0193} Jungring
  • {Wastelanders-0192} Xangoshu
  • {Wastelanders-0179} Achowl

Navigators[edit | edit source]