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Weekend Missions is a community driven event.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Weekend Missions is a community driven event that consists of weekly missions. Its purpose is to help Polo and Nada determine how the universe changed recently.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

Nada's spacetime loom has detected a concerning pattern resonating across the universe, and they need help from their explorer friends to investigate. Readings indicate a disturbance in reality, where an anomalous – and possibly sinister – force has begun to leak through to this universe…

These weekend missions, which bring explorers together on a specific planet, will tell a story that will unfold over the coming months. They also offer significant Quicksilver rewards…

Travellers who wish to participate will find a new chapter available at the Nexus each week, from Friday evenings (GMT) until early Monday morning.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • All missions require the player to interact with 3 Knowledge Stones to recover Portal coordinates for the mission.
  • The player has to travel through the portal to a specified location, find a marked Point of Interest, and collect certain amount of various resources, then return back through the Portal to collect their rewards.

Reference List of Weekend Mission Systems[edit | edit source]

Seq Date Period PC PS4 Xbox Resources POI
01 1 Nov 2019 Oslobol Oslobol (PS4) TBC 12 Living Pearls Crashed Freighter (Underwater)
02 8 Nov 2019 Iganens Iganens (PS4) TBC 16 Electric Cubes Boundary Failure
03 15 Nov 2019 NMS Cafe Amino NMS Cafe Amino (PS4) TBC 60 Pulpy Roots Abandoned Building
04 22 Nov 2019 NMS Cafe Amino NMS Cafe Amino (PS4) TBC 90 Feline Livers Traveller Grave
05 29 Nov 2019 Hofordi-Buduli XI Hofordi-Buduli XI (PS4) TBC 2000 Solanium Holo-Terminus
06 6 Dec 2019 Pudovs-Nayo Pudovs-Nayo (PS4) TBC 16 Albumen Pearls Plaque (Gek)
07 13 Dec 2019 Snomen-Yedn XIX Snomen-Yedn XIX (PS4) TBC 16 Sac Venoms Crashed Ship (Fighter)
08 20 Dec 2019 Luganxois IX Aberdeen (PS4) TBC 16 Crystal Sulphide Monolith (Korvax)
09 27 Dec 2019 Epugao HanX (PS4) TBC 16 Vortex Cubes Damaged Machinery
10 3 Jan 2020 Chocolatine FR BX XXXIII Beethoven X (PS4) TBC 8 Storm Crystals Crashed Freighter
11 10 Jan 2020 Michiyama Michiyama (PS4) TBC 25 Gravitino Balls Ancient Ruin (Plaque)(Vy'keen)
12 17 Jan 2020 Emillo Emillo (PS4) TBC 20 Anomalous Tarts Plaque (Gek)
13 24 Jan 2020 WM #13 Aeniens Aeniens (PS4) TBC 200 Salty Fingers Crashed Ship (Hauler) (Underwater)
14 31 Jan 2020 Dugregl Dugregl (PS4) TBC 16 Calcishrooms Boundary Failure
15 7 Feb 2020 Maibarab Maibarab (PS4) TBC 90 Offal Sacs Traveller Grave
16 14 Feb 2020 Berunn-Hird Berunn-Hird (PS4) TBC 60 Impulse Beans Crashed Freighter
17 21 Feb 2020 Davlov-Aru Davlov-Aru (PS4) TBC 200 Pugneum Holo-Terminus
18 28 Feb 2020 Procedual Traveller Telax (PS4) TBC 40 Anomalous Jam Ancient Ruin (Plaque) (Gek)
19 6 Mar 2020 NMSA-Cpt-Steve Zehengd-Kojim (PS4) TBC 16 Albumen Pearls Crashed Ship (Explorer)
20 13 Mar 2020 WM #20 - Opetuk-Cukrod XV Opetuk-Cukrod XV (PS4) TBC 16 Creature Eggs Traveller Grave
21 20 Mar 2020 Viky System. xD Punxsutawney (PS4) TBC 60 Hexaberry Crashed Freighter
22 27 Mar 2020 Viky. xD Ettsuji Ix (PS4) TBC 1200 Star Bulb Monolith
23 03 Apr 2020 Viky system. xD Eydars (PS4) TBC 60 Impulse Beans Abandoned Building
24 10 Apr 2020 Ayoroza-Mase Ayoroza-Mase (PS4) TBC 25 Gravitino Balls Traveller Grave
25 18 Apr 2020 Zeta Reticuli Rekarety XVII (PS4) TBC 16 Vortex Cubes Plaque (Korvax)
26 25 Apr 2020 Aokakoj Aokakoj (PS4) TBC 16 Storm Crystals Holo-Terminus
27 01 May 2020 Gonmout Gonmout (PS4) TBC 24 Albumen Pearls Crashed Ship (Shuttle)
28 08 May 2020 What We Do In The Shadows Isherbi-Tutor (PS4) TBC 60 Heptaploid Wheat Ancient Ruin (Plaque) (Vy'keen)
29 15 May 2020 Ivtjen-Hichi XVI Ivtjen-Hichi XVI (PS4) TBC 6 Hexplate Bush Boundary Failure
30 22 May 2020 Rodonez Rodonez (PS4) TBC 12 Living Pearls Crashed Freighter (Underwater)

Acknowledgements[edit | edit source]

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