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The subject of this article is from the Beyond update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 27 November, 2019.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

XCR (Cross-Cosmic Regime)
XCR (Cross-Cosmic Regime)
Galaxy Hilbert Dimension
Quadrant Beta Quadrant
Region Erpiachbi Quadrant
HQ System Sayans XV
Headquarters Nexus_(planet)
Founded by XanTheDragon
Specialisation Colonization
Platform PC
Updated Beyond

XCR is a company.

Overview[edit | edit source]

XCR is a company created by PC user Xan. "XCR" is an acronym for "Cross-Cosmic Regime". It is based in the Erpiachbi Quadrant region of the Hilbert Dimension.

Mission[edit | edit source]

XCR's goal is to colonize and unify worlds across the cosmos as a whole, regardless of Star system or galaxy. These colonized worlds will have infrastructure constructed on them to grant solo explorers and mercenaries easy access to plentiful resources and checkpoints, not unlike the qualities of a Space station or Trading Post, all while doubling as a repository for resources that contribute to XCR as a whole.

Location[edit | edit source]

Faction headquarters are located in the Erpiachbi Quadrant region of the Hilbert Dimension, within star system Sayans XV on Planet Nexus. The faction also has an aquatic base located on Aturnham IX, which was discovered by XCR member McPhobic. This world is located in the Yenshaky system of Eissentam. Similarly to Planet Nexus, Aturnham IX is a green lush world, albeit with more frequent storms.

Headquarters[edit | edit source]

XCR's current headquarters are present in the form of a decently sized outpost on the surface of Planet Nexus. Directly above this outpost and as part of this base is a sky base (also commonly referred to as a "space base") which was given the name "Eti's Sky Home". Eti is the name of a character in Xan's private writing, and by extension, the building is designed to partially represent the character. This character is not affiliated with XCR's backing lore, nor is the building intended to be considered part of the main outpost, hence its vast separation from the main base.

Background[edit | edit source]

The faction was founded unofficially in mid-2018 as a simple "idea on paper". It remained in this phase for some time until 30 August 2019 when it was formally established. Most of its lore is being written and formalized with the aim of XCR being publicly accessible some time in the near future.

XCR's primary world "Nexus" was named after the main world in Carbine Studios's MMORPG WildStar (See Nexus). It was specifically selected due to its appearance, the main points of interest being that it has green grass and two rings.

The symbol in the center of XCR's icon is called "Xan's Sigil". It was not explicitly created for the faction, and instead has significance outside of XCR. It is being used because of its significance to Xan and his private writing.

Early Phase[edit | edit source]

The early phases of XCR started off as part of a private RP group among three individuals. The original idea was created by Xan when trying to come up with a common naming convention for his equipment and ships. It was introduced into this group of people, who ended up adopting the idea seamlessly, and with that, XCR was born. XCR's storyline was developed slowly over time, and eventually became something inspired by WildStar's Dominion faction, minus the generally intolerant mindset that Dominion citizens have towards outsiders of the faction.

Modern Phase[edit | edit source]

Xan elected to register XCR as an official organization after becoming inspired by other user-made organizations. Xan had made a pledge to respect public accessibility; people are allowed to visit the world regardless of organization affiliation, so whether they are there to pay a visit, or to call the place home, they are always welcome! Xan has also made efforts to allow this world to function as a hub for a number of communities outside of No Man's Sky. Notable communities that may see more frequent use of this world despite not having affiliation with XCR are:

  • WSRP, a role-playing guild originally created in WildStar.
  • Ori the Game, which as an official Discord server for the Ori the Game franchise.

As a result of this change, the faction's inner lore has been dropped in favor of simply being recognized privately among the original founders. XCR now serves as a relatively lore-free, public, user-run hub for any members willing to become a part of it. The only lore that stuck around is the loose idea that XCR is supposedly an intergalactic empire, but there is no further information that is more in-depth than this bare-bones concept.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • All bases, uploads, and content otherwise affiliated with XCR must retain a serious nature. Any discovers that violate these rules will not be recognized officially and will have efforts put against them to be removed. The guidelines for content are:
    • Purposely stupid or silly names for discoveries affiliated with XCR are not allowed. No exceptions. Go with the default name for discoveries if you cannot think of something else.
    • Bases that are designed to be purposely low-effort or otherwise appear to be very poorly constructed should not be used for XCR-affiliated activities. Make your bases presentable!
    • Any content that harms the image of XCR and its members, or harms the image of any other faction and its members, is not allowed.
  • Planets, Star systems, flora, fauna, and minerals follow no naming convention aside from the aforementioned rules, if applicable.
  • All freighters and frigates that are intended for use as part of XCR's fleet must follow a specific naming convention on top of the rules listed above:
    • The name of the ship in question must have a prefix of `XCR`. Any S-Class vessels must have the prefix `XCR-S`. It is optional to include this in brackets, so both "[XCR] Ship" and "XCR Ship" are acceptable, the latter without brackets being the preferred method.
    • If the ship in question is a replacement for an older unit where the name is intended to be preserved, append roman numerals to the end. For instance, the flagship has been changed three times, resulting in it earning the name "XCR-S Paladin III"
  • Members' ships are advised to follow the same naming convention, however this is optional and up to the member's preference. No enforcement or judgement will be made based on the member's preference.
  • All bases must have "[XCR]" as the first part of their name if they are intended for faction use or otherwise represent the faction.

If your discovery or content is not for faction use, these guidelines do not apply. It is requested that you try to avoid mixing things up, for instance, having a planet for XCR use in the same system as a planet with a joke name is frowned upon.

Joining[edit | edit source]

For lack of any desires to run coordinated events or otherwise run a dedicated central community hub for XCR, Xan has decided that XCR is best fit as a publicly accessible and entirely user-run organization. So long as users are compliant with the aforementioned guidelines, they are welcome to upload discoveries and publish bases both to the game and to the Atlas Codex page for XCR at their own discretion.