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Free explorer, adventurer, amateur xenophotographer (primary role) and freighter salesgek with a love for intergalactic travel.

PC player. Primarily plays in Survival mode. I'm all alone in the 18th galaxy, but not anymore! I now have access to Euclid.

Normal mode news:

Currently uneventful...

Survival mode news:

The Eyfert Khannate has changed its home region! It will remain in Rerasmutul. The capital remains the same but my home planet changed.

Home Address: Inniathu Mino, Luziamens, Tenhoe Nebula, Rerasmutul

Second home: Pisce S32, Ondeyr XIV, Bazinsk Spur, Rerasmutul
Home coordinates: Confidential

The Euclid Expansion will be located in...

Address: Gothbe Saok, EK89 Hueyua-Semb, Beljan Mass, Beljan-Niquet Void, Euclid

Coordinates: 042D:0075:0D4A:0089

Permadeath mode news:

I finally arrived in Rerasmutul! But NEXT changed everything so I'm moving again. To the Sasageid Band this time.

Home Address: Gloss X, Eafort XVIII, Sasageid Band, Rerasmutul

Home Coordinates: 01A0:00AF:0543:0119

Other news:

Based on data from Hikhot-Riwo (Survival Mode) and Hikhot-Riwo (PS4) (Normal Mode), sentinel security levels in lush planets are reversed in Survival and Normal mode.


There are a couple of mysterious and extremely rare "Rainbow" or "Kaleidoscope" areas of space, where many regions have a faint, glowing gas cloud within its stars. There is one around ~10,000 light years away from the Galactic Hub or ~5,000 light years away from the AGT. The Giviromg Instability is one of them, and so are many nearby regions like the Wanowar Spur.

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Hey, I'm the wiki manager for this wiki and wanted to thank you for all your contributions. Fandom is interested in rewarding editors like you with a game (from Steam, etc) or related merchandise, so I'm curious if there's anything you'd be interested in receiving. Let me know.

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Oh my. Wow. Thank you! I wonder what kind of contributions I did to deserve this!

I sent a PM to your reddit. Again, thank you!

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