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Summary[edit | edit source]

This page will provide short articles on new updates to the NMS wiki that may prove useful to wiki editors and readers. These may include new infobox parameters, new reference pages, updates on page standards, etc. etc. If you have suggestions or comments, leave a note on the talk page. Entries will stay on this page for three months.

Infobox / CARGO table updates (30 August 2020)[edit | edit source]

A new parameter of researchteam has been added to the infobox for Creatures. This field will NOT be displayed in the infobox, but will be used to create a hidden category for the page in the form of researchteam - Creature Research. This will allow research teams to record their research work while working across other civs or unclaimed space. After an initial test for Creatures, it will be added to our other infoboxes.

The Coordinates parm has been added to the CARGO table for Multitools.

Automated categories (13 August 2020)[edit | edit source]

Any page using the Planet/Moon/Star System/Region infoboxes will now have their "name" category field automatically built. The preload pages have been updated to remove the boilerplate category text. If the name parameter is missing from the infobox, the name of the wiki page will be used to create the category text. The category page itself will NOT be created, just the link.

Starship preload (31 July 2020)[edit | edit source]

Information required for the starship preload page has been simplified. An automated category is now created based on the starship type, and the "SEE Catalogue" line has been removed, as a reference to the catalogue is already present on the page.

Multitool infobox (31 July 2020)[edit | edit source]

A new parameter of moon has been added to the infobox for Starships. Up to this point, the planet parameter was used, which provided potentially misleading information. This parameter and the planet parameter have been added to the CARGO table as well.

Options for ilink and link templates (July 24, 2020)[edit | edit source]

The ilink and link templates display a regular page link that generates a pop-up of the link's infobox if you hover over the text. These templates are most often used in lists, such as product ingredients or catalogs.

They have some new usage options, both for display and for editing:

  • To display icon without text, use space for display:
{{ilink|name| }}
  • To display text without icon, use {{link}} instead:
  • Optional auto-completion is available when entering the link. Prefix the name parameter with [[, then select the desired entry from the dropdown and hit Enter to auto-complete:
{{ilink|[[start typing

Frigates (23 July 2020)[edit | edit source]

A new catalogue page has been added for Frigates. Unlike our other catalogue pages, there is only a single page that lists all documented frigates in a single view. If the number of reported frigates grows significantly, the page can be split up. As part of this effort, the "type" parameter of the Starship infobox now provides a direct link to the catalogue page for that starship type. When creating a frigate page, use the subtype parm to indicate the frigate's specialty.

General Infobox (20 July 2020)[edit | edit source]

A new General infobox has been added to provide infobox functionality for items that don't normally qualify for an infobox, but would benefit from the presentation. It contains a set of general paramters shared by all infoboxes. This infobox is now used on the Polo and Nada pages, as well as the ATT - Talon page which describes a fictional exocraft. Other usages may include a page for a company subsidiary so that it would not need to use the Company infobox. Unlike other infoboxes, there will be no CARGO storage maintained.

Desolation Updates (16 July 2020)[edit | edit source]

All preload templates have been updated to show the Desolation tag. In addition, the Navigator stub has been removed from the Star System, Planet, and Moon preloads due to minimal use. The Navigator section header will be retained for consistency with previous versions.

When using preloads to enter documentation from Crossplay or earlier versions, be sure to change both the Version macro and the release= parm to show the proper value. If you notice pages that need updates to provide for Desolation information, send the admin team a note.

Civspace Categorization (6 July 2020)[edit | edit source]

All of the wiki Civilized Spaces and Companies have been recategorized for consistency. You can view the main category here. This main grouping consists of three sub groups:

  • Civilized Space - Civilizations: contains all civspace pages
  • Civilized Space - Companies: contains all company pages
  • Civilized Space - Support: misc pages relating to the civspace idea

If an older civspace has been renamed or merged into a newer one, the older entry will be listed as "belonging" to the new entry and will not show as an independent civspace.

If a civspace has subgroups across multiple galaxies, these will also show as "belonging" to the parent entry, unless it is obvious that the subgroup is indeed independent.

Bosaquatica and Procavaquatica genus (19 June 2020)[edit | edit source]

Based on a survey by 11 members of the wiki community, the names Bosaquatica and Procavaquatica have been chosen as the terms used in the wiki to describe the aquatic versions of the Bos and Procavya genus families. Creatures in both of these areas are listed in-game as members of the Unknown genus - these new terms have been coined for ease of wiki reference. All pages referring to these two types of creatures now use Bosaquatica and Procavaquatica consistently. They should be used for all future documenation.

CARGO table updates (16 June 2020)[edit | edit source]

Parameters for Game_release, Galaxy, Region, Biome, and Civilized have been added to the CARGO table for Planets and Moons. The columns for temperatures and rad values were removed, although they can still be entered in the infobox.

Base and Creature infoboxes (10 June 2020)[edit | edit source]

A new parameter of moon has been added to the infoboxes for Bases and Creatures. Up to this point, the planet parmameter was used, which provided potentially misleading information. This parameter will be added to the Flora and Minerals infoboxes in the near future.

Auto-generated category for Planets (10 June 2020)[edit | edit source]

If the civilized parm is used in the Planet infobox, an automated category of Civspace name - Planets will now be created on the page. To create this category for your civ, click the red category link and pick the Civilized Space Subcategory option. Fill out the information and save.

CARGO table updates (10 June 2020)[edit | edit source]

The moon parm mentioned above has been added to the CARGO table for both pages. In addition, the discovered and discoverlinked parms have been added to the Planet and System infoboxes.