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This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

XCR (Cross-Cosmic Regime)
XCR (Cross-Cosmic Regime)
Galaxy Hilbert Dimension
Quadrant Beta Quadrant
Region Erpiachbi Quadrant
System Sayans XV
Headquarters Nexus_(planet)
Founded by Xan
Specialisation Colonization
Platform PC
Release Beyond

XCR is a company.

Overview[edit | edit source]

XCR is a company created by PC user Xan. "XCR" is an acronym for "Cross-Cosmic Regime". It is based in the Erpiachbi Quadrant region of the Hilbert Dimension.

Mission[edit | edit source]

XCR's goal is to colonize and unify worlds across the cosmos as a whole, regardless of Star system or galaxy. These colonized worlds will have infrastructure constructed on them to grant solo explorers and mercenaries easy access to plentiful resources and checkpoints, not unlike the qualities of a Space station or Trading Post, all while doubling as a repository for resources that contribute to XCR as a whole.

Location[edit | edit source]

Faction headquarters are located in the Erpiachbi Quadrant region of the Hilbert Dimension, within star system Sayans XV on Planet Nexus. Currently, no other star systems are occupied due to a recent base corruption issue resulting in the decision to relocate being made.

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

XCR's current headquarters are currently present in the form of a relatively small outpost due to the aforementioned base corruption issue. Thankfully, this issue has been resolved by Hello Games and reconstruction is underway in the new location on Planet Nexus.

Background[edit | edit source]

The faction was founded unofficially in mid-2018 as a simple "idea on paper". It remained in this phase for some time until 30 August 2019 when it was formally established. Most of its inner workings are being rewritten and reconstructed with the aim of XCR being publicly accessible some time in the near future. All operations and workings that are not mentioned on this wiki page are private until further notice.

XCR's primary world "Nexus" was named after the main world in Carbine Studios's MMORPG WildStar (See Nexus). The world doubles as a hub world for old players of WildStar that were part of the "WSRP" guild, which is a publicly accessible hub dedicated to anyone who enjoyed roleplaying on WildStar during its lifetime. WSRP does not have an official company within No Man's Sky at this time, and has no affiliation with XCR. However, personal affiliation with WSRP and all associated players is positive as a result of Xan being a member of the guild.

The symbol in the center of XCR's icon is called "Xan's Sigil". It was not explicitly created for the faction, and instead has significance outside of XCR in private lore. It is being used as a reference and because of its significance to Xan and his writing.

Early Phase[edit | edit source]

The early phases of XCR started off as part of a private RP group. The original idea was created by Xan when trying to come up with a common naming convention for his equipment and ships. It was introduced into this group who ended up adopting the idea seamlessly, and with it, XCR was born. XCR's storyline received some elaboration in other private writings and eventually became something inspired by WildStar's Dominion faction. Unfortunately, its current population is not fit for hosting what may be considered an "Intergalactic Empire".

Modern Phase[edit | edit source]

Xan elected to register XCR as an official organization after becoming inspired by other user-made organizations. A lot of its inner workings are in the process of formalization (being translated into a state that allows them to be written down via documentation rather than being an abstract idea), and the new group aims to become a publicly available resource within a matter of months. It also aims to revisit the idea of becoming an Intergalactic Empire, however current plans of action pertaining to this idea are not the primary focus of the group at this point in time.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • Planets, Star systems, flora, fauna, and minerals may all be named freely at the member's discretion.
  • All freighters and frigates must follow a specific naming convention:
    • The name of the ship in question must have a prefix of `XCR`. Any S-Class vessels must have the prefix `XCR-S`
    • If the ship in question is a replacement for an older unit, and you wish to retain the older unit's name, append roman numerals to the end. For instance, the flagship has been changed three times, resulting in it earning the name "XCR-S Paladin III"
    • Personally-owned parts of a member's fleet that are not intended for use in XCR's operations do not need to follow this naming convention.
  • Members' ships are advised to follow the same naming convention, however this is optional and up to the member's preference. No enforcement or judgement will be made based on the member's preference.

Joining[edit | edit source]

XCR is currently not accepting new members until reconstruction has been completed. Contact Discord User "Xan the Dragon#1760" or Steam User "Xan" if you have any questions.