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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Yitammo Nubeitun
Yitammo Nubeitun
Galaxy Rerasmutul
Region The Arm of Pobelar
Star system Pozzhe
Atmosphere Peach, clear
Terrain Rock Pillars
Biome Barren - Abandoned
Weather Parched Sands
Resources Cc Vi Cu Hr Mo Ks Su SV
Sentinels Regular
Flora Average
Fauna Average
Discovered by Ezegnegch
Game Mode Survival
Platform PC
Updated Atlas Rises

Yitammo Nubeitun is a planet.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Yitammo Nubeitun is a large abandoned oceanic planet in the star system Позже on PC Version No Man's Sky universe.

It is a highly dangerous oceanic desert world due to the sheer number of predators infesting both land and sea, the high amounts of painful vine whip plants, and the presence of Sac Venom clusters hidden amongst the grass. The peach skies, light brown surface, vibrant life and blood red oceans give a strangely pleasing and relaxing vibe.

Despite the dangers this planet poses, it is still an absolutely beautiful and magnificent ocean world that looks and feels like a very distant world at the ends of the universe. This is made better by the fact (disputable unless confirmed) that out of all the biomes (except scorched, as the chances of them having oceans seem to be zero), deserts have the lowest chance of being an ocean world, making this quite a rarity.

Then add the massive caves, canyons, floating rocks, inland lakes, inland rivers, canyon rivers, underground rivers, peach skies and blood red oceans, its location in a distant Soviet Galaxy (Rerasmutul has a red core, and in this reddit post, the top comment is a humorous Russian Reversal), in a colorful region with Slavic and Russian sounding procedurally generated system names like Позже and Moscow found in a beautiful kaleidoscopic area of space, and what you have is a truly unique planet that is subjectively, 1 in over a billion.

Planet Information[edit | edit source]

Alias names[edit | edit source]

All Original: Yitammo Nubeitun
PC Current: Yitammo Nubeitun

Geology[edit | edit source]

Rock pillars.

Yitammo Nubeitun is a large oceanic desert world. Small islands are the norm, though there are a few large islands where multiple Waypoints can be found. These islands are often smooth and hilly, with some of them having really tall and lofty peaks. The terrain is then ornamented by tall rock pillars. The smoothness however, is marred by many deep fissures and cracks, often forming caves so massive, even the planet's large cacti fits inside. The cracks, especially the ones near the hilly areas, have a tendency to form what seems to be inland canyons with spectacular (possibly limestone?) rock towers. As the cracks head out to sea, one starts to find many coves, often with brilliantly lit caves. At night, these caves have a beautiful light show amongst the darkness.

Another thing this planet has that is quite unique and very rare in oceanic planets is the presence of rivers. They are commonplace here, usually winding and snaking through the cracks. Some of them even go through the cracks, forming underground rivers. There are also long underwater tunnels that branch out from an inland river or lake, usually heading out to sea.

Planetary scans say that flora levels are just average, but it isn't the case. There are a HIGH number of plants here, indicating nutrient-rich soil and water. The storms that pass by seem to carry them around the planet, resulting in a very lively place full of life. The liquid that flows from the rivers and oceans also contribute to the planet's high amounts of life.

Atmosphere and Climate[edit | edit source]

Peach-colored skies during the day.

The planet has peach-colored skies. Visibility is clear except during storms. The weather here is mostly calm and sterile, though heat storms can occur. These heat storms are important though, as they carry nutrient-rich dust and evaporated liquid around the planet.

Temperatures range from 17.0C (62.6F) during the day, going down to a freezing -53.4C (-64.1F) at night. When heat storms occur, temperatures soar to a sweltering 102.3C (216.1F). Radiation and toxicity levels range from 0.8Rad and 19.7Tox during the day, going down to 0.6Rad and 18.6Tox at night. The evidence of storms being nutrient-laden is indicated by a significant decrease in Rad and Tox levels, as they go down to 0.3Rad and 3.5Tox.

Things to Do[edit | edit source]

There are rivers that make their way out to sea. Underground rivers are present as well.

There are so many things to do here in an oceanic planet that feels like it's located at the ends of the universe. Walk around, explore and feel how distant and isolated this planet can be, even if it's in a system with 6 planets. Be alert though - predators are everywhere, vine whips are common, and poisonous Sac Venom lie hidden amongst the flora. Because predators are common, there is always a fresh supply of Mordite and food, negating the need of planting Mordite Flowers in bases and farms.

Hop into your Nomad exocraft and explore the planet's many islands. Fly high into the sky going over the cracked hills and plains, or go deep into the fissures, finding massive cave systems and inland canyons. Find a river and see how long it goes before reaching the sea, as rivers in an ocean planet are a rarity. Find a hidden cove and admire the brilliant light show at night. Explore the underground rivers and flooded cave systems and see where it leads to. Just be careful you don't get lost along the way!

Via nomad or Starship, go travel across the peachy skies and blood red oceans for some island hopping. Who knows what waypoint or geological beauty lies within them.

Dive underneath the oceans and see what it is like to be in an ocean of blood. Just keep an eye out for sharks. At night, watch the bloody ocean's underwater scenery light up, as Kelp Sac is plentiful.

Life[edit | edit source]

The predators here often hunt in packs of 3-7. Exercise caution!

Yitammo Nubeitun is a very lively planet with high amounts of life everywhere, whether on land, by air or under the sea.

Flora[edit | edit source]

Despite the scanner's reading being "Average", the planet actually has high amounts of flora, judging by the large number of cacti, grass and flowers growing all over the land and under the sea.

Name Color Root Structure Nutrient Source Notes Discovered by   Brief description
Bipae Smucsis Multicolor Sentient Parasitic Leeching Delicious Ezegnegch Bipae Smuscis.png Sea plant with many colors
Bupedus Mooteus Pink / White Extendable Conjuration Itchy Pollen Ezegnegch Bupedus Mooteus.png Strange pink-stripped white sea plant
Deusae Haonitoe Orange-Red Independent Anaerobic Digestion Infrequent Flowering Ezegnegch Deusae Haonitoe.png Orange-red tall cactus. Dominant land flora.
Dexonera Oalendii Yellow Irregular Anaerobic Digestion Sticky Coating Ezegnegch Dexonera Oalendii.png Petal-less Marrow Bulb Flower that glows yellow.
Eroizosa Ipopsera Seaweed Green Dessicated Radiotropic Durable Fruit Ezegnegch Eroiza Ipopsera.png Leafy Seaweed with Nitrogen within.
Gruusia Iccae Dead Gray Grasping Free Radicals Slowly Rotting Ezegnegch Gruusia Iccae.png Dying sea plant.
Iksilica Beyae Orange-Red Far Reaching Geological Energy Flakey Coating Ezegnegch Iksilica Beyae.png Orange-red cactus with greenish leaves and red mushrooms.
Lodea Ogloe Yellow Unfathomable Geological Energy Metallic Nodules Ezegnegch Lodea Ogloe.png Yellow spherical sea plant.
Miascea Ewannioe Pale Green Independent Buried Carbon Combustible Fruit Ezegnegch Miascea Ewannioe.png Nice leafy small cactus.
Mydoneus Postoe Pink Inorganic Salt Fusion Wind-Blown Seeds Ezegnegch Mydoneus Postoe.png Beautiful pink Kelp Sac.
Neclarosa Whessima Olive Green Narrow Buried Carbon Caustic Sap Ezegnegch Neclarosa Whessima.png Cute cactus flower plant.
Nodoqica Utorioe Orange-Red Transferable Thermal Capture Easily Startled Ezegnegch Nodoqica Utorioe.png Vine whip that likes to hide in the planet's thick foliage. EXTERMINATE ON SIGHT!
Nopia Bursonae Bluish Invasive Fungal Reclamation Altitude Tolerant Ezegnegch Nopia Bursonae.png Large Marrow Bulb flower with a blue glow.
Ricus Degus Blue Symbiotic Carnivorous Pleasing Aroma Ezegnegch Ricus Degus.png Platinum flower.
Unnucus Osusperus Grayish Fractal Salt Fusion Biologically Inert Ezegnegch Unnucus Osusperus.png Somewhat rare cute cactus with a red flower on top.
Upugera Abentous Red Linear Aerobic Digestion Sentient Fruit Ezegnegch Upugera Abentous.png Thamium9 Flower.
Vadium Itrium Dark Olive Green Branching Carnivorous Golden Sap Ezegnegch Vadrium Itrium.png Another cute cactus flower.
Wedewarea Denulleum Seaweed Green Fractal Nitrogen Fixation Flowers Once Ezegnegch Wedewarea Denullum.png Slender leaves seaweed plant.
Zaldrium Seantia Yellow Global Atmospheric Moisture Parasite Host Ezegnegch Zaldreum Seantia.png Zinc Flower.

Fauna[edit | edit source]

There are 11 species here, and 3 of them are predatory. Be alert at all times, as predators are everywhere.

Name Temperament Gender Diet Height Weight Discovered by   Brief description
Boxiiumum Ecul Sedate Non-Uniform Oxide Elements 1.52m 84.80kg Ezegnegch Boxiiumum Ecul.png Beautiful large vultures. Dominant flying species.
Edioraeum Nebot Distinctive Radical Grazing Creature 1.15m 85.47kg Ezegnegch Edioraeum Nebul.png Cycromys species that glow slightly in the dark.
Eucordisae Trel Defensive Unknown / ??? Grazing Creature 1.18m 48.94kg Ezegnegch Eucordisae Trel.png Happy green rat creature.
Hublatriumeum Hayda Skittish Rational Vegetation 1.10m 83.36kg Ezegnegch Hublatriumeum Hayda.png Cute squid thing.
Mosyusima Acsi VOLATILE Male / ??? Scavenger 1.04m 70.07kg Ezegnegch Mosyusima Acsi.png HIGHLY AGILE AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS predator goat that is really difficult to hit. KILL ON SIGHT!
Ofrusiae Trel Defensive Vectorised / ??? Grazing Creature 0.58m 53.57kg Ezegnegch Ofrusiae Trel.png Cute goats making cute sounds. Most common land fauna species.
Pikeumica Acsi PREDATOR Asymmetric / ??? Meat-Eater 1.33m 77.06kg Ezegnegch Pikeumica Acsi.png Dangerous predator cow. KILL ON SIGHT!
Rarogeae Nuscate HUNTER Female Carnivore 2.13m 136.55kg Ezegnegch Rarogeae Nuscate.png Shark. KILL ON SIGHT!
Socmangagumeum Ecul Bold Female Vegetation 1.24m 76.03kg Ezegnegch Socmangagumeum Ecul.png Relatively rare bird.
Taedoeum Guva Passive Alpha / ??? Grazing Creature 4.34m 204.51kg Ezegnegch Taedoeum Guva.png Relatively large megafauna 6-legged dog. Docile unless provoked.
Yechritosae Hayda Defensive Exotic Grazing Creature 1.02m 64.79kg Ezegnegch Yechritosae Hayda.png Really cute swimming rats.

Base[edit | edit source]

Ezegnegch's Kinderkin Goffre is built in this planet. It is a beachfront property with a pleasant view of the oceans and the rest of the island. The base is a Stasis Device and Fusion Ignitor Farm and a living space for a small, functioning community of Kinderkin. There is no Racetrack, as the base is built for everyday living.

Lore[edit | edit source]

This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

The birth of a new civilization[edit | edit source]

As Ezegnegch finally reached the "Kaleidoscope", a colorful area of space similar to the one in Eissentam and Hurenima, a painstaking search for a home system starts. Since the Rerasmutul Galaxy is almost, if not completely devoid of inhabitants aside from the usual Korvax, Gek and Vy'keen, he is free to choose whatever system he desires without restrictions. But he also has to take into consideration the many Kinderkin he rescued along the way, as well as the Hurenima defectors.

To ease his search, he sent multiple experienced Kinderkin Scouts across The Kaleidoscope, searching far and wide for a suitable home everyone can go to and live in peace and prosperity, isolated from the terrible Great Sugaikin Destruction, the hustle and bustle of Euclid, the politics of Hurenima's Black Cloud Commonwealth, the dangers of Calypso and Ogtialabi, and the deafening silence of Budullangr and Aptarkaba.

After years of searching, a scout reports of an uninhabited green system full of riches. Immediately, the crew heads there. Initially it is somewhat off-putting due to the highly obnoxious cyan color of the star, but as they landed on the planets, that becomes a mere minor quibble. All of the planets are quite a sight to behold, majestic as they come. Some of them are infested with strange and highly aggressive living androids they call PESTINIA PESTIS, while some are for the most part, quite friendly and welcoming compared to the pest-infested planets.

Out of all the planets, this particular large oceanic desert planet strikes most as their favorite, as it almost fully mimics the Kinderkind's birthplace at the Kukasoo Void in Euclid. They name the planet "Yitammo Nubeitun" out of sheer randomness, as Kinderkins are a childish bunch. And so another civilization is born in a faraway galaxy. The kids call it Eyfert Ezntguuurn (Kinderkin Language), which roughly translates to "Eyfert Khannate", named after a nearby region called Eyfert. But shouldn't they name it the "Pobelar Khannate" instead, as they're in The Arm of Pobelar (Niiy tarr Pobelar)? Oh well, they're Kinderkins. They're childish and unpredictable. You'll never know what they're going to do next!

The perils of Yitammo Nubeitun[edit | edit source]

As if the Kinderkin race is already close to extinction after going insane in Budullangr, this planet takes it up a notch. As they are exploring, the planet's ferocious fauna killed even more, pushing them at the brink of extinction. In addition to the violent fauna, vine whips are everywhere and Sac Venom lie hidden beneath the thick foliage. They consider this planet to be a lot worse than their homeworld and almost all "Hell Planets" they've explored.

There are three species of predators here. The Kinderkins call them the Uun (cow), Eimr Yama (goat) and Khojtlei Akl (shark). Out of the three, the Tetraceris species poses the greatest threat. Even Ezegnegch himself nearly died when an Emir Yama released its long tongue, grabbed his leg and nearly consumed him. While he's able to kill the vile beast, more of them came. He had to flee to his Goffre, but a hidden Sac Venom plant pierced his leg, injecting its deadly poison while causing massive bleeding. By sheer luck, the Kinderkins in his Goffre were able to save him from death.

It is in this planet where the Kinderkins learned how to fight without mercy while truly knowing their inherent weaknesses. They trained how to survive in one of, if not the harshest worlds they've ever been in. It is made imperative that every Kinderkin must go to this place at a tender age and get exposed to its dangers in order to learn how to survive in isolation, mimicking the feeling of deathly loneliness from Ancestral Galaxies while facing a world that wants to kill you at all costs.

Capital Planet[edit | edit source]

Because Yitammo Nubeitun is the capital planet of the Eyfert Khannate, it is a VIP area in a similar fashion to Gukarlevskios-Aep and Rekopiapostei-5. It is rather sparsely populated, as only the physically and mentally strong and able (not necessarily the wealthiest) live here due to the ferociousness of its fauna. This is the de facto capital planet, but almost all government-related activities and shenanigans happen in Tesburs Napuga. It is also a pilgrimage site where young Kinderkin are left alone to fend for themselves against vicious predators, the elements and the effects of desolation, mimicking conditions in an Empty galaxy. Military training for those who want to join the Ezent Elite Forces (EEF) happens in Ubchebakayankar and here, but the training regimen is still a work in progress as the search continues for hell planets: lush, frozen, scorched, irradiated, corrupted and dark worlds that have extreme weather, ferocious predators and the presence of aggressive PESTINIA PESTIS. This planet is where the final stage of EEF training will be held.

Businesses[edit | edit source]

This lore section under construction.

Weapons, explosives, poisons, bio-weapons, meat, adhesives and more.

This is Yitammo Nubeitun, oceanic desert paradise and capital of the Eyfert Khannate. Only the strongest of the strongest can survive here. It symbolizes great resilience against all odds.

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