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Hello there Celab99, I noticed that multiple system and planet pages documented by the EPM have been added to an NMS Admin Maintenance page. Is that because the pages are out of date or is it something else? I'd be happy to help fixing them if there is a problem.

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Hi Blek456, we are going thru a large clean up of older page. One of the big ongoing projects is to make sure that the civilized= and coordinates= tag is assigned in the infobox for starsystems, planets, starships, multi-tools and bases for pages that appear that they should be part of a civilization. A secondary objective of the cleanup is to scrub all the manually entered categories on each page, as each page will now automatically self-categorize itself.

The first step in the page clean up is focused on star systems and planets. If you would like to help, then please feel free to assign civilized= and coordinates= tags correctly on your pages... we have thousands of pages to fix so any help is appreciated...

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Understood, I'll fill the coordinates and civilized values wherever they are missing on my pages. Thanks for letting me know.

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Hi Celab99. I cannot find genus in any of the information, we can get about fauna (incl. scan.pic).Can you tell me please in which hidden (at least for me) section this information is ?

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Hi greendroid, the genus is not described in the game screens, the genus names in the game were unofficially indentified by a few people in the NMS community who reverse engineered the game data files to understand the name of the genus and their characteristics in the game. As a result, we need to manually self identify each genus based upon the visual features and scan info of each creature. I advise reading the page Genus and look at each of the genus sub pages to understand the visual clues to select the right genus. IT takes a while to get used to it for some of them (Theroma vs Procavya, Ungulatis vs Tetraceris etc) but eventually you can get the hang of it after doing a few hundred. If you are undecided I recommend asking our genus Admin expert {{profile|Phaedrus2929}} or fellow AGT poster {{profile|TalinWind}} or myself for help on a particular creature. The three of us have a small discord group if you would like to join, you can quickly post a pic in that chat group to ask for our input.

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Thank you, sounds not so easy !

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Hi Celab99, I wanted to ask you about the creature pages made recently by TalinWind...I think Dd may have discussed this with you a bit already, so I apologize for any repetition.

(1) The creature template includes an Appearance section right after Summary. It would be great if you could include that section title even if it is left empty. This will encourage people potentially in the future to add that information. Is that something you can add to your process (if you haven't already)?

(2) There is often extra spacing between that something that can be fixed automatically? If not, can your folks quickly review the pages and fix the spacing after their completion?

(3) I have seen in some cases that the diet and behaviour is missing from the infobox, and no scan picture is included (so I cannot add that information). Will that information usually be included?

(4) On a similar topic, is there any way to include ONE scan pic and potentially ONE in-game pic of the creature with glyphs?

(5) The glyphs provided on the creature pages do not appear to be for the specific planet on which the creature is located...this makes it more tedious for someone to visit your creature. Would it be possible to include planet-specific glyphs instead?

(6) These pages don't have the planet categories created. Is there a way to add that to your process?

(7) Ideally, we would include the paragraph on the creature's page in the Discovery Menu section above Additional Observations. Is there any way to capture that and include it in your process?

I think that's it! Please let me know what you think and whether it's possible to accomplish any of these things, so we can make these pages more complete and more consistent with the creature template.

Avatar for Celab99

Hi Phaedrus2929, feel free to ping me on Hangouts, twitter or discord and we can talk more in detail, Dave has my hangouts, rest are in the profile for CELAB GALACTIC.

Appearance section is added to the tool as well as example images with captions in gallery.. but fauna is not a priority for most of those working on the AGT library so dont expect any real content.

Spacing is something we have to live with, I cant manage all the editors, I asked them to clean it up, but its c'est la vie.

If there is no diet and behaviour then the logger did not keep the scan pic, so we get what we get :)

Coordinate data is always accurate from our team, so even if the pics dont have glyphs, the system coordinate info is 100% accurate and verifable. We dont record planet specific glyphs in general. The planet will be obvious in the system. Sorry, but thats where we are.

Categories pages cannot be automatically made, its a wiki manual process.

The template has a section for Discovery menu text also, however as I mentioned fauna is not a priority for any of the current loggers (including myself) so you should not expect it to get filled in.

In general the vast majority of contributors are neophytes and not getting involved in this level of detail on the wiki, and especially on fauna. At this point I would say the content you see provided by CELAB Galactic on past posts is the best level of detail we are invested to contribute at present.

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Hi, Let me comment a bit on that as it come from my pages.

(1) As mentioned, the Appearance section is generated by the Tool. I will review my pages to make sure it is in.

(2) As mentioned, the blank lines are needed for the Tool to works as expected, Celab99 asked the editors to delete them. I will be more careful about it myself.

(3) In my first batch of fauna hunting, I did not screenshot the scanner (only source for diet and behaviour). Celab99 mention the need of this info in his guide. I will include that in the future

(4) Picts have to be added manually by the editor so that is more involving. may I know what would be the "needed" screenshot ? discovery, scanner, live...

(5) How do you get the planet-specific glyph ? I personaly try my best to deduct the planet index from the star map, but that require extra effort... is there a in-game error-free way to get the glyphs ?

(6) [as Celab99 said]

(7) I understand that a screenshot of the discovery page is needed to get and validate the info. But what is the value add to manually type this text in the wiki page ? here again that is quite involving :(

Hope that feedback help, please keep me in the loop.

Avatar for Phaedrus2929

Thank you both for the quick and detailed responses...they are much appreciated. This all sounds good.

In my fauna hunting group, we encourage people to include many pictures, including in-game pics of both genders (with glyphs), scans of both genders, and the creature's discovery menu page. We think these are "nice" to have, but no, they are not all "needed" or absolutely required. (Having both genders really only applies to some creatures...for example we don't really worry about that usually for flying or underwater ones.)

It's nice to have scans of both genders to have both gender names but also because the measurements can be different...sometimes crucial and Hall of Fame heights for example only appear for one gender scan. (Also, sometimes the Discovery Menu page presents a height that can't really appear in-game. Generally, the scans seem truer to the actual in-game stats of the creatures. We have seen cases with underwater crabs where the Bait listed on the DM page and the scan are different, and only the scan is correct.)

That being said, it would be great if possible to include at least one scan pic, so we can have visual confirmation of certain stats that only appear there (diet/behaviour), the discoverer, discovery date, etc..

One in-game pic with glyphs is nice to have since it looks nice and presents a nice visual appearance of your creature, but also because it shows the specific planet's glyphs which would be nice (though not required I suppose) for the Location section. The glyphs on the in-game pic of the creature will be 100% correct.

The value in having the typed up text from the Discovery page is that it is nice presentation but also allows that text to show up in searches on the wiki. Many folks use some application to visually capture the text so they don't have to manually type it in. However, this is all optional and if you want to leave that out that is perfectly fine.

Regarding the categories, I would be happy to create those myself when reviewing your pages, but I would also be happy to walk you through the (easy) process of creating them, when you are ready. I've joined the CELAB discord...please always feel free to message me through discord. Thanks again for your responsiveness to my questions, and please feel free to ask any more questions that come up.

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Hi Celab99, I just wanted to thank you for your terrific work for the civilized space. Brilliant!

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thanks your welcome, I am cleaning and scrubbing system claims (sometimes planets too but not as consistently).. I am mainly focussed on civs in the A-D range right now... I expect it will go on for months to scrub all 240+ :)

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