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  • Noticed bases have moved and are no longer visible. My own base was visible yet the moon was changed to a Noxious Moon and the system was completely different SpaceArtGekSpaceartgek (talk) 19:47, 11 August 2017 (UTC)
  • The terminus 4 locations and flipped positions causing me to accidentally terminus to Ronalds Rock space station. When I tried to terminus back to my Local Serenity AH station it sent me right to Boids McDonald's Base, which now happens to be located in a desert canyon and not near the ocean with orange grass. Now every time I terminus home from anywhere, I land at Boids Mcdonalds base in the desert. I then have to warp home to Local Serenity AH if I want to use my terminus again. Thankfully it retained it's spots to the Galactic Hub, Begovalosi Terminus and the 2 in Ocopadica.Spaceartgek (talk) 19:52, 11 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Re-surveyed the 6 planet Taurus system that I explored and uploaded yesterday. 2 of the 6 planets reverted to their original names and I had to re-discover them by landing on them again, but my species discoveries were still intact. Some of the planets changed biomes. I'm afraid all old planet data in this wiki may have to get thrown out/archived as unreliable. The portal I discovered yesterday on Taurus I is gone now, but it is now easy to find new ones by visiting monoliths. All the biome specific resources have changed names and lush planets now have their own resource. Space station purchasable technologies have grown from 5 to 10 and there are new techs available including new scan visor techs specific to flora and fauna. New trade commodities available, red indicates poor return, green replaces "starred" resources as good prices. Wheels0132

There have been substantial changes within the game. Some region names have changed, and planet names reverting to the original. After a while, you are given the option to rename and reupload your planet. However, there seemed to be an issue with previously discovered fauna still in your discovery list, although you would need to discover all new fauna. One example is my home planet was complete at 15/15 discovered, the new fauna was 13/13 which I had to rediscover. In some cases, the dominant faction of a system changed as well. For example.... HUB-G-198 Mezzo Sanctum is now a Korvax system, which messes up the Hub naming convention. I've edited some stuff, but due to the amount of change, I've restarted my game.Knottypine1979 (talk) 04:50, 12 August 2017 (UTC)

  • One of my older systems Links Base (my next wiki work in progress) is untouched with the same huge water planet, a few color variations yet still tropical with the same fauna on the Island Links planet. The building have moved around.

The beacons I placedat my Korvax neighbors house is still there, yet it's now a building. It still has the nicest sunsets I've seen and the entire system is still the same!