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Carter Brentwood

Explorer, Chairman of the Trailblazer Corporation, Galactic Corporate Trust Executive, and Helios Confederation of Independent Systems Grand Councillor.

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It is certainly considerate of you to add the various new companies to the wiki for their owners; what I will ask though is that future maintenance in the wiki for those pages be done BY the actual owner. This avoids any possible conflict of interest of one person updating multiple companies.

Thanks - and may your Association prosper!

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I apologize, I just saw this. I have deleted the page I just created, sorry.

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Do you know by chance if there is any guide or video tutorials I could share with people?

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wait wait wait. I didn't say at all that you shouldn't be adding company pages for others to get the page up and running! It's actually not a bad idea as the page is much more likely to be ready to go if an editor that is familiar with the process (such as yourself) creates it. So that's not a problem. What I was trying to say is that once the page IS up, then the new owner should take over future maintenance on their new page(s).

I've restored the page you blanked, feel free to continue developing it, then pass it on to the new owner. Sorry that I wasn't clear!

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Oh, I understand haha, thanks, will do!

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Quick question on Red Giant Industries. Can you check what I've posted on user Cafm91's profile page and help me out? It's a bit confusing exactly where RGI is setting up shop <grin> Thanks!

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