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One of the many Atlas Interfaces found in the game

The Atlas is a cosmic entity that plays a central role in the lore of No Man's Sky. They are a god to the universe as well as the artificial intelligence running the universe simulations that the player may live in.


The Atlas is an ubiquitous entity represented by a red orb inside a black diamond. It is the main plot device of the Atlas Path. In some star systems, large Atlas Interfaces can be found. They feature in a similar way to space stations, as players can land their starship inside the interface and then communicate with the Atlas, which takes the form of a gigantic, red, pulsating geometric form.

The Atlas speaks in its own language.

The Interface also contains strange white orbs which when the player walks near it disappears and has a chance to reveal a word of any faction.*

  • I'm editing this a few months after finding them, I am not hugely sure what else they do.



In the past, the Korvax studied and worshipped the Atlas and the Sentinels. Their devotion to the Atlas remained even after the Great Disconection, when they were enslaved by the First Spawn Gek. After several millenia, the Cult of Atlas grew stronger in the edges of the First Spawn Empire, and attracted the belief of low spawn Gek by making them see their insignificance in the universe. The low spawn Gek turned against their leaders and destroyed them.

Today, the Korvax and the Gek believe in the Atlas as a god. The Vy'keen are opposed to this doctrine, and see the Atlas as a false god, based on the teachings of their ancient prophet Hirk the Great.

In the Artemis Path quest A Leap in the Dark, the Player finds out that the Atlas is actually a computer terminal capable of controlling reality.

Rogue Data

Rogue Data logs can be found by using the Remembrance in AtlasPass V2 rooms. They reveal the Atlas lore.


The words of the Atlas language can be learned by successfully completing Plaque and Monolith puzzles.


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