Water Bases of Lonestargazer

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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

Water Bases of Lonestargazer
Water Bases of Lonestargazer
Galaxy Budullangr
Discovered by Lonestargazer
Game Mode Normal/Creative/Survival
Platform PS4
Release Atlas Rises

Star Systems with underwater bases in the Budullangr galaxy

Summary[edit | edit source]

These are the only two known water bases in the Budullangr galaxy; built by PS4 (Reddit user) Lonestargazer. Both Habitable Bases are submerged in water, and both have outstanding base creations.

Budullangr Water Bases[edit | edit source]

This player has built bases in all three game modes, in these same locations. My documentation is all from Normal Mode.

  • Atlantis - The First Water Base is located in the outer reaches of the galaxy; two Port System have been created so you can portal transfer to the location and experience the whole Region. You can also Portal in and drive/walk to the destination, distance is 14hrs (walking) away.
  • Mega Yacht - The Second Water Base is the newest built in the Core regions of Budullangr. I have called it The Ol' 1776 because of the front markings. The actual base module is buried in the dirt, so bring a Terrain Manipulator. It is also advised to land outside the base area and slowly let the base load.

Atlantis[edit | edit source]

Atlantis and Port Systems System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20180331013316.png Ætlœntis 2 Planet; Hot, Lush Yellow, G0pf
Distance from
The Core: 712,756Ly
Target System for Water Base Adventure #1
coords: 0B05:0083:0E44:00BC, Region: Iaplitt
Scatter Blaster Capacity Theta tech available in station.
Discovered, built and imagined completely by PS4 player Meech-ur-Maker.
No Man's Sky 20180330021823.png Himengi-Ats - GenBra Portal Landing Pad 4 Planets; Cactus, Frozen, Fungal and Lush Yellow, G4p
Distance from
The Core: 712,736Ly
Notes: You are free to claim a base in this system. This is a Port system to Water The First Water base located in the outer areas of Budullangr. This system is directly next to the Ætlœntis system.
Region: Iaplitt (seed name: Himengj-Ats VIII)
coords: 0B05:0083:0E44:00BB
Planet Fabrerium Gisari (planet index = 1), Base is a 2 Minute Nomad drive.
No Man's Sky 20180329230441.png Efeili - GenBra Portal Landing Pad 1 Moon; Fungal
3 Planets; Gamma, Exotic Bubbles, Cactus
Yellow, G4f
Distance from
The Core: 712,778Ly
Notes: You are free to claim a base in this system. This is a Port system to Water The First Water base located in the outer areas of Budullangr, only 192Ly away from Ætlœntis.
Region: Iaplitt (seed name: Efeili)
coords: 0B05:0083:0E44:00AC Best Portal: Planet Index = 3

Mega Yacht[edit | edit source]

Mega Yacht at the Core System Name System Brief Star Color
No Man's Sky 20180404020455.png Olympus NHO 2 Moons; Dead, Dead
2 Planets; Frozen, Gamma
Yellow, F5p
Distance from
The Core: 3754Ly
Notes: Opulent system near the Center of the galaxy that contains the Mega Yacht base.
If you need assistance getting to the Budullangr Core, travel The Budullangr Hub Trail
coords: 0804:0078:07FC:01A8

Video[edit | edit source]

Most current Normal Mode of Atlantis - Video by intothedoor

Other base version' - video by Lonestargazer

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Additional Info[edit | edit source]

Organization[edit source]

Exploration by
GenBra Space Corp.

This page provides documentation for GenBra Space Corp an exploration entity.

Created by PS4 explorer intothedoor (wiki contact)