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Check out the page for Spine-nose-saurus that I just documented. This beast is massive.

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Hi Ertosi, I just noticed the H. Swanmotibeus butterfly with that crazy 0.0m scan. I'd love to check it out in-game but I don't see glyphs/coords listed anywhere. Do you have them available somewhere?

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The glyphs/coords aren't listed anywhere on purpose to protect the world from trolling and won't be posted publicly. And yes, 0.0 is crazy. Means the game currently rounds to the nearest tenth and if it were compared to the old measurements must be between 0.01 to 0.04 m.

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Hi, wanted to tap your thoughts on this creature, Its a bit baffling to classify... kinda a mix match of attributes. It did exhibit player predator behaviour however its behaviour descriptor doesnt match such a pattern... and then there is the genus classification...

V. Galozilioe... thoughts?

Avatar for Ertosiangel

That's a really cool and very alien-looking Tyranocae. I've nicknamed those kind of bug-looking Tyranocae I find Jabberwockies, due to their odd appearance and habit the first few player-hostile ones I found had of sneaking up on you super slowly. Often only one gender has the strange appearance, with the other gender looking like a more traditional Tyranocae.

Here are some that I've found: Har-Leira Jabberwocky, Sol-Baka Jabberwocky, Sol-Ond Jabberwocky, and Thorny Jabberwocky

The extra antennae-eyes on yours are amazing and I love that curly chameleon tail as I've never seen it before. Truly a great find! I appreciate you sharing it.

Avatar for Celab99

Of course I presumed it must fit into a Tyranocae but its the first one I have encountered without any form of front arms or legs, truly odd.

Avatar for TPHaze

Hi there. I was recently contacted by someone in our Galactic Hub discord who seems to have found a trimorphic flora. Not sure if this interests you but I have pictures of the examples if you would like see them.

Avatar for Ertosiangel

Hi TPHaze. That sounds like a very interesting find. I would certainly like to see the pictures and would be happy to verify if it is trimorphic.

Avatar for TPHaze

She said she will get me the coordinates tomorrow. I'll admit this is not my field of expertise but I do believe it is a example of a trimorphic flora.

Media:PosTrimorphic1.png Media:PosTrimorphic2.png Media:PosTrimorphic3.png

Avatar for Ertosiangel

Very nice, it certainly appears to be trimorphic. To know for sure requires looking at them with your visor or in the Discoveries tab where they should have identical stats (excepting for the first pic as it is a hand-harvestable species, which overrides what resources it will provide). But as the other two pics both show identical primary and secondary resources, it's a safe bet that their descriptive stats will all match as well. Congrats on a rare find! And thank you for sharing the discovery.

Avatar for TPHaze

Awesome news and no problem, thanks for the info and verification! I'll inform the discoverer of their find. Safe travels comrade!

Avatar for Ygolnac

Ironbound Relic encountered one of those and made the page.

Avatar for Ertosiangel

Very cool find!

Our latest space encounter find is that not only do recurring encounters happen on a unique set schedule for each system, but a system's schedule is the same across the different platforms. This finding was tested and verified thanks to a joint effort with the BSO.

Avatar for Ygolnac

Cool, we'll complete the list soon, even if in the few time left for games I'm more editing the wiki than logging in!

Avatar for Peacebomb

Today I have jumped to Budullangr at the end of Artemis quest, and the description for it was "Exhausted", not "Ancestral". Perhaps subtypes are generated randomly after all.

Avatar for Ertosiangel

That's very interesting to hear.

When I was recently testing for randomness of galaxy names they remained constant over several reloads, but that still left so many variables that might affect the outcome. Once the final quest triggers, I was unable to change which Atlas Station the quest was pointing to, which is a shame as I wanted to know if final system visited affected the next galaxy's descriptions. Another possibility is which galaxy you finish the quest on might alter the descriptions. Heck, perhaps your dialog choices during the main quest add to its RNG. Or perhaps it's not random, but the descriptions had changed during a subsequent game patch. I just wish it was easier to test to help rule out some of the variables. Luckily I made a backup of my save before starting the end of the quest; one day I'll load that up and do some more testing as I'm quite curious to learn more about this.

Avatar for Ygolnac

I have finished the quest three times in Euclid and one time in galaxy 14 and if I remeber correctly I had various naming of the galaxy Types. I don't think that finishing the quest in a particular galaxy has something to do with the naming, but that every galaxy type has various names like it happens for the planet biomes.

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