The Atlas

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One of the many Atlas Interfaces found in the game

The Atlas is a floating translucent diamond which plays a large part in the story of No Man's Sky. It is stated by Sean Murray in IGN's 18 Minute Gameplay video that Atlas is a central computer system where all data is stored. Not much is known about the Atlas, which is part of the larger Atlas Discovery Network.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Atlas is a mysterious object which features in the advertisements and logo for No Man's Sky. The developers have described it as challenging "Explorers attempting the journey to the centre of the Galaxy." Despite this seemingly aggressive description, the name itself suggests it can be used as some sort of star map or travel catalyst.

The Portals[edit | edit source]

Portals are mysterious structures found throughout the universe. If activated, you have the option of entering 12 glyphs to travel to another planet, or you can discover the 12 glyphs for the planet the portal resides on. The downside of going through a portal is that you leave your ship behind. The ship can be retrieved by unconventional means.