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Weekend Missions is a community-driven event.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Weekend Missions is a community-driven event that consists of weekly missions. Its purpose is to help Polo and Nada determine how the universe changed recently.

Game Description[edit | edit source]

Nada's spacetime loom has detected a concerning pattern resonating across the universe, and they need help from their explorer friends to investigate. Readings indicate a disturbance in reality, where an anomalous – and possibly sinister – force has begun to leak through to this universe…

These weekend missions, which bring explorers together on a specific planet, will tell a story that will unfold over the coming months. They also offer significant Quicksilver rewards…

Travellers who wish to participate will find a new chapter available at the Nexus each week, from Friday evenings (GMT) until early Monday morning.

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • At the start of the mission the player has the option to speak with one of the Residents in the Space Anomaly for additional details (lore) before seeking the Knowledge Stones.
  • All missions require the player to interact with three Knowledge Stones to recover Portal coordinates for the mission.
  • The player has to travel through the Portal to a specified location, find a marked Point of Interest, and collect a certain amount of various resources, then return back through the Portal to collect their rewards.

Reference List of Weekend Mission Systems (Season 1)[edit | edit source]

Seq Date Period Portal Code Galactic Address PC PS4 Xbox # Resources POI
01 1 Nov 2019 0144B573F95C 015B:0034:0F3E:0144 Oslobol Oslobol TBC 12 Living Pearls Crashed Freighter (Underwater)
02 8 Nov 2019 10FF182964AA 0CA9:0097:0A95:00FF Iganens Iganens TBC 16 Electric Cubes Boundary Failure
03 15 Nov 2019 11F366324C16 0415:00E5:0B23:01F3 NMS France was here NMS France was here TBC 60 Pulpy Roots Abandoned Building
04 22 Nov 2019 30F607272323 0B22:0086:0A71:00F6 Watere-Xezbe NMS Cafe Amino TBC 90 Feline Livers Traveller Grave
05 29 Nov 2019 10610E3057EE 0FED:008D:0B04:0061 I see you Hofordi-Buduli XI TBC 2000 Solanium Holo-Terminus
06 6 Dec 2019 21B13538C8F7 00F6:00B4:0B8B:01B1 Pudovs-Nayo Pudovs-Nayo TBC 16 Albumen Pearls Plaque (Gek)
07 13 Dec 2019 10D92420546E 0C6D:00A3:0A04:00D9 Snomen-Yedn XIX Snomen-Yedn XIX TBC 16 Sac Venoms Crashed Ship (Fighter)
08 20 Dec 2019 11338D40158A 0D89:000C:0C00:0133 Luganxois IX Aberdeen TBC 16 Crystal Sulphide Monolith (Korvax)
09 27 Dec 2019 31CDE8370772 0F71:0067:0B6F:01CD Epugao HanX TBC 16 Vortex Cubes Damaged Machinery
10 3 Jan 2020 21D4501EC013 0812:00CF:09EB:01D4 Chocolatine FR BX XXXIII Beethoven X TBC 08 Storm Crystals Crashed Freighter
11 10 Jan 2020 6182588F1956 0155:00D7:00F0:0182 Michiyama Michiyama TBC 25 Gravitino Balls Ancient Ruin (Plaque) (Vy'keen)
12 17 Jan 2020 30C6233C062E 0E2D:00A2:0BBF:00C6 Emillo Emillo TBC 20 Anomalous Tarts Plaque (Gek)
13 24 Jan 2020 21C8F44A5ED7 06D6:0073:0CA4:01C8 WM #13 Aeniens Aeniens TBC 200 Salty Fingers Crashed Ship (Hauler) (Underwater)
14 31 Jan 2020 603CF5241B1D 031C:0074:0A40:003C Dugregl Dugregl TBC 16 Calcishrooms Boundary Failure
15 7 Feb 2020 116D3D540547 0D46:00BC:0D3F:016D Maibarab Maibarab TBC 90 Offal Sacs Traveller Grave
16 14 Feb 2020 312B0DA31EBB 06BA:008C:0230:012B Berunn-Hird Berunn-Hird TBC 60 Impulse Beans Crashed Freighter
17 21 Feb 2020 509F84F57D78 0577:0003:0756:009F Davlov-Aru Davlov-Aru TBC 200 Pugneum Holo-Terminus
18 28 Feb 2020 3202EF2CC4A0 0C9F:006E:0ACB:0202 Procedual Traveller Telax TBC 40 Anomalous Jam Ancient Ruin (Plaque) (Gek)
19 6 Mar 2020 2112739B139C 0B9B:00F2:01B0:0112 NMSA-Cpt-Steve Zehengd-Kojim TBC 16 Albumen Pearls Crashed Ship (Explorer)
20 13 Mar 2020 60D447EB0728 0F27:00C6:06AF:00D4 WM #20 - Opetuk-Cukrod XV Opetuk-Cukrod XV TBC 16 Creature Eggs Traveller Grave
21 20 Mar 2020 6203FCD05649 0E48:007B:0504:0203 Viky System. xD Punxsutawney TBC 60 Hexaberry Crashed Freighter
22 27 Mar 2020 4072FAE1B962 0161:0079:061A:0072 Viky. xD Ettsuji IX TBC 1200 Star Bulb Monolith (Gek)
23 03 Apr 2020 105508F0E6AE 0EAD:0087:070D:0055 Viky system. xD Eydars TBC 60 Impulse Beans Abandoned Building
24 10 Apr 2020 31850693BEC4 06C3:0085:013A:0185 Ayoroza-Mase Ayoroza-Mase TBC 25 Gravitino Balls Traveller Grave
25 18 Apr 2020 30DEFC09D6EE 0EED:007B:089C:00DE Zeta Reticuli Rekarety XVII TBC 16 Vortex Cubes Plaque (Korvax)
26 25 Apr 2020 20E4069A72AD 0AAC:0085:01A6:00e4 Aokakoj Aokakoj TBC 16 Storm Crystals Holo-Terminus
27 01 May 2020 1011F75843D7 0BD6:0076:0D83:0011 Gonmout Gonmout TBC 24 Albumen Pearls Crashed Ship (Shuttle)
28 08 May 2020 2153FB6D1154 0953:007A:0ED0:0153 What We Do In The Shadows Isherbi-Tutor TBC 60 Heptaploid Wheat Ancient Ruin (Plaque) (Vy'keen)
29 15 May 2020 405507FBC6BF 0EBE:0086:07BB:0055 Ivtjen-Hichi XVI Ivtjen-Hichi XVI TBC 06 Hexplate Bush Boundary Failure
30 22 May 2020 0169FC678D73 0572:007B:0E77:0169 Rodonez Rodonez TBC 12 Living Pearls Crashed Freighter (Underwater)

Acknowledgements[edit | edit source]

Recognition in compiling the weekend mission list for assistance from:

Season 1 Videos[edit | edit source]

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Reference List of Weekend Mission Systems (Season 2)[edit | edit source]

Seq Date Period Portal Code Galactic Address PC PS4 Xbox # Resources POI
01 12 Jun 2020 110EF9F3A6C9 0EC8:0078:0739:010E Attiru Igotit Attiru TBC 16 Vortex Cubes Monolith (Gek) (Type 2)
02 19 Jun 2020 114805AA0B9B 039A:0084:029F:0148 Yes I can hear you... Yeldure TBC 16 Tall Eggs Holo-Terminus
03 26 Jun 2020 11CEFF9BECCC 04CB:007E:01BD:01CE Kuyamam-Rapul I Kuyamam-Rapul I TBC 16 Sac Venoms Crashed Ship (Hauler)
04 03 Jul 2020 11F4F91DA978 0177:0078:09D9:01F4 Baxx Kubimus-Ilium Kubimus-Ilium 250 Pugneum Abandoned Building (Manufacturing Facility)
05 10 Jul 2020 10E508A1ACC0 04BF:0087:0219:00E5 Liverpool FC Gexudin-Ando Gexudin-Ando 40 Sweetroot Traveler Grave
06 17 Jul 2020 1117FBF686E8 0EE7:007A:0767:0117 Annaka Annaka Annaka 40 Pulpy Roots Crashed Freighter
07 24 Jul 2020 21DE0936B5C7 0DC6:0088:0B6A:01DE Eciusi-Lavi Ecisusi-Lavi Ecisusi-Lavi 16 Crystal Sulphide Ancient Ruin (Plaque) (Korvax)
08 31 July 2020 313AFB6EBFE2 07E1:007A:0EEA:013A Ketajimat XIV Ketajimat XIV Ketajimat XIV 90 Meaty Chunks Plaque (Vy'keen)
09 07 Aug 2020 1200FBA353D2 0BD1:007A:0234:0200 Wadano Wadano TBC 24 Albumen Pearls Crashed Ship (Shuttle)

Season 2 Videos[edit | edit source]

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Season Two Story Text[edit | edit source]

Story Text (for weeks already done)
Week One - Speaking to Ariadne - 16 Vortex Cubes
1_LANG There is still cause for hope, Like-Traveller, even in the face of calamity. I have a plan...
1_OPTION_A Ask them about their plan
1_RESOLUTION_A Trace the route ahead with knowledge stones, follow them towards a portal and heal this blight. As for my path?

We were not born to run and hide, Like-Traveller. The time has come.

RESOLUTION I intend to face the cause of all these anomalies and disturbances myself, whatever the cost.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION A transmission emanates from the corrupted structure. Between the screams of Gek cultists, one word is clear, again and again.

It demands sacrifice. It demands materials. 'Abyss'.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_A The cult was unable to feed its master. My service is demanded instead. I must bring Resources here...
RESOLUTION The transmission has changed with the collapse of the anomaly. Instead, Gek voices speak of gratitude and friendship.

They tell me that this world could be a home for me. That I should stay. That the water is perfectly safe to drink. They tell me they have been so lonely.

Week Two - Speaking to Gemini - 16 Tall Eggs
2_LANG Ariadne has disappeared!

I tried to stop them -- I tried to make them see reason! Oh, I hope they are safe…

2_OPTION_A Reassure them
2_OPTION_C Ask what you can do
2_RESOLUTION_A Gemini gesticulates, shaking in panic.
2_RESOLUTION2_A How can you be so calm? Ariadne seeks the source of the Abyss itself!

If I were more reckless, if I knew where they had gone, I would follow them and make sure they are alright.

I cannot ask you to go through the portal, to seek knowledge stones..

It would be your choice, and your choice alone.

2_RESOLUTION_C Gemini gesticulates, relieved and grateful for your aid.
2_RESOLUTION_2_C Ariadne seeks the source of the Abyss itself! You must follow in their steps!

Seek knowledge stones, step through the portal and find our friend! Hurry! There is no time to lose!

2_RESOLUTION_B Ariadne is in danger! We must find the knowledge stones for the next anomaly! Ah!
MISSION_DESCRIPTION The anomaly sings with voices, of Travellers across time and space.

I hear their names in the static... Asteria, the Hero-Traveller... Narcissus, ally of the Last Spawn..

They are countless. The anomaly demands a sacrifice. It does not speak with malice. It is in pain.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_A Countless voices cry out for my help. I must provide Resources. I must heal the world.
RESOLUTION The rift heals itself. I track the navigational data of all those who passed through this place.

Names fill my mind. Lazarus. Artemis. Hildebrand

I transfer the navigational data to the Nexus. This data will take some time to decode…

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_B A mossy growth coats the structure. Its tiny leaves wriggle excitedly when I move my hand closer.

Is this an offering? Something to aid me?

RESOLUTION_B The compost falls easily into my hands. It smells sweet, almost appetising.
Week Three - Speaking to Mercury - 16 Sac Venom
3_LANG_9 I often wonder about the nature of our existence, Portal-Adept.

What Ariadne's recent disappearance means for us.

There are some who believe the Travellers to be the same soul, split across countless iterations and universes.

How we might have been, had we lived different lives…

3_OPTION_A_9 Ask about the mission
3_RESOLUTION_A_9 Mercury sighs, tired, but nods all the same.
3_RESOLUTION2_A_9 Of course. The great work must come first.

We have located Ariadne's ship. Or, rather, we have located hundreds of them, duplicated and morphed across the known universe.

The portal network is a blighted, dangerous thing. You must be careful, following in such steps.

Commune with stones of knowledge. Step through the gate. Discover the truth.

3_RESOLUTION_B_9 You still do not understand? Trace knowledge stones and find Ariadne's ship on the other side of the portal.

Whatever you do... don't drink the water.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_9 Ariadne's ship lies before me.

My Exosuit screams, telling me to step back. Trying to save me from infection.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_9A The Abyss is before us both. It demands tribute. It demands more.
RESOLUTION_9 Corruption leaves this vessel, and with it a thousand duplicates disappear across the stars. I read the data-log.

Before this ship's reality-splinter, it came into contact with a strange, vast freighter in the darkness between suns.

Its sole occupant managed to escape before the crash. Ariadne is still out there, somehow, somewhere.

My friend still lives.

Week Four - Speaking to Tethys - 250 Pugneum
4_LANG_18 I once lived with a Vy'keen appearance mod for an entire year, you know? Did a lot of things I regret.

I don't even know why I'm talking about it. We're not friends. You're a stranger.

4_OPTION_A_18 Offer to be friends
4_OPTION_C_18 Agree and stay silent
4_RESOLUTION_A_18 Do this for me, maybe I'll think about it, alright? I got a mission for you.

A factory has been targeted... a clandestine operation I have some interest in.

It shifts from world to world to avoid sentinel detection.

I need you to track down knowledge stones, find its current portal coordinates.

Don't let me down.

4_RESOLUTION_C_18 Tethys seems disappointed. They had hoped you would fight for their friendship.
4_RESOLUTION2_C_18 I... I got a mission for you.

A factory has been targeted... a clandestine operation I have some interest in.

It shifts from world to world to avoid sentinel detection.

I need you to track down knowledge stones, find its current portal coordinates.

I just need some help.

4_RESOLUTION_B_18 Find the disturbance by tracing knowledge stones.

It's a factory you'll be looking for, on the other side.

Any portal should show you the way.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_18 Various species once worked in this place, gathering and manipulating genetic data to form appearance modifications.

The factory's records are corrupted by the static, but I can access the final designs.

The workers began creating appearance modifications of pure light, spheres in the place of heads.

All of them are now dead.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_18A The structure demands new data. It demands sacrifice.
RESOLUTION_18 As the corruption fades, I search the factory's records one last time, trying to find evidence of its last days.

At some point, the workers discovered the holographic displays they'd created had replaced their real skulls.

With these spheres of light had come nightmares.

The images seem familiar, somehow. Like I've seen this face before.

Week Five - Speaking to Hesperus - 40 Sweetroot
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_5 Hesperus seems troubled. When I approach, they hide their data pad.
LANG_5 Ariadne has sent word... they are returning to us, kindred. They are safe.
OPTION_A_5 Ask what is wrong
RESOLUTION_A_5 Tell me. Did you ever hear the story of the Hero-Traveller Asteria? One of the first of us to breach the gap between worlds.

Time flows strangely for our people.

Asteria was preserved in a Mind-Arc after their death, dispensing wisdom from the grave.

It is a pilgrimage we have all made. It is time you seek your prophecy, kindred.

Find their world. Follow the knowledge stones and take their glyphs through the portal…

RESOLUTION_B_5 Seek the grave of Asteria the Hero-Traveller.

Follow the knowledge stones and the path to which they lead.

TITLE_5 Grave of Asteria
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_5 The grave of Asteria hisses with a familiar corruption.

All around, I detect the life signs of Travellers cut from reality.

A weary voice speaks, barely audible above the static.

Asteria tells me they once led the Vy'keen into battle against emissaries of glass.

They once doomed a Sentinel fleet.

They tell me I will be betrayed.

They tell me I will become a betrayer, too.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_5A Corruption has come to this place.

It wishes to bargain. It wishes to take all the matter and life that it can.

RESOLUTION_5 The Mind-Arc is cleansed. The soul within it thanks the Travellers for their assistance.

I ask Asteria for any prophecy they can give. I ask about the nature of my enemy.

They tell me the Abyss is not what it seems.

The voice goes silent. I leave, troubled by what I have heard.

Week Six - Speaking to Ariadne? - 40 Pulpy Roots
1_LANG_10 I'm home. I am finally home. Like-Traveller, I am so glad to look upon your face.
1_OPTION_A_10 Tell them you feel the same
1_OPTION_C_10 Ask where they have been
1_RESOLUTION_A_10 I went in search of the Abyss. I almost faced our adversary, and then…

I - I have no recollection of what happened to me in that void, Like-Traveller.

I only know that I awoke, and I was hunted. Haunted.

There was a ship, vast and terrible. Still the corruption undulates…

Find the knowledge stones. Go through the portal. I will gather my strength for your return.

1_RESOLUTION_B_10 Follow their knowledge stones through the portal. Fight our enemy...
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_10 The freighter was Vy'keen, once. It was an inquisitor's vessel, scouring the galaxies for heretics.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_10A All it found was death. The corruption is here, now. It is everywhere. It yearns for tribute...
RESOLUTION_10 The corruption has departed. All that is left are the sad logs of suffering beings, protesting their innocence.

The parent of a Mech-Priest, claiming they do not know where their child is, claiming that they still follow the way of Hirk.

The data reveals all prisoners were executed, prior to a mutiny.

The remaining crew members left into the dark. Nothing beside remains.

Week Seven - Speaking to Gemini - 16 Crystal Sulphide
2_LANG_19 Ariadne has returned! Our friend is safe! Ah, rejoice!
2_OPTION_A_19 Rejoice
2_OPTION_C_19 Ask for a mission
2_RESOLUTION_A_19 Would that our brethren shared your spirit!
2_RESOLUTION_C_19 You are right. Our task here is more important than ever.
2_RESOLUTION2_A_19 Hesperus is avoiding us. They've been travelling into Korvax space, more and more.

I fear for them, that they may be planning something dangerous. And this is no time for secrets…

Will you follow them?

Find their coordinates, follow the knowledge stones. The portal will show you the way.

2_RESOLUTION_B_19 Please, trace the knowledge stones to the corruption site. Follow the portals.

Find Hesperus. I fear for them...

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_19 My sensors detect the remnants of a thousand Korvax souls, spread all across this system.

They tried to simulate the Abyss. They succeeded only in gaining its attention.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_19A It will take much to heal this void. Without sustenance, it will devour system upon system...
RESOLUTION_19 The rift healed, I discover the origin of the experiment.

Hesperus had been working with the Korvax... had been trying to solve our predicament.

Their failure here has caused devastation to this species.

I do not know if my friend survived…

Week Eight - Speaking to Mercury - 90 Meaty Chunks
3_LANG_20 Calamity has befallen us, Portal-Adept. A thousand Korvax souls have been severed from the Convergence.

The result of a fellow Traveller's ambition exceeding their grasp.

Hesperus was working with the Korvax to try to simulate the Abyss itself. It came for them instead.

If Hesperus returns to us, do you believe we can still trust them?

They have much to answer for.

3_OPTION_A_20 Declare your trust
3_OPTION_C_20 Shake your head
3_RESOLUTION_A_20 I hope you are right, Portal-Adept.
3_RESOLUTION_C_20 This pains me, Portal-Adept. Though I fear you may be correct.
3_RESOLUTION2_A_20 Ariadne says we cannot afford to lose hope, not now.

These anomalies continue to spread…

Knowledge stones will lead the way. It is all we can hope to do.

You will find the next incursion through a portal.

3_RESOLUTION_B_20 The knowledge stones will light your path, Portal-Adept. Go. Do what I cannot.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_20 The corruption welcomes me, claiming that it has met me, time and time again.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_20A I hear its static in my mind, now. It demands gifts. It claims to have given me so many...
RESOLUTION_20 The anomaly ceases. I think back to Mercury's doubts... to the failures of Hesperus…

My fellow Travellers are doing their best. We must help each other, I know.

And with the thought, another slithers down my spine.

It is not my own. It is a voice within me.

I must help it.

Week Nine - Speaking to Tethys - 24 Albumen Pearls
4_MISSION_DESCRIPTION_11 Tethys seems uneasy. Their lidless eyes flick towards Mercury's empty post.
4_LANG_11 Tell me. Do you ever feel lonely?
4_OPTION_A_11 Say everyone does
4_OPTION_C_11 Say no
4_RESOLUTION_A_11 I'm not everyone, though, am I? I'm supposed to be better...
4_RESOLUTION_C_11 No? Hm. You're bluffing.
4_RESOLUTION2_A_11 They shift uncomfortably.
4_RESOLUTION3_A_11 Perhaps there’s more chance of survival if we travel alone. I don’t know how much longer we will be safe here.

The knowledge stones call to all of us, now. The portals need you.

4_RESOLUTION_B_11 Follow the knowledge stones, go through the portal. I need to make my own preparations.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_11 Corruption boils through the crashed vessel, but somehow the captain’s log is unaffected.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_11A The pilot was betrayed by one they considered an ally.

The Abyss can only take what it is invited to consume. It desires so much more, even now...

RESOLUTION_11 The corruption purged, I look more closely at the fallen vessel’s data.

The Traveller pilot believed they heard voices, those days prior to the crash.

Whispers from their own Exosuit issued out into the void, bargaining for survival…

I leave, checking my own for signs of tampering or malfunction. All seems as it should be.

SPOILERS Story Text (for weeks not yet done)
Week Ten - Speaking to Hesperus - ?
5_LANG_6 Ah, kindred... do not fear. All my guilt has been purged from my mind.

Nanite Clusters can transform neurons with ease...

5_OPTION_A_6 Listen
5_RESOLUTION_A_6 I helped the Korvax create their simulation of the Abyss.

I truly grieve their passing, kindred. But that work alone did not determine their fate!

Someone among us is a traitor... someone led the Abyss to us!

Do you not see? The knowledge stones are being hijacked!

Whoever is behind this betrayal wants us to go through the portals. They want us to feed the anomalies.

Step through the breach once more, kindred. I will try to free us from this terrible loop…

5_RESOLUTION_B_6 Find the knowledge stones, step through the portal. I will watch and observe...
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_6 The grave crackles with exotic energies.
The Traveller who once rested here is long gone, harvested by a Mind Arc from another universe.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_6A The grave is a place of unending yearning, now. Its existence demands a tribute of Resources.
RESOLUTION_6 The grave is purified. I attempt to find the name of the one who died here, but all I find is a null value.

I depart, troubled. It feels as if someone is watching me...

Week Eleven - Speaking to ? - ?
1_LANG_12 Ah, Like-Traveller. You have returned.
1_MISSION_DESCRIPTION_12 Their face twists into something half-resembling a smile.
1_OPTION_A_12 Return the smile
1_OPTION_C_12 Ask for a mission
1_RESOLUTION_A_12 Some believe all Travellers are one entity, split over untold forms and bodies.

I am you, and you are me.

This is why I believe in you, Like-Traveller. If we work together, we can save all that we are.

Knowledge stones are an Atlas-Gift. Who are we to refuse the portals’ call?

1_RESOLUTION_B_12 Follow the knowledge stones, Like-Traveller, and the portal will lead you to our next task.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_12 Devotees of the Atlas came to this world to pray, once.

An anomaly distorts their crashed vessel. It claimed the lives of those within long ago.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_12A Now the anomaly desires more.

It waits for our invitation to depart, for Resources to quench its unfathomable thirst.

RESOLUTION_12 The crashed vessel is purged of all anomalous traces.

Its log speaks of the Atlas who made all things... even loss. Even hate.

I wonder if, in their final moments, they trusted in their deity. If they hoped for salvation…

Week Twelve - Speaking to Gemini - ?
2_MISSION_DESCRIPTION_21 Gemini looks at schematics for Exosuits. They don’t seem to notice my approach...
2_OPTION_A_21 Greet your friend
2_RESOLUTION_A_21 They hide the schematics, hesitating as they turn to face me.
2_RESOLUTION2_A_21 So much of our lives are mysteries, my friend. The faces we are born with…

The clothes we wear. Who made the Exosuits? Who speaks with their voice?

The knowledge stones, the portals they lead us through... they are our birthright.

There is so much out there, still to be found.

2_RESOLUTION_B_21 Follow the knowledge stones, as we always have.

It is the right of any Traveller to go through the portals...

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_21 The structure once housed an artificial intelligence.

Corruption now festers within its shell, hating all that it once was.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_21A This place desires only matter. It wants me to bring it more.
RESOLUTION_21 I see the final vestiges of the AI as all corruption departs, the final fifteen minutes of its life…

It knew I would come here. It knew I would try to save it.

Worlds upon worlds seethe in the void. The Abyss spreads.

Week Thirteen - Speaking to Hesperus - ?
3_LANG_22 These are grim times, Portal-Adept. Our community has fallen to strife.
3_OPTION_A_22 Ask what is wrong
3_RESOLUTION_A_22 Hesperus has grown paranoid. They refuse to attend our meetings. They shun even Nada and Polo.

You must not become like our former friend. You do such vital work…

The knowledge stones will guide you on your path through the portals. They will show you the path to salvation.

3_RESOLUTION_B_22 Allow the knowledge stones to be your guide. The portals will lead you to salvation.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_22 The structure has been infected, its anomalous calls echoing through the planet itself.
MISSION_DESCRIPTION_22A The Abyss requires Resources. Without them, this world will be lost forever...
RESOLUTION_22 I do my duty. The corruption fades. I hear its voice... I feel its feelings…

I feel malice, hatred, despair – all of it directed only against its own self…

I see memories of water…

Week Fourteen - Speaking to ? - ?
4_LANG_7 Traveller... has your Exosuit been operating at proper capacity?
4_OPTION_A_7 Say it has
4_OPTION_C_7 Say it has not
4_RESOLUTION_A_7 Hm. I’ve been hearing strange noises from my own suit. Almost like it is whispering.

An associate of mine went to Korvax space to complete an analysis of our signals, but they’ve not returned

Will you go and find them through the portal?

The knowledge stones should show their path.

4_RESOLUTION_B_7 Another associate of mine is missing.

Find them through the portal..

Knowledge stones should lay out your destination. Be quick.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_7 Did a Traveller do this?

There is evidence that a Multi-Tool was fired upon the fallen friend of Tethys, their analysis never completed.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_7A Around the grave corruption spreads, demanding its tribute.
RESOLUTION_7 The grave is purified.

I examine traces of the battle, of the fallen Traveller’s memories.

I see a face that is not a face, an arm raised to fire their weapon.

I see the murderer.

It is Ariadne.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_7B A mossy growth coats this gravesite.

Its tiny leaves wriggle excitedly when I move my hand closer.

Is this an offering? Something to aid me?

RESOLUTION_7B The compost falls easily into my hands. It smells sweet, almost appetising.
Week Fifteen - Speaking to Ariadne - ?
5_LANG_23 The others will be back soon, kindred.

We do not have much time...

5_OPTION_A_23 Listen
5_RESOLUTION_A_23 Ariadne tells us the universe is burning with corruption, that only we Travellers can fight it.

But these missions... these lies. my kindred, we have been deceived.

I thought my scans must be wrong.

I thought I'd dreamt the whispers I heard in my mind.

5_RESOLUTION2_A_23 Hesperus shakes, tormented.
5_RESOLUTION3_A_23 Ariadne crashed their ship some weeks ago.

They never returned.

The entity who now leads us is an impostor.

Find the knowledge stones, set your path through the portal.

See the truth for yourself.

5_RESOLUTION_B_23 Ariadne - the real Ariadne - is still out there.

Prove this deception, kindred.

Find the knowledge stones, go through the portal network.

Find the truth...

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_23 The structure sings with exotic energies.

It sees me. It knows my mind.

In the song I hear names, distant, faded.

I hear the number at the end of all things.

I see its whisperer. I see a nameless form banish Ariadne.

And I see a duplicate arising from the crash, returning to claim its shape.

If this vision is to be believed, then Hesperus is right.

Ariadne is an impostor.

MISSION_DESCRIPTION_23A This place wishes to help me. if I can just provide it with Resources.
RESOLUTION_23 The exotic energy dissipates... but its song lingers.

What has become of Ariadne?

Who is the impostor standing in their place?

Other known associated text
2_WAIT_EXOTIC5_GONE_1 Hello! Have we met? I don't believe so. I'm Gemini.
2_WAIT_EXOTIC5_GONE_2 The lifeform greets me kindly, but their smile wavers, as though something upsetting is on their mind

Perhaps I should return another day.

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