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The subject of this article is from the Pathfinder update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 10 August, 2017.

This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Yebdishtei Federation
Yebdishtei Federation
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Yebdishtei Adjunct
Capital system Druzh I
Founded by Qwerty12489
Federation member Pathfinder
Platform PC
Release Pathfinder

The Yebdishtei Federation is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Yebdishtei Federation is a sovereign republic contained within the vast Yebdishtei Adjunct. The Yebdishtei borders the Renbellanj Expanse on the bottom and the Uahakplatopo Adjunct in the top, both of which are part of the Galactic Hub which gives the Yebdishtei a unique advantage in all type of situations.

The Yebdishtei currently consists of 55+ systems, all in the lower portion of the Adjunct.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Founded as a result of internal disagreements, the Yebdishtei has since prospered with low crime and poverty rates, one of the fastest booming economies in the Euclid, and is a leader in manufacturing, agriculture, and contributions to science. Druzh I, the capital, is famously known as the manufacturing capital of the galaxy with an output of on average, 100 Tetratons per cycle. The Yeb supplies the Euclid with most of its hyperdrives, photonix cores, and phase beam technology.

Government[edit | edit source]

In the government, with almost all senate seats filled with progressive Geks, government projects are at an all-time high. In only 15 sol cycles, 70% of all systems in the Yeb have been modernized with high tech facilities and outstanding living conditions. Since the dawn of the Yeb, they have always believed in a fair democratic system of government, where all persons get a say in the government. Analysts say this is why the Yeb is zooming past other republics in the Euclid in terms of basic rights, equal pay, overall freedoms, economy, military, education, and manufacturing. And under the stable rule of Prime Minister Qwerty, this growth has no end in sight.

Coordinates[edit | edit source]

Galactic Standard coordinates:


Organizations[edit | edit source]

The Yebdishtei Blue Cross[edit | edit source]

The 'Yebdishtei Blue Cross provides medical, psychological, emotional assistance in the aftermath of any conflicts within Euclid. The Blue Cross will be a non-profit organization and is independent from the government’s views and philosophies. The Blue Cross will provide all the assistance needed no matter who needs, unless that certain group or entity has committed any crime against the Yebdishtei Federation. The Blue Cross will not intervene in any ongoing conflicts and will always be on stand-by for emergencies. The Blue Cross is set to launch operations in multiple areas already.

The Blue Cross will also strengthen Yebdishtei's diplomatic relations across the Euclid by providing this need for assistance no one else will supply. The Blue Cross is based in the capital of Yebdishtei, Druzh I.

Yeb Army[edit | edit source]

The Yeb Army is the main organized military force of the Yebdishtei Federation. It contains approximately 1,670,000 active duty personnel (3rd in Euclid) with an additional 990,000 on reserve (1st). It contains 5,678 land vehicles (2nd in Euclid), 12 submarines (5th in Euclid), 111,544 fighter spacecraft, larger than the next nine federations combined, It is ranked among the most effective, most strategic, and most tactical armies in the known universe.

SETA[edit | edit source]

The South Efortleto Trade Alliance, or SETA, is located around 200 ly from the Yebdishtei Adjunct and the Hub in the Efortleto Fringe. It is under Yebdishtei control.

The SETA is a trade bloc agreement between 12 Efortleto Fringe systems to trade with one another without tariffs nor taxes and if trade is to happen with another entity outside the SETA, it must be done by the SETA government. After seeing the success of the SETA because of their vast resource deposits and unique, valuable items, the Yebdishtei stepped in and tried to obtain the SETA. After many years of uncertainty, the Yeb purchased SETA for 557 Billion Units.

The purchase gave the Yeb full access to the SETA’s resources and valuables. However, the Yeb must also provide infrastructure and military protection to the SETA’s 12 systems.

Yebdishtei Multitool Association[edit | edit source]

No information exists on this organization.

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