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Zen Naming Guidelines is a convention.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Zen Naming guidelines is an informative but compact system. It consists of three parts: The civilization (ZE), Region, and info. The goal is to be a short piece of text but worth reading. If you want, you can use our planet prefix but it's not required. However, the Solar system prefix IS required.

Solar system prefix[edit | edit source]

Examples[edit | edit source]

Solar info: Name: Delta Conflict; Low Economy: wealthy Dominant lifeform: Korvax and is located in the Auolub Boundary Region

Should be named "Delta (ZE-A133)"

Solar info Name: Nova Conflict: High Economy medium Dominant lifeform: Gek and is located in the Auolub Boundary Region

Should be named "Nova (ZE-A321)"

System[edit | edit source]

This system is mostly easy to learn. It consists of four informational parts: The region, the conflict, the economy and the lifeform

The template is (ZE-xxxx)

Region:[edit | edit source]

We only have 1 region for Zen bBut in the future we are planning to expand.

A: Auolub Boundary

You should place it here (ZE-Xxxx)

Conflict:[edit | edit source]

The conflict: This is one of the most beloved one from beginners becuse we don't have a conflict scanner at the start.

The 2nd number is the conflict class; to see the different values go to Conflict class. Low is 1, medium is 2, and high is 3.

You place the number here (ZE-xXxx)

Economy:[edit | edit source]

3: The economy, same story here... As with the conflict, we don't have it in the beginning so this is why the economy is here.

If you want to see the economy class, review the Economy page. Low is 1, Medium is 2, and High is 3.

You place the number here (ZE-xxXx)

Lifeform:[edit | edit source]

There is a small reason this is here; everybody can see what lifeform there is in the begining BUT this is made so you can find your favorite System using the Database. Its a neat thing, enjoy!

Gek is 1, Vy'keen is 2, and Korvax is 3

You place the final number here (ZE-xxxX)

Planet Prefix[edit | edit source]

This is not required but recommended so you don't have to fill in the info on the database later

Examples[edit | edit source]

Information: Name: Goliv Weather: HOT Sentinels: Agressive

Should be named Goliv (H3)

System[edit | edit source]

Weather[edit | edit source]

There is some options here

  • Hot = H
  • Cold = C
  • Toxic = T
  • Radioactive = R

If one of these are extreme, just put an X in front of it. If it's an Extreme Cold planet, the first letters should be CX.

If it's perfect weather, put an P there BUT if it is cold on the night or it has boiling storms, call it PS.

Sentinels[edit | edit source]

Put the sentinel level here from 1 - 3

  • Low is 1
  • Active is 2
  • if the text is red it's a 3